Prep List: Chemical Only Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug chemical, Prep List: Chemical Only Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug chemical, Prep List: Chemical Only Bed Bug Treatment

Dead Bug Walkin’s written instructions for how to prep-list-heat-chemical/">prepare for a Chemical Only Bed Bug Treatment.

***To prepare for your bed bug chemical treatment, we ask that you take the following preparation measures to ensure our treatment is completely effective***

Supplies needed:

1. Large thick black trash bags (the black bags are important because the white ones rip easily and may infest your home again)

2. Marker and painters tape for labeling bags (optional).

3. Hot Shot No Pest Strips (Explained in list)

(They are available in store at Home Depot or Lowe’s only or on the internet).      -Picture below-

, How To Prepare For A Chemical Only Bed Bug Treatment, Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists and Pest Control

Chemical Prep List:

  • Vacuum everything before we arrive. This includes floors, baseboards, under beds, head boards, foot boards, rails of beds, chairs, couches and pictures. After treatment is done and the chemical is dry you can vacuum again. When done vacuuming immediately dump out contents of vacuum into a sealed off airtight trash bag and set outside. This is very important to do. It makes the treatment more successful. This is also a great way to dramatically lower the insect population.
  • Pick up all clutter, “clothes, toys, trash, etc”. Place the items that your keeping into trash bags so you can heat threat them as they may be infested also. Anything left on the floor will be assumed it needs to be treated. Do not just cram everything into your closets. This will make your Bed Bug Treatment unsuccessful.
  • You will need to move all furniture and beds out from the walls 2 or 3 ft. To keep bed bugs from being able to climb into your bed or furniture apply petroleum jelly to the legs. The only problem with this is that they can still get into your bed, they can cling to your clothes from another place and get off once you lay down, but it helps non the less.
  • Strip all bedding from beds right before we arrive. This doesnt give the bugs much time to hide. Put the bedding into trash bags. Place the bags in the dryer before you empty the bag to ensure not to infest the room again. Place dryer on the highest heat setting for at least an hour. This will kill the bed bugs and their eggs. Always use the dryer 1st then the washer if needed. Then dry again on the highest heat. Place in a clean bag and seal off. If you use the washer 1st your giving them a chance to survive because the fabric is wet or they get out of the water. Always throw away used bags as they may be infested.
  • Clothing and shoes need to be removed from closets, hampers and drawers and placed in bags.
  • Toys need to be separated into two groups. One group is toys that can be put in the dryer and the other group is toys that can’t. Place separate groups in bags. Take the bags with dryer toys in them to the laundry to be heated. The toys that can’t be heated, (in the dryer), will have Hot Shot pest strips placed in them. The no-pest strips will kill bed bugs and their eggs. We do sell these strips or can find them online. Place all bags in the garage (or another place you like) cause they will need to stay in the bags for at least. We dont want any bags in the house because they would be in the way.
  • We’ll tell you how long it will take. Check to make sure they’re dead before taking toys or contents out once its done. If still alive do for the same amount of time again, but you most likely won’t have to if done correctly. The bags with strips in them need to be shook every once in while to make sure that everything is being treated.
  • Anything that is within 8ft. of beds, couches, chairs or anywhere you sit or lay for long periods should be assumed to be infested.
  • Anything that is too big for plastic bags. Leave for us to treat or inspect.
  • All pictures or decorations within 8ft. of anywhere you are for long periods of time should be sealed off in plastic bag as well. If they are infested vacuum the bed bugs up then seal items in plastic bag. Strips can be used for this as well. If items will not fit into a trash bag or are too heavy please leave them to be treated.
  • Infant beds will be treated differently than older children’s. Certain areas cannot be treated with chemicals. If there’s a problem we will tell you.

Laundry Instructions:

You’ll want to heat anything cloth such as clothing, blankets, bedding, stuffed animals, sheets, small rugs, towels, curtains, shoes and toys. Always heat 1st!

Take the sealed trash bags to the laundry and place entire bag in the dryer before opening bag and removing items. Dry all items on high heat for at least 1 hour. DO NOT WASH FIRST. After cloth items have been heated for the full hour you may wash and redry both on high heat. Please throw away all used bags as they could be infested. Use the highest heat setting you can. 

*We advise you to buy bed bug covers for your box springs and mattresses. Especially the box springs. If you can only afford to do one, do the box springs. The covers have special zippers that keep anything in or out of them. You can find them at Homedepot, Wal-Mart or online. Usually ranging from $30 or $60 depending on size of bed. You can also find bed bug gluetraps or enterceptors (traps for the bed or couch legs) there as well. These can also be used to detect bed bugs remain, once we have finished your treatment(s).

***Anything left undone can cause problems. This will affect the outcome of your treatment. We will do our part, “extermination of the bed bugs”, but you have to do your part as well. Basically your infested rooms need to be bare with only the furniture left in them. Leaving things in place, that were in these instructions to remove from the area will make our job much harder and make it take longer. If this occurs you may be penalized with a surcharge of $99.99. Nobody wants this to happen, so please follow the directions and make this go as seamless as possible. Doing everything to the “T” will save you money and your sanity. Most of the time we are able to get rid of the bed bugs and their eggs in 2 treatments, but there’s alot of factors that can cause another or more treatments to be needed. We always do our best to get it done with the least amount of money spent possible for you. The amount of furniture items will affect how long it may take to complete the treatment. We look forward to servicing your home and getting you your sanity back.

Thank you, God bless and good luck,
Dead Bug Walkin’

Bed bug chemical, Prep List: Chemical Only Bed Bug Treatment


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