Prep List: Heat and Chemical Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug treatment, Prep List: Heat and Chemical Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug treatment, Prep List: Heat and Chemical Bed Bug Treatment


This bed bug control solution circulates hot air at temperatures ranging from 125-150°F throughout infested areas for a period of time to kill bed bugs and their eggs. In order to have an effective bed bug treatment, there are a few steps you must take before the professionals at Dead Bug Walkin LLC arrive at your home or business for your bed bug heat treatment.

***Note this is only for the rooms being treated. Please follow close instructions. Everything has a reason.

Supplies needed: 

(2 Items Total)

#1. Large Construction Trash Bags No Less Than 55 gallons.

Large black construction trash bags are important because they are thicker. Anything less than 55 gallon and not made of heavy construction material will get holes easily poked in them and that can infest your home again.

FYI: You only want to fill the bags up around halfway to insure no tears, not being able to seal off correctly or lift the bags to move them to your designated storage area outside of your home during the heat treatment. Sealing the trash bags off is essential to success. (You can use boxes to store sharper prep items in so they will not poke through the trash bag.) (Just make sure to leave the lid or flaps off the top of the box, slide a trash bag over the box, then toss in the strip and seal off completely by tying or tapeing off the end of the trash bag.)

#2. Pest Strips

– These pest strips are items that you will purchase and put into the trash bags containing items that cannot go through a dryer only. Fabric item prepped bags do not need the pest strips inside of them because they will be going through a dryer before you bring the fabrics back into the home after the heat treatment is completed.

  • Item: Hot-Shot No Pests Strips.

(Explained in prep list more).

(They can be found in store at Lowe’s or Home Depot or on the internet). Lowe’s and Home Depot are the only stores that always carry the Hot Shot No Pest Strips other stores rarely always carry the strips.

Hot Shot No Pest Strips are to be taken out of the white plastic cage and cut into 4 equal pieces. Just throw away the white plastic cage it’s not needed. Each yellow 1/4 cut piece of the strip can go into a trash bag with the things that cannot go through the dryer. Cutting them into 4 equal pieces saves you money. Each 4th of a piece is the exact amount needed for a trash bag to kill all bed bugs and their eggs on your non fabric prep items.

(Picture of Hot Shot No Pest Strips below)

Hot Shot No Pest Strips Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists
Hot Shot No Pest Strips should be cut into 4 equal pieces with one piece going into each hard item trash bag then sealed off for no less than 72 hours.

To reiterate: 

Pest strips are only needed for trash bags with items that cannot go through a dryer. Items that can go through a dryer will NOT need the 1/4 of a pest strip per bag. Only hard item trash bags get the 1/4 no pest strip put inside the bag. It is vitally important to completely seal off whatever container or trash bag is being used. Not being airtight will lead to failure.

DO NOT add shopping bags, other trash bags, fabric bags or any other types of bags to the inside of a prep trash bag. DO NOT slide a new trash bag over an old trash bag if the old one has holes in it. Instead, use duct tape to cover holes if they come about or just replace the trash bag with a new one. Plastic bags inside of plastic bags will leave spaces that the strips active ingredients floating through the air will not reach.

Now To The Prep List:

  • If your residence has indoor sprinklers or heat alarms, notify us immediately. (This does not refer to regular smoke detectors).
  • Remove all bedding, cloth items, fabrics throughout the entire house and place them into trash bags then seal off trash bag completely air tight. All these fabrics will go thru a dryer 1st, not washer 1st, the dryer 1st, on high heat for no less than 1 hour. Then after the dryer 1st, if it needs to be washed you can do normal washing and drying applications. Once fabrics are thru the dryer put them into a new trash bag and remove from the house unless the treatment has already been performed, then just put back into normal closet or drawer.
  • Note:(Fabrics do not have to be run through a dryer before the treatment, just before they are brought back into the home after the heat treatment is complete).
  • All pets need to be removed from the property completely. They may return when all chemicals are dry. The time to dry for chemicals can vary, so we set a “fits all” dry time of 2-3 hours for all bed bug treatments after the service is complete.
  • Remove all valuables, including loose cash, Jewelry etc.
  • Unplug all electronics, remove TVs if possible, as well as laptops, gaming consoles and TV accessories. Example: (DVRs, blue ray players, X-boxs etc.)
  • Remove CDs, DVD’s, cassette tapes, Playstation games, Xbox games, etc.
  • Remove all clothing from inside drawers and closets. Place them into a large trash bag and seal off air tight. Do the same thing for any towels, blankets or bedding.
  • Take down any items on the walls or shelves that may be damaged when someone brushes by them. We will be bringing in large and heavy equipment and want to make sure we don’t damage your belongings while we work.
  • If you have any air mattresses please do not deflate if aired up. If already deflated before reading this just leave as is.
  • Blinds need to be taken down. If you feel the blinds may be infested please notify us first before removing or leave for us to remove.
  • Remove window screens. (If you do not understand how to remove your window screens you may leave them, but it is tour responsibility to reattach them once the treatment is completed.
  • Remove all aerosols and pressurized cans, compressed gases, flammable or combustible chemicals.
  • Indoor plants, deodorants, bathing products, seeds, carbonated beverages or drinks
  • All lighters need to be removed from the areas being treated.
  • Candles and anything wax
  • Food items that may melt including chocolate, candy and solid oils should be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Medications prescription and nonprescription should be taken with you or put into your refrigerator as the heat can make them ineffective.
  • Guns and Ammo need to be removed prepped with a pest strip.
  • Remove all trash and check under and around beds for clutter.
  • Clutter creates cold spots where bugs may hide to not be treated. Remember books, clothes, toys etc can create these spots.
  • All baskets or trunks need to be emptied, (prep emptied items), and leave the baskets or trunks for the treatment.
  • Leave the furniture such as nightstands, dressers, etc. to be treated but please remove and bag all items inside of furniture. If items in trash bags are NOT cloth please add the Nuvan Pro Strips or Hot Shot No Pest Strips to the bag and seal tightly before removing. All items that can go through the dryer will NOT need the Strips because the heat from the dryer will kill any stage of the bed bug.

– When removing items from the rooms being treated always place them into bags that are immediately tied off air tight or taped up air tight. Not placing items in bags can infest other rooms. It’s also important to remove the cluttered items like clothes, shoes, boxes, etc. from your closets. Clutter can create a cold spot, and that’s where the bugs will want to go and hide instead of getting treated by the heat.

Laundry Instructions:

It is best to wait till after your treatment is completed to start laundering fabrics. Some clients do fabrics on the day of the treatment. Take the sealed trash bags to the laundry one by one as you dry each bag and place entire bag in the dryer before opening bag and removing items. Dry all items on high heat for at least 1 hour. DO NOT WASH FIRST! DRY 1ST, WASH SECOND (if needed) , THEN DRY AGAIN. After cloth items have been heated for the full hour you may wash and redry. Use both washer and dryer on high heat. Please throw away all used trash bags as they could be infested. Do not reuse trash bags or boxes used during a bed bug treatment!

Non-laundry Instructions:

For the bags full of items that can’t go in dryer you will need the 1/4 Hot Shot No-Pest Strips per hard item trash bag. The strips will need to stay inside the bags for at least 72 hours to a week, so you’ll want to disturb the bag by agitating the plastic once a day to make sure everything gets treated inside with the active ingredient. The active ingredient in the strips works through the air. Compare it to dust particles floating in the air.

Important- Prep Storage:

All prepped sealed off trash bags will be stored outside of the home immediately upon finishing prepping the bag. The bags will remain outside the home until after the treatment.

What to expect:

We need to move large equipment through your structure. Please make sure the path is clear for us to get throughout your home or business. We also use fans to push hot air around the room. Please make sure all loose papers as well as any items that may blow away are properly put up or weighed down.

By following these preparation tips, you can help make sure that your property is ready for Dead Bug Walkin’ LLC ‘s bed bug heat and chemical treatment.

Expect the heat treatment to take at least 8 hours or less. It probably will not take that long but we ask that you prepare for it to. Rushing us to finish will result in mistakes or your home still being infested. You must vacate the premises for the time the treatment is in process. You may only re-enter 2-3 hours after the service is complete once we give you the okay to return back to your residence. The home will need that time to dry and cool down. Make plans to do other things you need to do while the treatment is in process and the time will pass much quicker for you.

If you have any questions about our pre bed bug heat treatment requirements, please give us a call or text message! One of our Thermal Remediation Specialists can answer any questions you may have regarding what needs to be removed from the premises prior to your service.

Rescheduling or canceling your treatment:

Please be aware that our heaters can NOT run in the rain. If it’s raining or lightening the day of the appointment then we will have to reschedule. 

***Please give 48hr notice if canceling or rescheduling. Less than 48hr notice will result in a rescheduling or cancellation fee of $100. All sales are final once paid, even if service has yet to be performed by DBW. Refunds by credit or debit card, non personal checks or cash are left for Dead Bug Walkin LLC and its employees to decide only. Third party check or credit card processors will have no part in the refund process. If a client wishes to be refunded monies for services not rendered yet, just ask us. Going through a check or credit card processor for a refund will cost DBW fees, and if this is the case, the client will be charged for all said fees DBW will be paying. All service procedures and warranties, (if applicable), are left for Dead Bug Walkin LLC to decide only. By making an appointment with Dead Bug Walkin LLC you have entered into a contract for services to be rendered which will be paid upon our arrival, unless otherwise approved by DBW in writing and signed by DBW.

Good luck and God bless
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Bed bug treatment, Prep List: Heat and Chemical Bed Bug Treatment


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