What heaters do pro's use to kill bed bugs?

What kind of heater can be used to ?

What do the professionals use to heat up a bedroom, area or complete structure with ?

There are 3 different kinds of heaters for bed bugs…

There are three different types of heaters that professionals can heat up an area/ room or complete structure to kill bed bugs. The different types of heaters are indirect fired/ direct fired/ electric heaters. Where to buy equipment is located below.

#1: Diesel/kerosene/jet fuel heaters for bed bugs…

These types of heaters are a great and portable choice to do bed bug heat treatments with. They can be extremely powerful and ready to operate with fuel in the tank and a 110volt plug-in for the fan to operate. In fact these are the type of heaters that we use at LLC Specialists Pest Control ourselves. They can be found in several different BTU's. From 100k-2million BTU's. Most bed bug heat treatment companies will use indirect fired diesel heaters. That means that all of the harmful pollutants are removed from the heat that is produced from the heater before it is ejected out into the ducting that is stretched through a window or door into the area being heated for bed bugs. Kerosene and jet fuel are just two other fuels that can be used in the heater. Diesel fuel is just the least expensive of all of them. These types of heaters work just the same on all fuels though. The heaters will remain outside during the bed bug heat treatment service.

Indirect fired bed bug heater pictured.
Indirect fired diesel/kerosene/jet fuel bed bug heater pictured. Picture courtesy of Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control .

#2: Electric heaters for bed bugs…

Electric heaters are another very portable choice but lack in the power field. These type of heaters will take much longer to reach kill temps giving bed bugs more time to run and hide in areas outside of the heaters reach. We do not recommend these types of heaters as a stand alone for a treatment. Although in some cases they are very useful. In some cases and for some heaters a generator is required to power the heater making this an even more expensive equipment choice in the long run. The heaters will remain inside during the heat .

Warning: Any electric heater that is 60k btu or less will likely not be powerful enough to reach your desired temperature. Unless your doing a small room less than 100 square feet it will not work in most cases. Especially rooms full of furniture and belongings. Do not waste your money to find this out yourself when purchasing heat remediation equipment. A small electric heater is a good add on to large areas when using indirect fired or direct fired heaters, but not as a stand alone.

Electric bed bug heater pictured. Courtesy Dead Bug Walkin LLC Heater Rental Department.
Electric bed bug heater pictured. Courtesy Dead Bug Walkin LLC Heater Rental Department.

#3: Propane/natural gas heaters for bed bugs…

Propane or natural gas heaters are another great portable choice but will need multiple propane holding tanks to keep the lines and tanks from freezing up during operation for anything over 100k BTU's. Normally 2-3 tanks are required but it depends on the size of the BTU's being used that matters relating to tank sizes needed. These types of heaters are normally direct fired but can be indirect fired. Direct fired means that no pollutants are removed from the heat pushed into the conduit run through a window or door from the heaters output. Fresh air must be supplied with this type of heat treatment for bed bugs as to not cause CO2 poisoning in the home. Without fresh air circulating through the heater the air can become damp causing condensation build up. These can be extremely powerful when properly run and very useful for experienced individuals but harder to understand for novices. Although I guess you can't say any part of any bed bug treatment is ever easy even when experience pest management professionals are involved.

Direct fired propane/natural gas bed bug heater pictured.​ Pic courtesy of
Direct fired propane/natural gas bed bug heater pictured. Pic courtesy of "Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control".

It'll take more than just a heater to kill bed bugs…

In a twisted way, "what heater will kill bed bugs", is sort of a trick question because in order to kill bed bugs with just one heater the space would have to be extremely small. Smaller than one bedroom! More or less the size of a small closet and if that area the size of a small closet has too many items inside of it, or more than 4 corners, the heat treatment for bed bugs may not work.

You see the hot air produced by any type of heater isn't enough to kill bed bugs entirely in larger spaces. Even if the hot air has worked its way seemingly across the room there will still be cold spots throughout the space, such as around corners, in closets or in bathrooms. High temperature protected fans are required to circulate the heat throughout the room and push it into cracks, crevices, plus all the furniture. Including couches and chairs with all their fabric plumpness. Directing the heated air into and around things is essential for success with heat remediation. It's extremely hard to kill every bed bug and their eggs with just a heater alone, so a combination of a heater and high temp fans is always necessary.

What heaters do pro’s use to kill bed bugs?, What heaters do pro's use to kill bed bugs?
High temperature bed bug heat treatment fans pictured.

Where can you find heaters to purchase online?…

Use the links below to purchase your bed bug heating equipment from reputable distributors. The links are in order from most trusted and used by our own bed bug heat specialists.

1. Thermal Flow Technologies

2. Green Tech Heat

3. Convectex

4. Eco Force Heat Systems

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