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The very 1st thing that you need to understand about any companies is that not every bed bug service will come with a bed bug treatment warranty. If you are wanting a warranty along with your service, you'll need to make sure that whatever bed bug treatment you choose has a warranty that comes with it. Whether a bed bug treatment warranty is free or will cost you depends upon the chosen pest control company.

How do I get a bed bug treatment warranty?…

Question: How do I get a warranty with my bed bug treatment from LLC?

Answer: When we service an entire home it comes with a free 60 day warranty that can be extended every 60 days for up to 1 year from the day of the treatment. We do not give warranties unless an entire home is being treated. Our two services that that come with the free 60 day warranty are our "whole home heat and bed bug treatments" and our "custom treatments". 

How long is the warranty for?…

Question: How long are Dead Bug Walkin LLC's warranties?

Answer: 60 days. The warranty can be extended every 60 days for up to 1 year from the time of the initial treatment.

How can I lose my bed bug warranty?…

Question: How can I lose my warranty for my bed bug treatment?

Answer: The only way to lose your warranty is by abusing our employees repeatedly or refusing to follow our protocol repeatedly. Not renewing your warranty after 60 days is up to you. We do not keep up with clients schedules. It's completely up to the client to schedule appointments to have a preventative treatment applied every 2 months in order for us to be able to extend your warranty. Without a preventative chemical bed bug treatment applied there's no actual protection from from other places, things or people. It's incredibly hard for you to lose a warranty with us. We will always try to work things out to keep our customer happy when possible. That being said, we do not put up with lies, craziness or attempted extortion. We've actually never had to revoke a warranty from a customer before. We always go above and beyond for our clients and most people notice that.

What if I don't want a bed bug treatment warranty?…

Question: Do I have to have a warranty if I do not want or need one?

Answer: No. Our warranty is free when the whole home is being serviced with heat or a custom treatment is done. If you do not wish to have a free warranty then that's okay. We will adjust the price to be lower since any return trips would not be needed.

Free 60 Day Warranty!…

Dead Bug Walkin LLC, our company, gives a free bed bug warranty when your whole home is treated with (heat treatment) and a chemical residual (chemical treatment). Anytime an entire home is treated with our whole home chemical and heat bed bug treatment or our lower cost whole home custom we give a free 60 day warranty with the service.

What's The Difference Between Whole Home Heat & Custom Heat?…

Both services get a chemical bed bug treatment throughout the entire home even if bed bugs are not present. The difference between the two services is where we apply our heat remediation (heat treatment). Our whole home bed bug treatment heats all areas of the home, while the custom bed bug treatment heats your infested areas only. Heating infested areas only saves you, the home owner, money. A simple will tell us if your home qualifies for our custom bed bug heat service or our whole home bed bug heat service.

How Do I Know Which Treatment To Choose?…

It's simple, in order to qualify for a custom bed bug treatment you must have at least one bed room or living room that is bed bug free. This means that at no point and time have bed bugs ever been present inside said bedroom or living room. We will be able to easily tell if these areas have had or currently have bed bug activity during our inspection.

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What If I Want A Bigger Warranty?…

You got it! We have a bed bug preventative program that allows you to extend your warranty for another 60 days for up to one year after your initial completed bed bug treatment service. All that is needed from you is to schedule the bed bug preventative service at the end of each 60 day warranty period. The average current cost of our bed bug preventative program is $250-$350 due at the time of the preventative service 60 days out from your initial . It is due every 60 days when apply the preventative. Your not required to have the preventative service, it's just an option we give our clients so they do not have to deal with bed bugs again and do not have to pay for another bed bug heat treatment if they do. We have clients who have been using our preventative program for years with complete success after getting infested with bed bugs multiple times before finding us.

What our bed bug warranty covers…

Our warranty is like no other pest control company or bed bug specialist company in Oklahoma. There's no arguing about if the bed bugs were left alive by our specialists or if you brought them back into the home or business. Our bed bug warranty covers both. It doesn't matter how the bed bugs ended up inside your home to us, we take care off the problem for you no matter the cause. Other pest control or bed bug specialist companies cannot say this, most will say, "you brought bed bugs back into your residence, so it's your problem". We don't apply this type of rule simply because bed bugs are so prevalent in today's world that it shouldn't matter where the bed bugs came from in the first place. The home or business owner just wants the bed bug problem taken care of no matter how the bed bugs got there and we agree.

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