Can batteries go through a bed bug heat treatment?

Bed bug heat treatment inside Tulsa OK bedroom.
inside Tulsa OK bedroom.

Short Answer:

  • Small normal batteries, Yes.

Small normal batteries like AAA thru to D are usually safe during a treatment but heat may shorten battery life.

  • Larger batteries, No and Yes.

Larger batteries like car batteries should be removed from areas when using for is performed because they may lose battery life and are more expensive to replace. However most larger batteries are subjected to much harsher temps than 150 degrees, our highest temp. They are subjected to these high temperatures on a regular basis just being under your car hood in the summer.

High Temps.

Most batteries can survive much higher temperatures than 150 degrees, which is our highest temperature threshold that we let the temp rise to and hold for an allotted amount of time.

Check 1st.

. Although our company doesn't require removal of small batteries during a heat bed bug treatment service others may, so 1st checking with the company you have chosen to use is a good idea.

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