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Amazing people!!! I'll always go to them for my exterminations!!!! They tell you everything they are going to do from the beginning it's amazing! Zach is an amazing person!! Definitely recommend this company!!Miears Tires06/23/2022
They provided services for my father and were great at communicating with us and letting us know exactly what all needed to be done. I appreciated their patience with us.Kinsey Gillum03/19/2022
We went to Florida on vacation and I guess we brought back some guests! It was horrible but took care of the problem and we haven't had an issue since.Nora Coburn01/12/2022
Marilyn Sadler12/08/2021
Tate Mcelroy11/07/2021
Mikayla Bell10/25/2021
Josh Hernandez10/22/2021
They were real pleasant and easy to talk to. They explained what they were going to do and explain to me everything that I had asked for. They told me how to prepare for it and then when they left they sent me a long detailed page on my email explaining step by step what to do and where to get when I had to do to prepare they checked me out when they first came to make sure I had done everything right and it made it a lot easier they came in when they said they would they did all their treatment and schedule me for a 3-month follow up. Which is scheduled for next week and they call me make sure everything prepared me again they were real courteous and a pleasure to do business for real professional you can tell he didn't work for just a regular pest control they cared and when they explained things to me I understand real nice people. The best part about it is there's no more and explain to me what I should do to prevent it reoccurring. I know I chose the right company for the job.Lawrence Vela09/10/2021
👍 No contracts! Told me they have never made their clients sign contracts, ever. This is the most honest and transparent service company in Tulsa Oklahoma and the surrounding towns! Trust me I called dang near every other company and Dead Bug Walkin' blew the other bed bug companies out of the water. A child can understand what's expected of them and what will be done. They are completely upfront about the cost, how long their bed bug warranties are for and even how to extend that warranty for up to one year long if you'd like for a fee. If you are not taking advantage of extending your warranty than that's on you and you didn't pay attention to anything that was said by Dead Bug Walkin' or read any of documents they have given you. With a warranty if you get bed bugs again they come back for free. Of course like any reputable company they charge to extend the warranty but they also come and spray 2 different bed bug sprays at the same time, to protect every time you extend the warranty. This company only needs one service appointment to kill all your bed bugs initially. They do not need follow up visits. At least in my case, it just took one along with their preventative chemicals done in one day to get rid of my bed bugs. It's been over 6 months since my brother gave me their number, they killed my bed bugs and we haven't seen or had any bed bug problems since. This pest control company are bed bug experts. I waited this long to make sure the bed bugs were gone too!Many Men09/05/2021
This company provided us excellent service! The one-time treatment for bed bugs was timely, convenient, and extremely successful! My house has been free of bed bugs since the treatment was done three years ago. Zach and Makenzie are knowledgeable, professional, honest, and kind! I would strongly recommend their company!May Wong08/12/2021
Zach made the process smooth and explained in detail every step of the way. I would recommend them and plan to use them in the future.Kori07/21/2021
Great company with freaking amazing bed bug experts. They found out that bed bugs were in every bedroom plus our living room literally seconds after Zach, " the top bed bug specialist/ owner", arrived to inspect our Tulsa home for bed bugs. He literally walked directly to the bed bugs, that I had no idea were even there and showed me them. He then schooled us on exactly what we were looking at. They set us up with a treatment day appointment after going from room to room explaining how to prepare each room before they came and used to kill every last bed bug and egg in my home. They also applied 2 different types of undetectable chemicals to kill any bed bugs that may be brought into my home after the heat bed bug treatment was done. They explained having nonrepellent chemicals applied is a must or we could just end up with bed bugs again. This company truly looks out for your future not just the present time! I would recommend their to anyone! Thank you for making my home our bug free home again!Kenny Z07/16/2021
This is the best company for bed bug exterminator services in Tulsa and Northeastern Oklahoma. Trust me we used 3 different pest control companies over a two year period, that made our infestation worse by causing our bed bugs to scatter to the rest of my home. Dead Bug Walkin LLC's bed bug specialists came to our home for an inspection 1st then spent an hour and a half explaining everything to us plus why the past pest control companies failed. It helped us understand exactly how this all works properly. They explain in detail while going from room to room what will need to be prepared by you for the heat/chemical DBW LLC is completely transparent with what will happen during the whole process and after it is finished, which is a huge difference between the companies we used before Dead Bug Walkin. I waited almost one year before doing this review to make sure we just didn't end up with bed bugs again like the other companies that failed before we found Dead Bug Walkin. Well we are still good, no more bed bugs since they did a "heat bed bug treatment. Two different undetectable chemicals were applied during the appointment that protected my home for after the bed bug heat treatment was completed. It's all completed and over in around 8 hours and you even get to sleep in your own bed the same night as the service. It's a one and done . That means it only takes Dead Bug Walkin 1 day to kill every last bed bug and egg in your home. Regardless though, you get a free 60 day warranty with a whole home treatment with both heat and chemical. You will also have the choice to extend your warranty for up to one full year if you'd like! This is an awesome bed bug treatment specialist company and it's all they do! They know what they are doing and are true professionals when it comes to bed bugs. This is the company you've been searching for that won't rip you off.Karen H.07/01/2021
WillWork2 FISH05/29/2021
Bryan Schubert04/03/2021
They were very professional and throughDebbie Scroggins03/12/2021
I would recommend anyone to Dead bug walkin. Zack and his wife were very professional answering every question I had asked about bed buds and about preparing for treatment. It's been two weeks since my apartment has been treated and I have not seen a bed bug since, which gave me a peace of mind. If anyone is having bed bug issues give them a call.louis pierre03/05/2021
Jared Nicholson12/25/2020
Thank God for this company! Very professional bed bug treatment company. Made me feel like they knew what they were doing. We used a different large pest control company 1st, which was a mistake! Dead Bug Walkin was so much better than the previous pest control company we used. They are really thorough. Spent an hour and a half just for the bed bug inspection where they explain how to do the prep work in detail. That really made the prep work less intimidating for me. It's been 6 months and our Bartlesville Oklahoma home is still bed bug free! This is the best bed bug treatment in Oklahoma, extremely happy with the results of their service. We got the heat remediation treatment for bed bugs with a chemical bed bug treatment added after the heat for prevention. It comes with a bed bug warranty so if you have anymore bed bugs they retreat for free, even if you bring them back in after the treatment. You won't regret choosing this bed bug heat treatment company!Gunner Michael12/24/2020
jono h12/23/2020
Everything is clean and comfortable now. They did a great job. I appreciate all their knowledge, hard work and help.Joella Roberts12/23/2020
The level of service that Dead Bug Walkin provides in three notches above the rest! They took the time to fully inspect our home and educate us on the infestation and what to look for. The directions for heat treatment and spraying preparation was spot on and detailed and told us exactly what we needed and what we needed to do. They were on time, ready to go and followed up with a call later in the evening to confirm how it went, what they found, and a few follow up items to keep in mind to complete. They stayed several hours over to allow the heat to stay on to be completely thorough. After returning home it was clear that they went above and beyond. We are so thankful and they have earned our business for life!Kerrie Robison11/15/2020
I loved the fact that they made you feel comfortable about the services that were provided. Very down to earth and walked you thru step by step as to what they were going to do.TaylaMade ByMe09/24/2020
Matthew Giles09/15/2020
We called this company for help with bugs in our home. The appointment set up 2as very smooth and informational. When Zack showed up he was very detailed on the inspection we had two other companies come out and they were here for maybe 5 minutes he was here for a good while and explaining to us what he saw what that meant what different plants they had we were very pleased we decided to go ahead and get treatment with them. We really appreciate that they were able to have a lot of the information for prepping online and that they were open to answering any questions anytime of the day and they responded with a very good timing when I texted them about questions I had .The day of treatment we were able to trust them with our home and we're very pleased we came back in the home was in good condition no damages or anything like that. We would 100% recommend them!!Ana Rom09/13/2020
Can't say enough good things about their service. They know their stuff and everything happened just as they described.Joe Walker09/04/2020
Zack was very helpfull and very professionele. He knows alot about pest control and I would highly recommened him.Jake Nicholson09/03/2020
Efficient and very good at what they do. Made my family feel safe again. No issues whatsoever.Mario Jones09/03/2020
Best Pest Control company out there! They are very polite and get the job done their great! Definitely recommend them.4kflippa07/28/2020
Laura Stone07/05/2020
These guys are experts in the bed bug heat treatment service. Solved my pest control problem at my rent house in Tulsa OK in just one appointment. I highly recommend them!Max Stone07/04/2020
Cathy Raines06/13/2020
Kym Valene06/08/2020
I'm so thankful I will be able to sleep peacefully tonight and enjoy my home knowing we are bed bug free. Thank you for coming and checking everything out and taking the time to answer questions.Jessica Foy05/26/2020
Professional and kind. I will absolutely use them again!!!The gap Diaries05/25/2020
Best pest control business in Oklahoma guaranteed. Reliable, fast, quick, and excellent attention to detail! Great communication and most importantly a great Christian ran business! I've been around the business for awhile myself and these guys far exceed anything I've ever seen. They have great warranties and back their work. If you have any issues, which I doubt you will. You will be put at the top of the priority list. They sprayed my residence, and do regular and no issues what so ever! If I have any issues Dead Bug Walkin is on my speed dial! Good Job Guys will continue to give you my business and referrals!josh niksch04/22/2020
Donnie Musick03/28/2020
I called Dead Bug Walk-in' to see about getting my house sprayed for scorpions. I talked to Zac, the owner and I was so impressed! Zac was very helpful and honest. He asked questions to determine my need and told me my options. He gave of his time to help whether I hired him or chose to try other things that he suggested. I could tell that he was not in business for just to make money but to help people and create a good reputation. I would highly recommend giving him a call if you are having any issues with pests. Rebecca Cornelius Skiatook, Ok March 27, 2020Jerry Cornelius03/27/2020
Scott Kiefer03/17/2020
bobby alsup03/05/2020
I found them while doing research due to an unknown bug being found on a person in a highly public setting. I sent them a photo and received a response that was pretty fast for someone probably doing treatments at the same time. The photo was sent to another company just to be sure and they both had the same answer. The free insect identifier service you offer is absolutely a way to give back to your community and I really appreciate having it available to us! Thank you so much!!Danita Duecker02/10/2020
Very professional and arrived on time. He was done close to the estimated time. He was very thorough and answered all of my questions (there were a lot of questions 😆). I feel so much better knowing that my home is protected with my preventative bedbug treatment. Will be using Deadbug walkin for future preventative treatments.STEPHANIE BARRYCOOPER12/22/2019
Got rid of our problem and very thorough with inspections. Great people, great serviceKara Delozier12/17/2019
Kili Tennison11/27/2019
Zach is very thorough with his work. I am very pleased with his work. He calls u back immediately if u see something else. And he came and inspected and sprayed for free .we seen a few bugs about 5 months later. He is very good at his job.I would recommend 100 %Carrie Vreeland10/29/2019
Amanda Miller09/20/2019
I am so very thankful to have my home back after uninvited guest decided to invade. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! The professionalism was outstanding and they was amazing through the entire process! I was walked through all the preparation steps and was able to call anytime with questions!Katelyn Thomas09/02/2019
Jordan Stevens08/24/2019



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