Rent bed bug heaters Tulsa Metro Oklahoma

  • Do you have a bed bug infestation in your Tulsa Metro area/ Northeast Oklahoma home?
  • Do you want to get rid of your in just 1 day without spending thousands of dollars?
  • We’re the only bed bug specialists who rent equipment in Tulsa Metro areas of Northeast Oklahoma.
  • Cost: $500 for package deal that includes 3 heaters, 2 high temp fans, needed extension cords, thermostats for heaters, temp probes, etc. Everything you need to do your own with our bed bug rental equipment.

Rent pro bed bug heaters from us in Tulsa Metro areas…

  • Consider renting the same bed bug heaters and high temperature fans LLC’s professional bed bug specialists use on our smaller remediation services for homes or businesses.
  • Rent our bed bug heaters and do the at your home yourself to save on cost.
  • Pay around 25%-35% of what it costs for our company specialists to kill every bed bug and egg in 1 day for you professionally. Do it yourself! Renting bed bug heaters will save yourself tons of money.
Bed bug rental heaters plus high temperature fans.​
Bed bug rental heaters plus high temperature fans.

About our bed bug heaters for rent…

The heaters that you will be renting are the exact same heaters LLC Specialists Pest Control uses regularly to kill all and their eggs during professional of homes or businesses. The package comes with 3 electric heaters, with two being 120 volt and one being 240 volt. They produce 55,000 BTU’s of powerful heat together. Digital thermometers let you know the internal temperature during the rentals operation. A thermostat shuts the internal bed bug heaters off once it reaches the perfect temperature set by our lead specialist. They can also start right back up once it drops below the set temperature to maintain. The heaters are very easily set up to be used by an adult.

About renting our high temperature fans with our heaters (required)…

In order for a to be successful several high temperature fans must be used in conjunction with our bed bug heater rental. The fans spread the hot air around a room evenly and into furniture, basically leaving no place for to hide or escape the onslaught of killer heat remediation. High temp fans also help a room to get to a kill temp 100 times faster. Fans used to do a heat treatment for must be high temperature threshold fans! Regular fans (even metal fans) will not last but about 10-20 minutes in a room being heated for bed bugs. Any extra fans needed will be a small fee extra. Can be used on rooms or enclosed areas up to 300-400 square feet including ceilings no higher than 10-15 feet. The better the insulation in a room, the faster and better a heat treatment will work.

Image shows our high temp fans that we rent.
Image shows our high temp fans that we rent.

Live video of high temp fans in

Video: Remediation with showing high temp fan placement in live treatment. The amount of fans needed to rent for directly relates to room size and amount of furniture in room.


Unfortunately we are NOT renting heating equipment currently at the moment but should be operational soon. Check back here later if you still wish to rent. This update will disappear once we are fully renting heating equipment to customers.

Until then refer to our professional bed bug services where we do the treatment for you, plus there are is a free warranty for 60 days that is included when we treat an entire home with a heat treatment. We also use a chemical insecticide as well as a biological solution designed specifically for but safe for people and pets. Both types of chemicals are undetectable by bed bugs and since they are social, they spread the chemical between each other and into their hiding spots.

Contact us now or ask questions…

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