Who is Dead Bug Walkin LLC?

Our service kills every bed bug in 6-8 hours with both a heat and a bed bug  treatment all in one appointment. Free 60 day warranty included. Starting treatment costs at $400. Free estimates by phone.

Servicing Tulsa OK and the surrounding towns of Northeast Oklahoma. 

we provide in Oklahoma…

-Bed bug treatments with biological insecticide.

- treatments.

-Bed bug treatments with non-repellent insecticide

-Together a treatment, a biological and a bed bug treatment are used to create the ultimate way to kill bed bugs.

-Our service is also called bed bug pest management. 

-We’re referred to as specialists.

- for in homes and businesses is what we do.

-Tulsa Metro specialists.

- for bed bugs, (heating entire structures).

Bed bug heat extermination in progress. View of outside our bed bug heat treatment.
extermination in progress. View of outside our bed bug heat treatment.

Who Is LLC?…

As you may or may not know Dead Bug Walkin’ LLC is growing uncontrollably and our name is spreading like wild fire across not just Oklahoma, but our surrounding states like Kansas, Missouri and many others, although we only service Northeast Oklahoma at the moment. With it coming to light that can spread some diseases, something that was thought to be not the case in the past. Our services will be even more crucial for families and businesses in the future. Unbelievably bed bugs can spread up to 40 known diseases according to scientists in the entomology field through recent research. We are the only company in our area that will heat treat individual rooms for bed bugs. It’s not always the case that an entire home needs to have for bed bugs done. Most company’s will require your entire home to be heat treated for bed bugs. We do not require an entire home to be treated for bed bugs with heat. Instead we give many options for bed bug treatments. It’s just one more way that we go above and beyond to protect our clients, their families and their friends. If your wanting the very best possible, then ask our bed bug specialist that is on call about our “heat bed bug treatment” and our “ bed bug treatment”. Those two treatments combined will give your family, your home and your belongings the greatest fighting chance against your current infestation and bed bug re-entry after your initial service has been done. We do not claim to be the very best and specialists in Oklahoma, we prefer to let our clients reviews and our specialists for actions claim it for us. Thats the difference between a good professional company and a great professional pest control company with excellent service.


Dead Bug Walkin’ LLC

Contact us…

If you have questions or would like to book with us feel free to call or text message 918-710-7529.

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