Who is Dead Bug Walkin LLC?

heat treatment ay not know Dead Bug Walkin’ LLC is growing uncontrollably and our name is spreading like wild fire across not just Oklahoma, but our surrounding states like Kansas, Missouri and many others, although we do not service other states at the moment we will in the near future. With it coming to light that bed bugs can spread diseases, something that was thought to be not the case in the past, our services will be even more crucial for families and businesses. Yes that’s right bed bugs can spread up to 40 known diseases according to scientists in the entomology field. We are the only company in our area that spot treats for bed bugs when we service for any general pest control. It’s just one more way that we go above and beyond to protect our clients, their families and their friends. We do not claim to be the very best pest control and bed bug heat treatment specialists in Oklahoma, we prefer to let our clients reviews and our specialists actions claim it for us. Thats the difference between a good professional pest control company and a great professional pest control company.


Dead Bug Walkin’ LLC

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