What's the difference between pest control for bed bugs and a bed bug treatment?

There are many terms that are thrown around by individuals or companies such as ourselves that relate to . The two terms, "pest control for " and " " are two totally different types of bed bug services. Not many people outside of pest management know the difference between the two different bed bug applications so we are going to loosely explain the two terms for you.

Bed bugs become elongated when they are fully engorged with your blood.
Bed bugs become elongated when they are fully engorged with your blood.

What is ""?…

Pest control for bed bugs would be any type of service that would attempt to either control a currently infested residence or business or attempt to control or rather stop the introduction of new bed bugs to an in infested residence or business. Trying to stop bed bugs from entering a residence and being able to survive the introduction to the environment is also called a bed bug preventative program by us. This type of service is would be reoccurring and would become a normal service appointment that would be regularly kept to control the current population or keep a population from forming at all.

What is a bed bug treatment?…

, steam, chemical and cryo. A bed bug treatment is when a company provides a service that attempts to eliminate an entire bed bug infestation in that attempt. This type of treatment would not be reoccurring but would be limited to a set amount of appointments. The amount of appointments it would take to eliminate an entire infestation depends on the type of bed bug treatment chosen. Chemical, cryo (flash freeze at -90 degrees) and sanitizing hot water steam (hot flash at 300+ degrees) bed bug treatments typically take 1-3 appointments, (sometimes more depending upon the amount of the insects), to eliminate entire bed bug populations. While whole structure treatments, also called heat remediation typically only takes one appointment to crush an infestation for good.

Bed bug heat remediation treatment pictured. Outside view of our heating equipment.
treatment pictured. Outside view of our heating equipment.

Warning: Heat remediation or a bed bug heat by itself will not have any kind of residual left behind to protect you from bed bugs re-entering. Heat remediation is best used in conjunction with our non repellent chemical insecticide. A good non repellent chemical will protect you from any bed bugs coming back or even new insects. Without a chemical applied you can easily become infested again and have to do the entire thing over again. Of course payment would be required again and no one wants that.

Bed bug heat remediation treatment inside view of our heating equipment being used in a clients Tulsa OK home.
Bed bug heat remediation treatment inside view of our heating equipment being used in a clients Tulsa OK home.

Heat treatment for bed bugs: How long does it take to complete?…

Our heat remediation treatment appointments will normally take 6-8 hours to complete an entire home, then there will be a 2-3 hour cool down time. Each bed bug infestation will be somewhat different, so your homes time it takes to complete a treatment could be different than what the times are above. Most of the time 6-8 hours is correct though. Our heat treatments only take one appointment or day to completely eliminate your bed bug infestation.

Chemical, steam heat and cryo treatments for bed bugs: How long do they take to complete?…

Chemical only bed bug treatment appointment completion times for us are even shorter. We do not service with steam heat or cryo (cold) bed bug treatments but they normally will take the same amount of time as chemical only bed bug treatment do. LLC currently only services with remediation heat to kill everything current and a chemical residual to protect for after the heat is finished. We usually will take 2 to 4 hours to complete a chemical only bed bug treatment. Then their will be a 2 to 4 hour dry time as well. Chemical only bed bug treatments may take more than one appointment or trips to completely eliminate your infestation. Normally chemical only treatments usually need about 2-3 appointments or trips total to rid your home or business of all bed bug activity. If your hoping for a quicker way to eliminate your infestation of bed bugs then refer to the heat remediation treatment above. Chemicals rarely are able kill every last bed bug and bed bug egg without several appointments or treatments in conjunction with correct preparation of items in the home.

Not all bed bug service companies are will define their services like us…

Not all bed bug specialist companies will define their service terms the same. What we do might not be what other companies do. Don't expect other companies to look at things the same way that we do.

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Our contact info…

Call or text us at 918-710-7529 with any questions or to schedule a bed bug bug inspection. We require inspections before we can schedule a bed bug treatment for you. We teach how to prepare your home for a treatment during our inspections. This is just one of the reasons our clients treatments are successful the 1st attempt.

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