How to kill bed bugs with no money

When we stop and think about all of the different items out there on the market claiming to kill quickly and efficiently, it becomes overwhelming for anyone. Especially if those people just recently found out they unfortunately have bed bugs. It's bad enough knowing that you have this creepy crawly thing squirming about in your beds, couches and chairs, but now you have to decide what to use from thousands of different brands of bed bug killers. All saying that they are the number one way to take on bed bugs.

We're going to help you with your decision by narrowing it down to two options for you. Not only are we going to make this easier for you, but the options we are giving you are items you probably already have in your home. These two things are the very best pest control measures that you can use to battle against bed bugs yourself when you have no budget. Unless you have thousands of dollars to waste on equipment, these are actually the best option for persons without experience, to get rid of bed bugs themselves.

Bed bugs hiding with their shed skins next to them in Oklahoma.
Bed bugs hiding with their shed skins next to them in Oklahoma.

The Chemical Already In Your Home That Quickly Kills Bed Bugs Naturally…

Many people have no idea that they already most likely have this natural in their home. What are we talking about? Rubbing alcohol! Yes the very same alcohol you use for scrapes and burns for you're little kiddos and many other uses can be used to as well. There are certain stipulations that you will need to follow though. So please don't blindly run off spreading full strength alcohol everywhere, thinking that it will kill bed bugs magically, just yet. Every single way to kill bed bugs correctly takes work, knowledge and patience. Using alcohol for bed bugs is no different from any other way to kill them. Luckily we are going to go over just how you will safely use rubbing alcohol to kill the little blood suckers hiding in your home.

How Much To Use…

As far as we know there are only two different choices of rubbing alcohol that you can buy.

  • Choice #1 is 50% rubbing alcohol. Choice #1 is ready to be sprayed immediately without having to do anything to the solution what so ever, besides putting the solution into a spray bottle if it spray isn't.
  • Choice #2 is 91% rubbing alcohol. Choice #2 is not ready to be sprayed immediately. You must take and add the exact same amount of water to the alcohol before you'll be able to use it. The solution will be 50/50. Half alcohol and half water. If any more than half alcohol is used it becomes more of a fire hazard than anything. If any less than 50% of alcohol is used it may not be enough to kill bed bugs. Using the suggested 50/50 solution is just smart on your part for many different reasons. We will not be getting into all the reasons with this particular educational article about bed bugs. Just know that it's easier to breathe and safer to use half strength than full on strength.

How To Use It…

You will put the solution of half alcohol and half water into a spray bottle or the equivalent. Be sure to shake the solution every so often to make sure the solution is mixed together properly. You will spray bed bugs and their eggs only. Spraying areas without bed bugs or eggs is a waste of your time, energy and patience. The alcohol will literally evaporate within 30 seconds to one minute after you have sprayed it. It does not leave behind any type of residual. A residual is a layer of product left behind after it has completely dried. Once alcohol completely dries it is not effective at this point anymore. Only wet rubbing alcohol solution kills bed bugs and their eggs. Alcohol slays bed bugs within 30-60 seconds after spraying them. Be sure to fully saturate the bed bugs and especially their eggs, to make sure they die. Alcohol is one of the fastest ways to kill bed bugs available on the market. It literally works faster than most chemicals that state they are specially made just for bed bugs. The world of chemicals for bed bugs can be a daunting task for anyone looking to find a single spray to use. There are thousands of choices and only about an eighth of those choices actually work well to kill bed bugs. If you'd like to read about other chemicals for bed bugs that do work to kill them once dry. Then you will want to read the two articles we've written and left a link for you to follow below.

Where To Buy Chemicals For Bed Bugs That Work

10 Chemicals That Actually Work To Kill Bed Bugs

Just Because It Kills Them Doesn't Mean It'll Be Easy…

It would be great if there was such a thing as a spray that you could use in a few different places and it magically wiped out all insects in your home. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. That doesn't stop most people who do not have experience in dealing with insects from thinking that this is actually how sprays that can kill insects work. If it were that easy to wipe out an entire infestation of any type of insect then why would places need our professional pest control services. The truth is that it is not easy to eliminate most insects let alone bed bugs. If you thought it was hard getting rid of those ants or roaches before, then your in for an even bigger struggle for control over your home when it comes to bed bugs.

Closeup of all life cycles of bed bugs from egg to adult in Oklahoma.
Closeup of all life cycles of bed bugs from egg to adult in Oklahoma.

Where To Use It…

Most cases of bed bugs will start out the same. The bed bugs will begin their infestation most of the time, in the same area that they crawled off of you or your belongings. Bed bugs normally will not be found on a person themselves or even their clothing. It's normally an item that is being carried along with the person. It literally can be anything carried. Not just purses, bags or luggage. The good thing about most bed bugs though is that they tend to congregate and hide in spots close together. Not all will be close together but a majority will be. This plays well in your favor. The blood suckers will normally be on beds, couches, chairs and furniture close to these items. Most bed bugs will be no more than 10 feet from beds, couches and chairs that are regularly used. Areas of the home that are not regularly used will be less likely to have bed bug activity in them.

Couches and Chairs…

The areas of couches and chairs that will be inspected and treated with the rubbing alcohol if bed bugs are found include:

  • The very bottom of the couches or chairs on top of cheese cloth and under cheese cloth, especially where staples are.
  • The very backside spraying any cracks, crevices, folds or seams.
  • The sides under the arm rests all the way to the back.
  • Under the back part of chairs or couches where it meets the bottom. This is especially important on recliners and other chairs or couches that have a back side that removes from the bottom side. This spot is a lot of the time the most infested part of the furniture. See picture below.
Underneath the backside of a chair where the back meets the bottom. This is one of the most infested places with bed bugs normally.
Underneath the backside of a chair where the back meets the bottom. This is one of the most infested places with bed bugs normally.

These are the places bed bugs are normally hiding on couches and chairs. Be sure to check under the stapled cheese cloth on the very bottom of them. This does not mean you need to tear off the cheese cloth. It only means to make sure their are not bed bugs hiding under the cheese cloth near the edges. Bed bugs will not normally go any further under the cloth than to the staples. If the cheese cloth is torn or frayed the case may be different and it may require removal of the cloth.


The areas of beds that you will need to examine and treat with the rubbing alcohol if bed bugs are found include:

  • The mattress. All seams and folds on the sides from the top to the bottom.
  • Box springs. All seams on the top should be inspected. Then the cheese cloth on the bottom of the box springs should be handled exactly the same as the cheese cloth in the bottom of a couch or chair. This means checking under the cloth all the way back to the staples holding the cheese cloth to the box springs. Also be sure to examine on top of the cheese cloth especially where staples are. Don't forget to check the sides of the box springs with the front being the more likely place to locate bed bugs on a box springs sides.
  • Head boards, foot boards and railings. Head boards front and back side should be inspected as well as the same for the foot board. Railings can have bed bugs hiding inside of screw holes as well as hiding on the very bottom or where boards come together.
Female bed bug that laid lots of eggs inside of a screw hole in Oklahoma.
Female bed bug that laid lots of eggs inside of a screw hole in Oklahoma.

Surrounding Furniture Or The Structure Of A Home…

If bed bugs are found in these areas you most likely are to the point that you will not be able to take out your bed bug infestation yourself. If you have them in these areas you will need professional help because the infestation has begun to spread rapidly and it is likely that bed bugs are throughout your entire home at this point. A paid inspection by a professional such as our bed bug specialist is needed now. An inspection will tell you exactly just how bad the infestation is, where they are and how long they've been in your home for. Not all companies will be able to tell these things like we can though. Our inspections cover a bit more than most companies will. We teach our clients how to do the required prep work for a during our inspections. We also go over every aspect of what you should be expecting before and after the treatment has been finished.

Add vacuuming to remove bed bugs even quicker…

If you add vacuuming to your do it yourself treatment for bed bugs it will make the amount of treatments you need to do less. It doesn't matter what kind of vacuum you use except when dusts are used. If you used diatomaceous earth or any other pest control dust like Cimexa be sure to use a shop vacuum without a filter. A filter will get clogged up by the dusts and eventually ruin the vacuum. This is why shop vac's are so much better to use, they do not utilize filters normally. Just be sure to immediately empty all the vacuumed up contents outside your home or business in a trash can once you stop vacuuming. If your still worried that bed bugs may be in the vacuum just vacuum up a small amount of dust like Cimexa or diatomaceous earth to coat the insides. The dust will cut into their skin causing them to die of dehydration eventually. If you plan to apply dusts for bed bugs be sure to apply it lightly. No more than a couple of weeks of normal accumulation of dust that would form on top of your furniture is basically how much you would need to apply bed bug dusts in order for it to work well.


Rubbing alcohol that is used at a half alcohol and half water solution shaken up in a spray bottle can kill your bed bugs and their eggs in 30-60 seconds. It's one of the quickest and safest ways to kill bed bugs available on the market. That includes chemicals made specifically for bed bugs too. Just be very careful when applying the alcohol spray inside of your home. Do not use open flames near areas you are spraying. Use a shop vacuum to make your twice as fast. Just remember to empty it once finished vacuuming.


Use rubbing alcohol sparingly as it is a fire danger and a can poison you if used incorrectly. You assume responsibility for use of alcohol to kill bed bugs yourself. Be careful with any type of chemical to kill bed bugs whether it's natural or not. Always follow chemical insecticide labels if using insecticides.

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