Truth About Cheap Chemical Bed Bug Treatments

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If It Seems To Good To Be True…:

There's an old saying, "if it seems to good to be true, it probably isn't. That's definitely true words of wisdom to live by! The truth is that bed bug treatments of any type can be a daunting task for anyone including professionals like our very own bed bug specialists. Every home or business is different and each case has its differences as well, but they all have things in common. It takes experience, patience and sometimes detective work to eliminate quickly and completely in just one , like our company. There's no such thing as a successful bed bug treatment service where someone can come and spray here and there for bed bugs, then they just vanish over night. It takes a very thorough individual or team, spending vast amounts of time, to completely rid your home or business of a bed bug infestation. Regardless of the amount of time it takes to eradicate the bed bugs from the location every crack, crevice, piece of furniture and belongings have to be inspected and treated in one form or another. This is what makes a bed bug treatment successful. Not a magical chemical insecticide or bed bug heater. Every successful type of bed bug service, no matter the tools used must include vast amounts of time and at least one experienced pest management professional for that success!

Getting A Foot In Your Door:

Be careful about signing any contract with a chemical only bed bug service company or individual. Our company LLC does not require signed contracts from our clients, ever! Some exterminating services often use a low cost bed bug treatment to get their foot in the door. Once they have finished the first appointment, you will feel obligated to finish any remaining treatments that may be needed with them and for some no matter how long it takes. This generally results in a cost that is substantially higher than the initial chemical bed bug treatment quote and in many cases just as much or more total cost than a heat treatment would have cost in the first place. Plus a heat treatment eliminates every bed bug in just one treatment or appointment.

Stretching Out Your Infestation:

Chemical bed bug extermination companies count on the initial investment creating a willingness to put up with a chemical treatment for 60 days or longer. We have had lots of clients tell of their ordeal with large corporate pest control companies that told them it will take up to one year to get rid of their bed bug infestation. The result is that this process ends up costing you a lot more money and time than you had originally planned to get rid of your bed bug problem.

Dead Bug Walkin LLC  Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control
Bed bug.

Most families or businesses just want the bedbugs gone immediately, not realizing that chemical only bed bug treatments can take more than one treatment or appointment. The chemical only bed bug service company tells you they can get rid of bed bugs immediately, and if you happen to see something down the road "call us we will come back out and take care of the bed bugs". It is rare that a bed bug infestation can be taken care of quickly with chemical insecticide alone. Most infestation will take more than one chemical treatment or appointment. Usually 2-3 treatments or appointments are needed when using chemical only with our very own clients. This being said though we have had many one and done chemical bed bug treatments throughout our companies existence but it should never be expected when using the chemical only bed bug treatment type.

Why Cant Chemicals In One Treatment? :

The issue is that the chemicals don't always reach where the bed bugs can hide deep inside cracks/ crevices, and bed bugs don't always come back out while the chemicals are active. Chemical insecticides have a residual that normally only lasts 2-3 months indoors and bed bugs can go dormant for up to a year or longer without even eating. What does this mean? It means that chemical bed bug treatments often don't kill all the bed bugs in your home or business. This also means that you will have to have additional bed bug treatments in the future for the bed bugs that are already in your home today, costing you more money each time.

Dead Bug Walkin LLC  Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control
Dead Bug Walkin LLC Specialists Pest Control

Kills Bed Bugs In One Appointment:

In the long run having a professional apply only chemicals for a bed bug infestation will normally cost just the same as a treatment will cost. Not only that but heat remediation for bed bugs will get rid of your infestation in just one treatment or appointment. We don't stop there though our bed bug heat treatments include a non repellent chemical residual as well. Our non repellent chemical residual will protect you and your family from any bed bugs brought back into your residence. A chemical added to a heat bed bug treatment is essential for success and future protection from bed bugs. Our bed bug heat treatments with a chemical added also come with a free 60 day warranty!

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Dead Bug Walkin LLC  Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control
Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control

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