How To Schedule Heat Bed Bug Treatment

If you’d like to schedule with us for a heat with a non repellent chemical insecticide plus a biological insecticide to protect up to 60 days, with a 60 day warranty, keep reading. Below are the details of how to book a Tulsa heat with LLC. We are located in Northeast Oklahoma providing the highest quality services in Oklahoma.

Picture shows our bed bug heat remediation equipment in operation outside our clients home near Tulsa Oklahoma.
Picture shows our remediation equipment in operation outside our clients home near Tulsa Oklahoma.

Step #1: Before you contact our specialists…

Before you call us look over our entire website, especially our @ our SITEMAP. Our website has more information about , their activities, why they do what they do and how to destroy them, than any other company in Oklahoma, USA. You can learn more about your bed bug infestation and how to combat it from our educational articles, than anywhere else. Our bed bug service prices (cost) are in the menu as well as the prep lists for our bed bug treatments. It’s a treasure trove of up to date information about and bed bug treatments. Use it to benefit your Oklahoma remediation process with us.


Step #2: Call or text message us…

Your 2nd step is to contact us by phone. We accept calls or text messages to our phone number 918-710-7529. You will speak with one of our bed bug specialists only!


Step #3: Bed bug inspection & assessment…

We require inspections before we’ll schedule any type of bed bug treatment. Our inspections normally take 1-1.5 hours to complete, because we also teach you the prep requirements while going from room to room with you. Doing this during our inspections greatly increases our clients rate of success. Once we finish our inspection and go over the prep work we schedule your treatment together at your home. Give us a call at 918-710-7529

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