How to make a heat bed bug treatment 100% more effective?

Bed bug remediation heaters set up and in action pictured.
Bed bug remediation heaters set up and in action pictured.

Isn't heat the most effective already?…

treatments for are already extremely effective at killing bed bugs that are in a home or business. No one is denying that remediation heat works extremely well to and their eggs. It will continue to be the #1 method for years to come, but what about after the heat treatment has been completed? What then? Does heat remediation somehow continue to protect a residence after the service has been completed and the pest control company doing the service is gone? The answer to that question is a big whopping, "NNNNOOOOOOOO"! Bed bugs definitely don't say, "oh I see a heat treatment was done here before so I must die now". Heat remediation does not leave anything behind to kill bed bugs that may re-enter. So what is a home or business owner supposed to do to safely protect their residence or establishment after the pest managment team has completed their service and is gone.

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How to make 100% even more effective?…

A non repellent chemical insecticide added to a heat remediation bed bug treatment will make the heat treatment incredibly more effective. It is your only protection against any bed bugs that may be brought into the home after the heat treatment has been performed. Without a chemical residual for bed bugs applied along the heat remediation it will be open to re-infestation immediately following the completion of the heat treatment. Directly after remediation heat in a home or business clients are at their most vulnerable stage of the whole process. Family members, friends, customers and the property owner are normally who brings bed bugs back into a structure after a bed bug treatment. This is why a chemical residual is an extremely smart added benefit to a .

Understanding re-infestation of bed bugs…

The one thing that you need to understand the most about bed bugs re-infesting homes or businesses is that bed bugs normally are transferred on items we carry with us, not our bodies themselves or even the clothes we are currently wearing. For bed bugs to be present on a persons body or clothes when leaving your home, the infestation has to be extremely large in numbers. It's rare for bed bugs to hang out on people themselves except in horrendous situations where there are just too many of them. Usually with situations where beds bugs are crawling on the home owner or renter it's the case that they are either disabled, lack the funds for pest control services, are mentally challenged or maybe even all of the above.

Baby bed bug and the egg it hatched from on a bed skirt.
Baby bed bug and the egg it hatched from on a bed skirt pictured.

It's usually items or furniture bed bugs hitch hike on, not people…

Making sure that you do not allow used items or furniture into your home after has been completed is smart. This is the case whether chemicals are added to a bed bug heat treatment or not. In fact this is a good practice no matter when you use it. Don't let people bring purses, bags, luggage, etc. into your home ever, if you can keep from it. When it's just people by themselves they are less likely to spread or pick up beds bugs to be transported to a new place or rather your recent bed bug free home or business.

Chemicals protect for when prepped items that were removed for a heat treatment are brought back inside…

Prepped items should always have some sort of process to kill any beds bugs or eggs that are present on items that have to be removed for a bed bug treatment if any type. It's not just heat treatments that need prep work done, all bed bug treatment types require at least some things to be removed. This is either to follow the law or to simply just not possibly damage the items.

Our process for any fabrics is to put the fabrics through a dryer 1st before bringing them back into the residence. The dryer will kill any beds bugs or eggs when used for at least one hour. It is better to dry items before washing them when with hot water. It's possible for bed bugs to survive a washer but not a dryer. So always dry 1st then wash if needed.

Our process for hard items that cannot go through a dryer is to put a Hot Shot No Pest Strip into a trash bag with the hard items, then seal it off air tight.

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