If I Get Bed Bugs Again, Where Will They Hide?

New will hide here…

If you've had a completed now where would you find any newcomers. Bed bugs prefer harborage that has had previous bed bug activity. It is normal for an introduced bug to find its way to the site of an old infestation. When we find a live bed bug sitting in what used to be heavy activity (post treatment), people can easily assume that it has always been there — even when that is not the case because it was brought in afterwards. This means do not always assume that the seeing a couple of live bed bugs after a treatment means that the treatment failed. LLC always inspects directly post to make sure there's no live activity left. Post inspections allow us to make sure we've completely killed every bed bug and egg. So if any bed bug activity is found after a treatment we already know where it came from, a source outside of the home or business. Is this a perfect process? No not always but most of the time it's adequate. Regardless of when the bug is found we'll still come back! That's what your warranty is for!

Heavy bed bug activity at our clients home in Dewey Okla.
Heavy bed bug activity at our clients home in Dewey Okla.

How do we know where the bed bugs came from?…

We have lots of ways to tell exactly where and when a bed bug was introduced into the home. The easiest way to know is to go by the amount of energy the bed bug has once found. If a bed bug is crawling around lethargically we can assume that it has been inside the home for a while. If a bed bug is not lethargic but has tons of energy we can assume that it was literally just brought into the home that day, probably within hours of finding the new bed bug. So in other words the very active bugs are most of the time going to be new. It could be still be from the very same strain though. Also where the new bed bug is found adds to our findings to judge when it was brought into the home. There are many other tricks we have to learn information about where bed bugs came from but this article would be 4 pages long if we went into all that. We do not need to explain more to you because our warranty covers your home no matter how bed bugs got there.

Our warranty covers if you bring bed bugs back in after your bed bug treatment

Whether you bring bed bugs into your home or they were somewhere unreachable by our treatment inside the home, our warranty covers it. We've had a few failed bed bug heat treatments before, by the way, but our warranty covers your home, non the less, no matter the cause. There's no such thing as a perfect record and if a company tries to tell you that, they are most likely stretching the truth. A few failed treatments compared to our thousands of successful treatments is still a great record. We are the only bed bug specialist company in Oklahoma, we know of, that actually has a warranty that covers your home no matter the cause. Other companies play the, (you brought them back in so they are not our problem anymore), card when you try to get them to come back because your still seeing bed bugs. We do not discard our clients as if they and their family do not matter after payment has been made. We treat our clients like family and we expect to be treated the same from our clients.

We do not service just anyone's home…

Our company looks into our potential clients before agreeing to service their home or business. God has blessed us with a constantly thriving pool of potential clients, so we get to pick and choose our clients. If you speak to us rudely or are unwilling to cooperate from the get go then we do not see a benefit in servicing your home for you. Potential clients that are not cooperative or make assumptions do not get any further with our company than a phone call. This pest control company was started to help those who really need help and want the help from caring expert bed bug specialists. We treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves and we expect the same back from our clients. It makes the whole process much, much less stressful for both the clients family and our family owned/run business. We go above and beyond for our clients and treat them like family.

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