What To Do After Bed Bug Treatment

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What to do from this point on…

Your treatment is now complete! Now that your home is bed bug free, here are a few things you can do from this point on. Allow no less than 2 weeks time for your trash bags full of non-fabric items to sit with the Hot Shot No Pest Strip inside the trash bag before opening then returning your items inside your home. Once you do decide to unpack these bags, do so slowly and with attention. Most people like to use a flashlight while doing this. Look for any live activity that could be on your items or in the bottom of the trash bag. If any live bed bug is found, just re-bag all items from inside the old trash bag into a new trash bag. Place a new 1/4 piece of "Hot Shot No Pest Strip" into the new bag along with old Strip. Then allow it to sit for 2 more weeks. Remember, all bags with pest strips inside of them can only be halfway full. Don't fill all the way full as the strips need air to work effectively. If no live activity is found while unpacking your bags, you are free to place items back into your home! The trash bags with all your fabrics in them just need to be put through a dryer cycle on high heat for 1 hour. Do not wash first, dry only but if a load if fabrics needs to be washed as well, dry first on high heat for 1 hour then wash and dry regularly. After clothes/ blankets/ towels/sheets have been through this dry cycle they are ready to be put back into your home!
How correctly prepped bags should look when preparing for a bed bug treatment.
How correctly prepped bags should look when preparing for a bed bug treatment. That means for 60 days from your treatment day, you have a free appointment that you can render if live bed bug activity is found in your home. We may lay down chemicals on this appointment if it's needed. The prep work for this is super easy! Just remove bedding from all beds and that's it! Just be sure to leave all zip up bed bug covers in place. If you need to use this appointment, Dead Bug Walkin will guide you through the process at that time. If you don't use your warranty in 60 days, we will happily give you another 60 days of the same warranty after our preventive spray treatment is done at your home. We recommend all homes get a preventative treatment every 60 days to prevent an infestation from being able to have the chance start again. can come from anywhere not just your home and chances are that you have a person or practically anyone close to you that is infested that you have no idea about. People do not run to shout from the mountain tops, "We have bed bugs"! Our preventative   bed bug treatment works by killing the bugs when they enter or 'hitch- hike' into your home.

What is the cost of this appointment?

$300 covers homes up to 3 bedrooms, then it's just $25 per extra bedroom normally, depending on the difficulty. If a living room or bedroom is stuffed full of furniture we have to adapt the price of that room to fit the actual amount of time it will take to complete the preventative treatment. -Any game rooms, offices, play rooms, extra living rooms, man caves, sewing rooms, throw all rooms, etc. are to be considered as bedrooms Dead Bug Walkin will continue to renew your 60-day warranty at the time of your preventive spray, every 60 days for up to 1 year from your heat and chemical bed bug treatment date as long as you are maintaining preventative bed bug treatments through us each 60 days.

What if I go past my 60 warranty and forget to renew and get a preventative?…

We ask that you keep up with your preventative treatment to get an extension yourself. That means do not go past 2 months before scheduling. Schedule your appointment before you've already gone past the last date your allowed to renew by which is the day we last serviced your home with a bed bug treatment. This is a business not a charity nor your personal secretary, you personally are to responsible for keeping up with your own appointments and rescheduling or scheduling them as needed or wanted. However we are not heartless, so don't be afraid to ask anyways.

Don't forget our amazing referral program!

For anyone and everyone you refer to Dead Bug Walkin you will receive $50 in the mail (you must notify us that you referred someone or we will not know) and the family you sent our way will receive $50 off of their heat and chemical bed bug treatment on the day the treatment is performed. This is unlimited; refer as many people as you want!

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