Pay Plan/ No Credit Needed Bed Bug Heat Treatment



Payment is due the day of your scheduled treatment before we start the treatment itself.

Pay Plan/ No Credit Needed…

If you are unable to pay your & heat treatment in full we do have a pay plan available to our clients at no extra cost.

About Pay Plan…

LLC keeps it simple for our clients. We call it the 75/25 rule! 75% of your service total is due the day of the chemical/ heat appointment, then we make up a contract to pay the remaining 25% over a period that both the client and Dead Bug Walkin LLC agree upon. We do not require any credit checks to qualify for our payment plan program. You will simply sign a contract stating when you will pay the remaining balance of payment still owed. We prefer to keep the remaining 25% still owed under 1-2 months of time to completely be paid off, but will work with our clients who need a lil extra time depending upon their circumstances. Example: A single mom with 3 kids will most likely take longer to pay off the bed bug treatments remaining 25% than a household with both the mother and father present in the household. We understand that every family’s circumstances are different and we take these things into serious consideration. All that we ask from our customers is that they are upfront and honest with us just like we are. The more our clients stay in touch with us about what is going with their financial situation the more likely we are to grant leniency when it’s needed. Dead Bug Walkin LLC is extremely transparent with all our clients and we expect the same transparency from our customers. We have everything upfront for potential customers to see including our prices.

Price ListSee The Most It Could Cost You Below… 

This is a price list of the most it could cost to service your home. Remember this is worst case scenario. These prices are if you have a bed bug infestation throughout your entire home. In most cases a majority of a home is not infested with . If your home is not completely infested, your homes bed bug treatment price will be much cheaper.

Bed bug heat treatment service price list for Dead Bug Walkin LLC.
Just click the picture to see the most it could cost for your homes bed bug treatment.

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What We Do…

… We eliminate every last bed bug in 6-8 hours during one appointment (treatment). Free 90 day warranty with up to a one year warranty extension preventative program for whole home bed bug heat & chemical treatments. Starting bed bug heat/ chemical treatment costs at $400. Free estimate by phone. We not only provide bed bug services for our clients but we also educate customers so they understand exactly what they should be doing to prepare for the bed bug treatment. We also make sure the families that we exterminate bed bugs for understand Dead Bug Walkin LLC’s complete role in all of this as well. Our clients are concidered part of our company’s team just as much as the DBW bed bug specialists who are providing the bed bug service.

Bed bug heat treatment outside view.
outside view.

Transparency In Our Bed Bug Treatment Services…

We pride ourselves on being completely transparent from the start with our potential customers. We do not hide our process for destroying bed bugs in one treatment or appointment. Infact we show everything we will be doing at our clients residence on our website You can find live unedited videos that show what our bed bug heat looks like while it’s actually being performed on former clients homes. Here’s the link to see our live heat treatment in action: . We have a prep list for our clients to easily follow: Finally, we follow up with what to do after your bed bug treatment service. Here’s the link for after our services have been completed: . Theres one thing we want to convey to families or businesses who contact Dead Bug Walkin LLC or read our educational material. We care more that you are educated about what you should be doing for your bed bug infestation, than whether our services are chosen over another companys service.

Areas We Service…

Northeast Oklahoma counties we service shaded orange.
Northeast Oklahoma counties we service shaded orange.

Servicing the Tulsa OK Metro and surrounding areas of Northeast Oklahoma. We provide bed bug treatment services for a majority of Northeast Oklahoma. Don’t see your area on here! Ask us if we service your area, even if we haven’t mentioned your area on here. We do make exceptions sometimes even though a home or business may be outside of our service area. That being said though, we currently only service the state of Oklahoma.

Services We Offer…

Bed bug treatment/ bed bug heat treatment/ / both bed bug heat & chemical treatment together. Bed bug extermination/ bed bug heat specialists. Providing bed bug control. for bed bugs. Tulsa bed bug heat treatment. Northeast Oklahoma bed bug heat treatment.

How We Do It…

We specialize in pressurized treatments, (heating entire structures NOT a steam heat treatment). What is a Bed Bug Heat Treatment? Our heat treatments kill every bed bug and their eggs in just 8 hours.Guaranteed. Plus we specialize in non repellent chemical bed bug treatments. Chemical bed bug treatments explained. (What to expect from a chemical only bed bug treatment).

A chemical residual added to a bed bug heat treatment is important because it is your only protection against any bed bugs that may be brought into the home after the heat treatment has been performed. Directly after a heat remediation treatment clients are at their most vulnerable stage of the whole process. Family members, friends and the owner are normally who brings bed bugs back into a structure after a bed bug treatment. This is why a chemical residual is an extremely smart added benefit to a bed bug heat treatment.

Link to Video: What A Bed Bug Heat Treatment Looks Like.
Link to Video: What A Bed Bug Heat Treatment Looks Like.

Questions/ Speak With Bed Bug Specialist…

Call or text message 918-710-7529. M-F 9am-6:30pm/ Sat 9am-12pm.

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