About bed bug encasements or covers

Picture above is of a cover for a mattress or box spring.

Mattress and couch covers or encasements are used to enclose mattresses, box springs and couches. The bed bug zippered encasements can be are secured over the items with live bed bug and their eggs on them, or after the items have dried after a chemical residual has been applied. Adding a bed bug cover to these items with live bed bugs on them is actually what they were designed for. Although be careful to add duct tape to sharp corners and ends of a beds frame, especially metal frames, to ensure that no rips will come about giving live bed bugs a way out of the zippered cover. If heat remediation is used in a bed bug treatment the heat will seap thru the encasements killing any bed bugs or their eggs inside the cover.

Picture above is of a cover for a couch.

Where to get a bed bug encasement

They can be purchased online or from stores that sell home furnishings and bedding. Good encasements are made of soft material and have zippers that stay zipped, preventing bed bugs from escape. Do not purchase plastic bed bug covers they do not last very long and will become a liability.

If bed bugs are found or suspected on mattresses, box springs or couches, all can be sealed using encasements. Often box springs are the bed bug’s primary hiding place. Any bed bugs inside an encasement cannot get through it and will eventually die inside of the encasement.

Picture above is of a bed bug cover for a chair.


Encasing mattresses and box springs is often easier and better than treating them with pesticides or throwing them away. Encasements prevent bed bugs from living on mattresses and box springs, and purchasing two encasements is much less expensive than purchasing a new mattress and box springs. Couch bed bug covers are rarely used compared to mattress or box springs simply because they are much more expensive.

Warning: encasing mattresses and box springs does not eliminate bed bug infestations by themselves in almost every infestation case. Your best option is always to immediately call a pest management company that specializes in bed bugs, like Dead Bug Walkin LLC. The longer you wait to call a professional bed bug extermination specialist, the more bed bugs will spread throughout the structure, in turn making it more expensive for you. The encasements are an excellent add-on to any type bed bug treatment being used. The reason we prefer bed bug covers is not simply because they encase bed bugs and their eggs, it’s because they allow the home owner to notice any new signs of bed bugs much quicker. Most bed bug encasements are white in color making inspecting the mattresses, box springs and couches much easier for the owner.

Picture of bed bug excrement on the outside of an encasement.

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