What is bed bugs favorite hiding spot on a bed? Watch in video…

Video shows favorite hiding spot on a bed. A majority of bedroom infestations will start on this part your bed.

What is a bed bugs favorite hiding place on a bed?…

The front of a bed where you lay your head is always going to be the place that bed bugs tend to hide in the most. Check out the video above, if you haven't already watched it, to see for yourself the favorite area that the little blood suckers love to frequently hide at.

Don't misunderstand the title…

Don't get confused by the title, "What is a bed bugs favorite hiding place on a bed". Bed bugs can literally be anywhere their food source, (people) are, but there are areas that a majority of bed bugs are infamous for using as hiding places on beds. Especially when a bed bug infestation is just starting. In this article we will be focusing on the area of the bed that bed bugs seem to find the most appealing for hiding spots. This is an area of beds that allows them to have easy access to you and your blood.

Why do bed bugs prefer the front area on a bed?…

The answer to this is very simple. It's because the head of your bed is the place that your body is exposed the most and not under covers. Bed bugs do not like to crawl under covers. They are lazy. They will always take the path of least resistance just like flowing water does. Laziness and opportunity are the reason bed bugs remain close to their host and not in an area that is far from their food source. Other reasons include that bed bugs locate us by our body heat and the CO2 from our breath. Most people sleep with their arms and head sticking out from under sheets and blankets. The last reason bed bugs choose the front of a bed to hide in frequently is that the head of the bed is usually up against a wall. It being up against a wall means less activity from humans disturbing the hiding spot. In fact using the rule that bed bugs normally avoid areas of beds, couches, chairs and other furniture that people frequently brush up against our walk past is best practice.

The quickest way for you to check if bed bugs are present on a bed…

Simply pulling the mattress down about a foot away from the head board to expose the box springs under the mattress and the front side of the mattress is an extremely quick and easy way to search for bed bugs. You'll just search along the seams for bed bugs with a flash light to really see up under seams. You'll also check the top, front side and bottom of the box springs. If you do not locate bed bugs by this point you probably do not have them located on your bed. It wouldn't hurt to check all other areas of the bed just to make sure though. You can follow the link below to learn how to search an entire bed for a bed bug infestation.

Assuming that you have not done anything to cause bed bugs to flee from their habitual hiding spots, this will almost always be an area that you can locate bed bugs quickly. Things like spraying chemicals, especially repellent insecticides can cause beds bugs to spread to other areas of your home. This in turn causes it to be harder to locate beds bugs. When it's harder to locate them because they've spread out, it can make a more expensive and take longer to ultimately eradicate them completely.

Bed bugs and eggs hidden inside a recessed screw hole on a bed.
Be sure to check the front and back side of head boards and bed rails for bed bugs. Especially where screws are used like this picture shows bed bugs and eggs hidden inside a recessed screw hole.

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Adult bed bug ​that is partially full of a blood meal pictured.
Adult bed bug that is partially full of a blood meal pictured.

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