How Do You Schedule Heat Bed Bug Treatment?

If you'd like to schedule with us for a heat with a non repellent insecticide plus a biological insecticide to protect up to 60 days, with a 60 day warranty, keep reading. Below are the details of how to book a Tulsa Metropolitan area, (aka Green Country), (aka North East Oklahoma), heat bed bug treatment with LLC. We are a local family owned small business located in Northeast Oklahoma providing the highest quality remediation services in Oklahoma. Your service with us is backed by a free 60 day warranty that can be extended each 60 days for up to one year from your initial treatment for a small fee each 60 days if you'd like. When you extend your warranty each 60 days, we return each 60 days and reapply our biological and chemical insecticides to ensure there's actual preventative protection from . Dead Bug Walkin LLC uses only specialists for any service we provide. No technicians that just did ants before your home was serviced. Just pure extremely experienced individuals who know and understand every aspect of bed bugs and have successfully completed thousands of bed bug treatment services.

Bed bug heat treatment inside view of remediation equipment for Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control
Bed bug heat treatment inside view of remediation equipment.

Step #1: Before you contact our bed bug heat specialists…

Before you call us look over our entire website, especially our @ our SITEMAP. Our website has more information about bed bugs, their activities, why they do what they do and how to destroy them, than any other bed bug treatment company in Oklahoma, USA. You can learn more about your bed bug infestation and how to combat it from our educational articles, than anywhere else. Our price or (cost) are in the menu as well as the prep lists for our bed bug treatments. It's a treasure trove of up to date information about bed bugs and bed bug treatments. Use our menu & educational articles to benefit your Oklahoma process with us.

Step #2: Call or text message us…

Your 2nd step is to contact us by phone. We accept calls or text messages to our phone number 918-710-7529. You will speak with one of our bed bug specialists only!

Step #3: & assessment…

We require an inspection and assessment before we'll schedule any type of bed bug treatment. Our inspections normally take 1-1.5 hours to complete, because we also teach you the prep requirements while going from room to room with you. Going over how you'll prepare your home during our inspection & assessment greatly increases our clients rate of success. Once we finish our inspection and go over the prep work with you, we schedule your bed bug heat treatment together at your home. Give us a call at 918-710-7529

Step #4: Booking (scheduling) your for bed bugs with us…

After we've completed our inspection and assessment we are now able to schedule or book your heat treatment for bed bugs with Dead Bug Walkin LLC. This day is scheduled for when you believe the prep required that you need to do is finished. So it's basically as soon as you can complete the required prep work, we can treat bed bugs with heat in your home wiping them out in only one service appointment. That's right we only one day to completely of all stages. From adult to to their eggs. Read: Baby Bed Bugs, How Small Are They Really?

Step #5: Sit back & enjoy your free 60 day warranty…

After your heat remediation has been completed, your biological insecticide has been applied, your chemical insecticide has been applied, you're done. Dead Bug Walkin LLC will have a plan for you to follow to keep you from getting bed bugs again. As long as you can follow directions our bed bug control process will take over from there.
Diesel bed bug heater indirect fired with conduit running through a window into the home.
View from outside while our heat remediation equipment is operating at a local Northeastern Oklahoma clients bed bug infested home.

How your home is protected after we've completed our heat remediation…

With the way that we apply the preventative measures to protect your home from any bed bugs that could be brought back into your home after we've finished your heat remediation, it's impossible for them to even survive more than 24 hours. Since your habits and normal behavior are used to improve your protection, that means that even if bed bugs somehow are brought back into the home, the ability for them to survive is greatly reduced. You will essentially have several boundaries set up around your beds, couches & chairs that bed bugs must cross to continue to feed on your blood. Feeding is a must for continued survival. So using this method ensures that your home is fully protected and that no bed bug has the ability to survive for more than 24 hours. Using the host (you) as bait for any stragglers is the latest bed bug control method available to prevent bed bugs from getting a foot hold on your property. Dead Bug Walkin LLC uses chemicals that cannot be detected by bed bugs. This is extremely important! Even in todays modern world there are still companies using chemicals for bed bugs that repel. This is a huge mistake. Bed bugs that are not directly sprayed with repellent chemicals will be able to tell where the chemical has been sprayed and just avoid it until it has worn away over time. They can literally just sit there cool as a cucumber for months until it's safe again. Not only are repellents not very useful for bed bugs, but they are also going to be resistant to the repellents. What this means is that bed bugs have become a super bug. People over the past decade or longer have seriously over applied repellents. This in turn has caused the bed bugs to gain a resistance to repellent chemicals also known as pyrethroids (man made) or pyrethrins (natural plants). Pyrethrins or pyrethroids are a majority of repellent chemicals available to the public such as yourself. To find out more about chemical insecticides read: Truth About Cheap Chemical Bed Bug Treatments

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