2023's List Tulsa's top 10 bed bug heat treatment pro's!

What companies made the list for top pro's in the Tulsa Oklahoma Metro area? Find out!

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Below is a list of the best professional pest control companies near Tulsa Oklahoma that perform services. Also called for bed bugs in whole homes or businesses. The links below lead directly to websites of pest management businesses or professionals that kill beds bugs in just 1 day with a heat remediation treatment, (aka whole home ). All of the pest control bed bug pro's in this article service Tulsa Suburbs and surrounding Northeastern Oklahoma towns. We did all the hard work for you searching to find the best, most used and reliable treatment companies in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. If your in a hurry you can just scroll down near the bottom of the page to see the list.

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These links can also be found on Google thru serps, (search engines results pages). Many of the beneficial links provided below are also the top ranking bed bug exterminators on Google search and maps 1st page for Tulsa area listings. The problem with Google search results is that Google doesn't always provide the exact information (websites and listings) to match your keywords entered into the search bar. Google will provide any website or listing that even mentions the keywords that you input into the search bar. An example of this is you type into the Google search bar, "heat treatment for bed bugs in Tulsa OK". Google will show you any local websites or listings that mention "heat treatment for bed bugs in Tulsa OK". The problem with that is that a website or listing may be saying that they "DO NOT perform" that particular service but Google ignored the "DO NOT" part of the sentence on their site. Therefore you get a mixture of companies that "DO" and "DO NOT" perform bed bug heat treatments". That doesn't help you at all to quickly locate a great pest control company for bed bugs that does heat remediation treatments because now you have to sort through and read each website to be sure they service with heat remediation for bed bugs. So we did all the sorting out of what companies actually perform bed bug heat remediation in Tulsa Metro areas and who doesn't. This article can save you tons of time searching for the best bed bug heat specialist or professional in 2023.

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The problem we talked about earlier with Google search engines is exactly why we wrote this article about Tulsa Oklahoma bed bug heat treatment companies. We put this article together so you don't have to do all the work of separating pest control companies that do bed bug heat services from those companies that do not.

Now to the list of the best companies for a bed bug heat treatment near Tulsa Oklahoma:

-About the list– Companies listed are in no particular order. Their position in our website article has no bearing as to its effectiveness compared to other companies shown. We've just made it super easy for you to find all of the top bed bug heat professionals in the Tulsa Metro area. By putting them all in one article for you to use as an authority to find a heat bed bug company that best fits your situation, it will greatly reduce your time invested.

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Tulsa’s top 9 bed bug heat treatment pro's, 2023's List Tulsa's top 10 bed bug heat treatment pro's!

How to choose the best heat company from our list of qualified pro's…

Be sure to vet the pest control companies in the links provided above before choosing one. Ask questions about their treatment processes pre, during and post service. Ask about a warranty if applicable. (Any company that doesn't back up their services with a guarantee or warranty of some sort doesn't even trust their own abilities, so why should you)! Make sure that any warranty covers if you (the home owner) transfer beds bugs back into the home after the initial heat bed bug treatment. Lots of pest control companies servicing for bed bugs will use you bringing the blood sucking insects back into your home post treatment to get out of honoring a warranty. Focusing on after heat remediation for bed bugs is crucial for success. Most companies do not do this, so be aware of this fact. The company should be dropping knowledge bombs constantly that you aren't aware of as well as being transparent with their process and friendly to you. If they won't tell you something you feel is important to know, there's a reason they are hiding it. So be aware of anything hidden from you. This does not relate to chemical insecticides used though, in Oklahoma a pest control company does not have to divulge the insecticides used, unless there's a medical emergency related to the service rendered. However, most companies will gladly tell you the active ingredients used, just not the brand name. Why do they do this? There are people and other companies that will steal the hard earned experience and knowledge that has been gained from years of services to get a short cut to success. It's basically related to competition between companies to be honest with you more than fear of a person just trying to do it themselves after they figure out what a professional uses for their chems. Most companies know that the a non-pro will almost always fail in the long term and do not understand exactly how to approach the infestation in the first place. Another reason they might not tell you the insecticides used is that they do not want the insecticide to be over used, thus giving bed bugs resistance to it. You might have noticed that most chemicals for bed bugs available at stores have fallen into the resistant category. Being up to date on chemicals used is just as crucial as the heat remediation itself. Make sure that your chosen company applies chemical insecticides or biological insecticides after they've completed the heat treatment. Heat remediation alone leaves you completely open to be re-infested afterwards because there's absolutely nothing left to once the heat is subsided. Also the insecticides used most be non-repellent if you want it to be something that bed bugs cannot detect and just avoid till it wears down to ineffectiveness at about 60-60 days normally.

What pest control heaters can look like outside a home being serviced below…

Diesel bed bug heaters pictured in action. Indirect fired diesel heaters and propane heaters are by far the fastest and strongest remediation heating equipment.
Diesel bed bug heaters pictured in action. Indirect fired diesel heaters and propane heaters are by far the fastest and strongest remediation heating equipment. Image provided by LLC.

What bed bug heat remediation equipment looks like from inside a home being serviced…

High temperature fans circulating 150 degrees hot air thoroughly is the most important of the heat treatment besides the prep work.
High temperature fans circulating 150 degrees hot air thoroughly is the most important part of the heat treatment besides the prep work. Picture provided by Dead Bug Walkin LLC.

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