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If you’d like to schedule with us for a heat with a non repellent insecticide plus a biological insecticide to protect up to 90 days, with a 90 day warranty, keep reading. Below are the details of how to book a Tulsa heat with LLC. We are located in Northeast Oklahoma providing the highest quality services in Oklahoma.

Picture shows our bed bug heat remediation equipment in operation outside our clients home near Tulsa Oklahoma.
Picture shows our bed bug equipment in operation outside our clients home near Tulsa Oklahoma.

Step #1: Before you contact our specialists…

Before you call us look over our entire website, especially our educational articles @ our SITEMAP. Our website has more information about bed bugs, their activities, why they do what they do and how to destroy them, than any other company in Oklahoma, USA. You can learn more about your bed bug infestation and how to combat it from our educational articles, than anywhere else. Our bed bug service prices (cost) are in the menu as well as the prep lists for our bed bug treatments. It’s a treasure trove of up to date information about and bed bug treatments. Use it to benefit your Oklahoma bed bug process with us.


Step #2: Call or text message us…

Your 2nd step is to contact us by phone. We accept calls or text messages to our phone number 918-710-7529. You will speak with one of our bed bug specialists only!


Step #3: Bed bug inspection & assessment…

Your 3rd step to set up a heat with us is to book an inspection for with us. Every reputable company should require an inspection/ assessment before ever attempting to treat your home for and that’s what we do too. Our inspections are extremely thorough and normally take about 1-1.5 hours to complete. The most important thing about our bed bug inspections is the fact that we go from room to room explaining to you how you will prepare the room for the treatment that we will be returning to perform at a later scheduled date. Explaining our prep work to you personally and not just handing you a prep list then saying follow this, has improved our success rate by 10 fold. No other company in Northeastern Oklahoma shows you how to do your prep work correctly like we do during your homes inspection. Showing you how to prep your things cuts down on any possible mistakes or shortcuts made with the prep work. Once we have finished our inspection and assessment you will be scheduled for your bed bug treatment. The wait time for our treatment depends on how quickly you can finish your prep work. The normal amount of time from your inspection to your heat treatment is around 1-7 days. 

This is what correctly prepped items from your home will look like. Sealed off 55 gallon at least 1.5 mil thick bags.
This is what correctly prepped items from your home will look like. Sealed off 55 gallon at least 1.5 mil thick bags.


Step #4: Scheduling your heat bed bug treatment…

Your 4th step: Now that we have all of the explaining how to prepare for the treatment out of the way and assessed the infestation plus the layout of your home, we can schedule your heat remediation + insecticide + biological insecticide bed bug treatment. The treatment will last from 6-8 hours depending upon your homes or businesses size. Our heat treatments are a one and done service for bed bugs. We eliminate everything in just one go of it. How do we do that? Experience, being extremely thorough and utilizing the correct equipment as well as insecticides or biologicals. It takes tons of experience to be able to kill every last bed bug and their eggs in one treatment. Whether heat is used or not!

Completing our bed bug heat treatment service at our clients home in Northeast OK. View from outside.
Completing our service at our clients home in Northeast OK. View from outside.


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There’s no such thing as an established bed bug infestation being eliminated in one treatment without preparations by both a company and the home or business owner. In other words there’s no such thing as a successful bed bug treatment without 1st assessing then preparing the space or spaces to be treated. If there is a company that will show up and treat the same day or next day without 1st checking out the home and infestation, then requiring preparation if your belongings, you best be weary of their services. They are in it for the money only and not to help people. On top of that coming in and spraying where your clothes and bedding remain in a room is actually against the law. All insecticide labels state that it’s against the law to treat on or near clothing or things people touch for more than a few seconds. This is just one of the major reasons that removing fabrics for the treatment is needed. There are also things that can explode or melt from a heat treatment and if these are not asked to be prepped then removed, dear lord your in for a terrible experience. There’s so much more that we educate you about so don’t hesitate to contact us because successful bed bug treatments are a process not just an appointment. Do not use companies that use service routes for their technicians. All large pest management companies utilize routes or areas that a certain technician covers. These large pest company technicians do not specialize in alone like we do. This means that they will not have enough experience to quickly and completely destroy your infestation. To make matters worse your will not even be the only service the technician has for the day, so they will be on a time crunch, which causes them to hurry and skip over things. This type of service is a disservice to you and you will be wasting your money. Sure they may kill most of the they could see, but you’ll have the same amount of bed bugs just as before they treated, in as little as a few weeks. Each adult female bed bug will typically lay 2-5 eggs a day without even having to mate with a male more than once in their lifetime. This is why is so popular, because it destroys all bed bugs, and their eggs, in just one remediation with the heat. Heat treatments without a non repellent insecticide or a biological insecticide applied as well will most likely have reoccurrence of because there was nothing there to protect for after the was completed. Bed bug infestations go from family to family; friend to friend in repeating cycles. In other words your sisters home may get infested down the road and you get them again. This can happen even years down the line or the day following your heat treatment. We always apply preventative measures to protect your home or business once our heat remediation is completed. If you have they are in your life not just your home or business. It’s important that you understand this concept and how the potential for re-infestation will be there for years after you’ve gotten rid of your bed bugs. Keeping up with our preventative maintenance program every 3 months will keep you from getting infested by bed bugs ever again.

Image shows our bed bug heat treatment equipment in action inside our clients Tulsa Oklahoma home.
Image shows our equipment in action inside our clients Tulsa Oklahoma home.

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