Top 5 FAQs About Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services

We use services and heat bed bug treatment services combined together. In the article below you will find 5 of the most repeatedly asked questions about our heat bed bug treatment services. If you’d like to read more frequently asked questions about LLC heat treatment services for bed bugs, you can find them by clicking here👈.

What type of do we service with?…

Question: When we service with a heat treatment what type of heat treatment do we use?

Answer: LLC uses remediation to kill all and their eggs in one appointment. is when a structures entire interior is heated to a kill temp between the temperatures of 125-150 degrees F. We do not perform steam heat treatments! Steam heat treatments can take 2-4 treatments or appointments to eliminate bed bugs. We are a one and done heat for family business mostly, but we also specialize in only bed bug treatments too.

Bed bug heat remediation service inside view. Location Oklahoma.
remediation service inside view. Location Oklahoma.

How long do our bed bug treatments take to complete?…

Question: How long will it take for us to complete our bed bug treatment for you?

Answer: Our heat remediation treatments will normally take 6-8 hours to complete an entire home, then there will be a 2-3 hour dry and cool down time. Each bed bug infestation will be somewhat different, so your homes time it takes to complete a treatment could be different than what the times are above. Most of the time 6-8 hours is correct though. Chemical bed bug treatment completion times for us are even shorter. We usually will take 2 to 4 hours to complete a chemical only bed bug treatment. Then their will be a 2-4 hour dry time as well.

Does heat for cause runners?…

Question: Does cause runners?

Answer: Yes heat above 90 degrees can cause to try to run for safety. The good news is that our reaches a kill temp of 150 degrees in an average of about 2 minutes. Other companies providing heat remediation for bed bugs can take hours to reach just 122 degrees. We use indirect fired diesel heaters that stay outside of the home and we duct the heat in through windows or doors. It’s crucial that enough BTU’s and fans to circulate the heat are sufficient. We use about 6-8 fans in just one room plus the heat is ducted in at about 3000 CFM’s.

What type of heaters do we use for our treatment?…

Question: What kind of heaters do we use?

Answer: We use indirect fired diesel heaters that remain outside and the heat is ducted inside through windows and doors. Our heaters allow us to be up to 150 degrees temperatures in an average of about 2-5 minutes. Getting to a quick kill temp for bed bugs is essential so there are no runners.

Bed bug heat treatment service outside view of heaters being used. Location Oklahoma.
service outside view of heaters being used. Location Oklahoma.

What if I do not want my whole home treated?…

Question: What if I don’t want my whole home to be treated?

Answer: That’s okay! We can do rooms on an individual basis. Example- You only have in your master bedroom and your living room. We can treat only those two infested rooms. This unfortunately doesn’t come with a warranty unless we can add a non repellent chemical treatment to the remaining parts of the home that are not currently infested. This is called a custom with us.

Will the heat treatment kill other insects besides bed bugs?…

Question: Will a heat treatment kill other insects too?

Answer: Yes. Our also kills all other insects as well. German roach infestations are reduced dramatically in areas treated for bed bugs. Most German roach infestations normally only require one or two more treatments or appointments to eliminate the roaches completely, after a treatment for has been done.

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