Can Bed Bugs Play Dead?

  • Can play, or rather act, like they are dead? Even when they aren't, "yet"?
  • If you come across "Cimex Lectularius" aka, "a bed bug", can they fool you by sitting completely still as if they are lifeless?
A for sure
A for sure "dead bed bug" killed by our ! Photo provided by LLC.

Can Bed Bugs Play Dead?:

Bed bugs cannot play dead in the same way that some animals, such as possums, can. However, bed bugs can enter a state of torpor, which is a form of dormancy where their bodily functions slow down and they become less active.

Do Dormant Bed Bugs Look Dead?:

During this state of torpor, bed bugs may appear motionless and unresponsive, leading some people to believe they are dead. However, they are still alive and can become active again when the conditions are right, such as when a host is nearby.

To Sum Up Bed Bugs Playing Dead:

In short, yes bed bugs can play dead but only somewhat. Not to the extent that their life signs are reduced anymore than them sitting still. It's worth noting that while bed bugs may play dead, they are not capable of consciously feigning death as a survival tactic like some other animals do. Their torpor is a natural response to changes in their environment or food source availability. In other words, they can sit in one spot not moving for many months if needed. Sitting still enables bed bugs to reserve energy and slow down their blood meal digestion. This in turn allows them to go longer between meals that are vital to grow, reproduce and sustain life.

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