Chemical bed bug treatments explained. (What to expect from a chemical only bed bug treatment).

If your like most people who have discovered that they have a bed bug problem you've probably used Google or other search engines to find out what you can do about the bed bug infestation. While there is a lot of information on and how to treat for them on the internet, and a lot of the information is bias. Most information comes from pest control affiliated persons or companies themselves and this is where the bias comes in. Now let's take a look at the different types of treatments for bed bugs without the bias.

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Chemical only

This type of treatment takes the longest period of time to completely eradicate every single egg and every single bed bug. The reason it takes so much longer is that it is hard to find every single bed bug when they can fit into the smallest of openings let alone the eggs that may not even die from the chemical solution being used, because it may not soak through the egg walls to the instar (baby bed bug) inside of the egg. This is why it may take anywhere from 1-3 chemical bed bug treatments to eradicate an infestation.

What chemicals are being used plays a major role in the amount of times a structure and its furniture may need to be treated. Believe it or not bed bugs have become resistant to most chemicals that are available to the home or business owner today. Most chemicals available to non pest professionals are what are called pyrithroids. Pyrithroids are man made chemicals that are a repellent. (Most bed bug bombs and foggers are repellent pyrithroids). A repellent sounds great because you want to repel the bed bugs right, but it only repels them into other areas of the structure where you normally wouldn't have bed bugs in or wasnt previously infested. Instead a non repellant is best for bed bugs so they remain in the same areas on the dry chemical residual. When they remain on the dry residual it's only a matter of time before they die. When bed bugs are contacted with wet chemical the death is much quicker. LLC uses only non repellents for bed bugs. We use the absolute best non repellant active ingredients available in the world to date when we service for bed bugs using a chemical residual.

All bed bug chemicals are not the same…

All chemical insecticides are not the same and using the wrong ones can cause more problems than if you'd just left things alone in the 1st place. Most home or business owners will try to save money by spraying the infestation themselves. In most of these cases it ends up costing the home or business owner much more than if they had just called us 1st. Even if the insecticide says it's specifically for bed bugs and bed bug eggs does not mean it's effective when wet or dry.

Cost of a chemical bed bug treatment…

Yes a chemical only bed bug treatment will be the cheapest route in the short run. It may end up being just about the same price though as a heat and chemical bed bug treatment in the end though. Each chemical bed bug treatment has a price tag no matter what company you choose. Whether you pay for it all at once or with each treatment there's a cost there.

How to know if more than one chemical bed bug treatment is needed…

If the infestation is more than one month old your most likely looking at more than one treatment to eradicate bed bugs with chemical only. Most people do not even realize that they have bed bugs until about 6 months or more into the infestation. Even if it has only been a month or less still doesn't guarantee that only one chemical bed bug treatment will be needed. The things that have been done by the home or business owner prior to a chemical bed bug treatment, the layout of the structure being treated and the amount of furniture plus nic nacs all play a role in the amounts of chemical bed bug treatments needed.

How to get rid of bed bugs in just 1-day…

If you don't want to have to deal with multiple chemical bed bug treatments then you'll want a bed bug treatment & a chemical bed bug treatment combined. The heat treatment kills every bed bug and egg in your home, then the chemical treatment protects your home for 60 days afterwards. Dead Bug Walkin LLC only takes one 5-8 hour day to eliminate a complete bed bug infestation when using both heat and chemical at the same time.

Watch a heat treatment live…

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