What is heat remediation for bed bugs?

Written by remediation service provider LLC. In this article we explain exactly what bed bug treatment services are. We also educate you on what type of remediation heating equipment a company would use, for your own home or business. treatments are the fastest way to rid a home or business of a bed bug infestation to date.

What is remediation heat for ?…

is when a structure and all it’s contents, minus items that may be damaged or dangerous, are sealed off and heat is applied to the entire area for no less than 1-2 hours. This type of requires large heaters to reach the required kill temperatures needed. The heaters will be electric, propane, diesel or kerosene. Many expensive high temp fans circulate the clean dry heat around the area being treated for bed bugs. If enough fans are not used in the heat it will ultimately fail.

Our heat remediation treatment for bed bugs in action. View of remediation equipment outside.
Our treatment for in action. View of remediation equipment outside.

About bed bug heaters…

120 volt electronic heaters by themselves are not recommended for use. Instead 120 volt electric heaters should only be an add on to propane, diesel or kerosene bed bug heaters being used. 240 volt or higher electric heaters are not subject to any bias as to weather they can be used individually without a larger heater in play. Infact many 240 volt or higher bed bug heaters work very well when combined with several fans to direct the heat to areas that are hiding in.

What is the most important part of a successful remediation treatment?…

Fans have an incredibly important function in a bed bug heat remediation treatment. The 2nd most important part of a is the “prep work” involved being done correctly by the home or business owner, but that’s another article for a different time. If enough high temperature fans are not used & rotated to different areas the treatment will fail. It can literally be 150 degrees in the area being treated but without the heat being circulated even the high temperatures of 150 degrees is worthless to kill every single bed bug and bed bug egg. Many people including some professionals do not understand this concept of without the air circulating the heat temperatures will not be sufficient throughout the area being heat treated. You will have higher temps close to the ceiling with lower temps near the floor. This is especially the case with backside corners inside closets and bathrooms. can tell where the hot and cool spots are so you can bet that they will survive if possible.

Inside view of our bed bug heat remediation treatment. Having enough fans and placing them strategically is crucial for success.
Inside view of our remediation treatment. Having enough fans and placing them strategically is crucial for success.

Experience is the key to success…

Experience servicing for on a regular basis is always the key to have a successful no matter what type of treatment it is. LLC currently only services for bed bugs. That means our bed bug specialists deal only with every single day. This gives our specialists more experience than any other service company in Oklahoma. When writing this article our pest control company has performed over 2500 successful bed bug treatment services to date.

Other pest control companies…

Most pest control companies employees are not bed bug specialists. Instead they use normal pest control technicians. These technicians have an area that they service for their employer called a route. They service for any type of insect that would need pest control. Pest control technicians that are not bed bug specialists will normally only do about 3 or 4 bed bug treatments a month. Our specialists for perform about 20-30 successful bed bug treatments a month. That’s a huge difference in experience. Our knowledge of bed bugs and bed bug treatments is what separates our company from the bad companies. We back up our heat service with a free 60 day warranty that can be extended every 2 months for up to one year from the time of the initial heat treatment.

What type of bed bug heaters do we use for our ?…

We use indirect fired diesel heaters that remain outside of a home or business and the heat is ducted inside through windows or doors. The windows or doors that we use for access to the area being heat treated are sealed off with thermal insulated blankets. Our heaters allow us to be up to 150 degrees temperatures in an average of about 2-5 minutes for a average sized room. We do not go above 150 degrees Fahrenheit for the simple reason that temperatures higher than 160 degrees can damage items inside of a home or business or even the home itself. Getting to a quick kill temp for is essential so there are no runners. Propane and diesel bed bug heaters have much higher BTU’s than electric bed bug heaters. Higher BTU’s on heaters for bed bugs allow for a quicker time to reach the desired kill temperature. Although a good strong bed bug heater is required it is not the most important factor for success. The amount of fans circulating the hot air, where they are pointed, then rotated and the experience of the bed bug specialist hired are the more important factors for success in eliminating bed bugs. LLC uses remediation to kill all and their eggs in one appointment. is when a structures entire interior is heated to a kill temp between the temperatures of 125-150 degrees F. We do not perform heat treatments with steam! Steam heat treatments can take 2-4 treatments or appointments to eliminate bed bugs. We are a one and done pest control family business mostly, but we also specialize in chemical only services too.

One of our indirect fired diesel heaters servicing a clients home in Oklahoma.
One of our indirect fired diesel heaters servicing a clients home in Oklahoma.

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