Q/A: Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services

bed bug services 👉 This page was formed specifically to answer any questions our clients or potential clients may have about Dead Bug Walkin LLC’s bed bug services. This page has questions and answers, you may want to know, added to it on a regular basis. If your unable to find your question on this please feel free to call or text message us at 918-710-7529 and ask away!

How long do our bed bug treatments take to complete?…

Question: How long will it take for us to complete our bed bug treatment for you?

Answer: Our heat remediation treatments will normally take 6-8 hours to complete an entire home, then there will be a 2-3 hour dry and cool down time. Each bed bug infestation will be somewhat different, so your homes time it takes to complete a treatment could be different than what the times are above. Most of the time 6-8 hours is correct though. Our heat treatments only take one appointment or day to completely eliminate your bed bug infestation. Chemical only bed bug treatment completion times for us are even shorter. We usually will take 2 to 4 hours to complete a chemical only bed bug treatment. Then their will be a 2 to 4 hour dry time as well. Chemical only bed bug treatments may take more than one appointment or trips to completely eliminate your bed bugs and their eggs. Normally chemical only treatments usually need about 2-3 appointments or trips total to rid your home or business of all bed bug activity.

What type of heaters do we use for our bed bug heat treatment?…

Question: What kind of heaters do we use?

Answer: We use indirect fired diesel heaters that remain outside and the heat is ducted inside through windows and doors. Our heaters allow us to be up to 150 degrees temperatures in an average of about 2-5 minutes. Getting to a quick kill temp for bed bugs is essential so there are no runners.

Bed bug heat treatment service outside view of heaters being used.
Bed bug heat treatment://bedbugheatspecialist.com/bed-bug-control-heat-vs-chemicals/">heat treatment service outside view of heaters being used.

Do I pay for return trips if needed?…

Question: Will I have to pay for any return trips after my initial bed bug heat and chemical treatment?

Answer: When we are service an entire home it comes with a warranty that covers any return trips for free. The only time a home does not come with a warranty is when the service consists of individual rooms only. Yes we service rooms all by themselves at much cheaper rates than whole homes, but the infestation must be newer and not spread to more than 3 areas of your home for this to be an option you’d want to use.

When is payment due?…

Question: When will payment for my services be due?

Answer: Due to unscrupulous individuals who have tried to get out of paying once services were completed, your payment is due upon our arrival for the services before we even start. We are a completely transparent company. We do not hide things from our clients and we expect the same from you.

How do I get a warranty?…

Question: How do I get a warranty with my bed bug treatment?

Answer: When we service an entire home it comes with a free 90 day warranty that can be extended every 90 days for up to 1 year from the day of the treatment. We do not give warranties unless an entire home is being treated. Our two services that that come with the free 90 day warranty are our “whole home heat and chemical bed bug treatments” and our “custom bed bug heat treatments”.

How long are our bed bug heat treatment warranties for?…

Question: How long are our warranties?

Answer: 90 days. The warranty can be extended every 90 days for up to 1 year from the time of the initial treatment.

How can I lose my warranty?…

Question: How can I lose my warranty for my bed bug treatment?

Answer: The only way to lose your warranty is by abusing our employees repeatedly or refusing to follow our protocol repeatedly. It’s incredibly hard for you to lose a warranty with us. We will always try to work things out to keep our customers happy when possible. That being said, we do not put up with lies, craziness or attempted extortion. We’ve actually never had to revoke a warranty from a customer before. We always go above and beyond for our clients and most people notice that.

Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control

What if I don’t want a warranty?…

Question: Do I have to have a warranty if I do not want or need one?

Answer: No. Our warranty is free when the whole home is being services with heat. If you do not wish to have a free warranty then that’s okay. We would adjust the price to be lower since any return trips would not be needed.

What if I do not want my whole home treated?…

Question: What if I don’t want my whole home to be treated?

Answer: That’s okay! We can do rooms on an individual basis. Example- You only have bed bugs in your master bedroom and your living room. We can treat only those two infested rooms. This unfortunately doesn’t come with a warranty unless we can add a non repellent chemical treatment to the remaining parts of the home that are not currently infested. This is called a custom bed bug heat treatment with us.

Will the heat treatment kill other insects besides bed bugs?…

Question: Will a heat treatment kill other insects too?

Answer: Yes. Our chemical also kills all other insects as well. German roach infestations are reduced dramatically in areas treated for bed bugs. Most German roach infestations normally only require one or two more treatments or appointments to eliminate the roaches completely, after a heat remediation treatment for bed bugs has been done.

What can I do myself to combat bed bugs before my bed bug treatment?…

Question: What can I personally do myself to limit bed bugs before my treatment?

Answer: There many things you can do for bed bugs but only a couple of things that we’d actually recommend to you.

-Vacuuming is something that literally cuts infestations in half or more. You can vacuum.

– Half rubbing alcohol and half water mixed up in a spray bottle. Use this to spray bed bugs and their eggs to kill them within 30-60 seconds. Only spray the bed bugs and eggs themselves though. You will be wasting your time in areas without bed bugs since this spray doesn’t have a residual left behind once it’s dry. This spray only works when wet. DO NOT use any type of chemical for bed bugs yourself that can be bought in brick and mortar stores like Walmart or Home Depot! These types of chemicals are repellents and the bed bugs are already resistant to the chemicals active ingredients.

Does heat for bed bugs cause runners?…

Question: Does bed bug heat cause runners?

Answer: Yes heat above 90 degrees can cause bed bugs to try to run for safety. The good news is that our heat remediation reaches a kill temp of 150 degrees in an average of about 2 minutes. Other companies providing heat remediation for bed bugs can take hours to reach just 122 degrees. We use indirect fired diesel heaters that stay outside of the home and we duct the heat in through windows or doors. It’s crucial that enough BTU’s and fans to circulate the heat are sufficient. We use about 6-8 fans in just one room plus the heat is ducted in at about 3000 CFM’s.

Why remove cloths and other fabrics like bedding?…

Question: Why do you have to prep and remove fabrics throughout your home?

Answer: Fabrics can cause cold spots that would allow bed bugs to survive the heat treatment. Also it is illegal to let clients leave their clothes, bedding and other fabrics inside of the areas being chemically treated. The reason being is that chemicals cannot get onto things you wear, sit on or sleep with. Where do chemicals say this at? It’s located within the label. Always follow chemical insecticide labels. Every chemical insecticide has labels that tell you how to safely apply the insecticide and follow the law, because it is the law.

Why remove some hard items for a bed bug heat treatment?…

Question: Why do some hard items or personal items need to be removed for a bed bug heat treatment?

Answer: If personal items can melt, explode, catch fire or be damaged they will need to be prepped and removed from the premises for those reasons. We have a prep list for you to follow plus we teach you how to do the prep during our initial inspection. Some hard items that could cause cold spots may need to be prepped as well.

Are batteries safe during a heat treatment for bed bugs?…

Question: Are batteries okay to go through a heat treatment?

Answer: It depends on the battery. Smaller batteries up to the size (E) seem to be okay during a heat treatment. Anything larger than size (E) may be damaged. We’ve never actually had damage to a battery happen though.

What type of bed bug heat treatment do we service with?…

Question: When we service with a heat treatment what type of heat treatment do we use?

Answer: Dead Bug Walkin LLC uses remediation to kill all bed bugs and their eggs in one appointment. Heat remediation is when a structures entire interior is heated to a kill temp between the temperatures of 125-150 degrees F. We do not perform steam heat treatments! Steam heat treatments can take 2-4 treatments or appointments to eliminate bed bugs. We are a one and done pest control heat for bed bugs family business mostly, but we also specialize in chemical only bed bug treatments too.

Do we require or use bed bug covers for mattresses & box springs?…

Question: Do we put on for you or require you to purchase bed bug covers?

Answer: No we do not normally require bed bug covers for mattresses or box springs. If you have bed bug covers you’d like to use, let us know so we can add a safe protective chemical spray to the edges of it for you. We do recommend that bed bug covers be put onto box springs before you would add a cover to a mattress. Bed bugs are more likely to be on the bottom, front and sides of box springs 1st, rather than mattresses. Bed bug covers can rip and tear pretty easily. They are meant to keep bed bugs inside of it or out of it only. They do not kill bed bugs themselves unless we add a chemical to them. The best thing that we’ve found they are actually good for is detecting new bed bug activity after a bed bug treatment, since they are brand new and white. Any black excrement (poop) marks or blood spots on the cover will tell you if bed bugs are still present. The covers can be put into mattresses or box springs even when live bed bugs are on it. That’s actually why it was made to encompass an infestation inside a sealed containment system before they have a chance to spread.

Should I see any bed bugs after a heat treatment?…

Question: Will I see any bed bugs after a heat treatment?

Answer: No not with a heat remediation treatment. We inspect once we finish our bed bug heat treatment service to make sure all bed bugs and their eggs are dead. If bed bugs are found after a heat treatment it will be because they were brought back inside. That’s okay though, because we will have applied a protective chemical to all of your furniture items and your homes structure. It will kill any bed bugs brought back inside and if not, we come back for free. No arguing with you about why it’s your fault or not our fault that they are back. We do not argue or make you feel stupid. We understand that life can get in the way and mistakes can happen. We just get it all done again for you. Easy peasy!

How quickly can we get to your bed bug treatment(s)?…

Question: How long will it be before we can service your home from the time it’s scheduled?

Answer: Inspections are mandatory before a bed bug treatment can be scheduled with us. We do not service clients without knowing what we are going into 1st and a plan is assembled. The wait times once an appointment is made for our inspection are normally fairly quick. Around 1-3 days wait time is all it takes for us to be able to do the inspection for you. The actual bed bug treatment itself wait time to get the service will normally only be as long as it takes you to do the required prep work. Some clients will take only one day to prep their items in their home and others will need one week or more to prep. If we had to give an average for the wait times of our clients, it would be around 5-6 days from inspection to treatment, because that’s normally how long it takes for them to finish the required prep work. We will always do our best to get to your family as quickly as possible.

Can oil paintings, art works and photos be damaged by bed bug heat?…

Question: Can a bed bug heat remediation treatment damage oil paintings, art work and pictures?

Oil paintings are heat sensitive. Dbw

Oil paintings are heat sensitive.

Answer: Most definitely yes. Painting’s are a delicate subject. They can be damaged by prolonged temperatures of just over 80 degrees let alone temperatures between 125-150 degrees. It’s not damage that can be normally be seen right away most times. It’s damage that will show up down the line. The most noticeable damage would appear on oil paintings as cracks in the paint that was used. It’s best for these items to be removed and placed inside of a large trash bag with a “Hot Shot No Pest Strip”, then sealed off air tight. Any items that you are afraid may be damaged by the heat treatment can be done this way. Other art works containing paints can be assumed to have the same tendencies to be damaged by heat. Art works containing glues will melt. Anything containing glue without tac nails or staples will melt and possibly fall apart. This is particularly the case for cheap picture frames. They tend to make an even bigger mess if they contain glass and if they are left hanging on the wall to fall after the glue melts. Photos-archive/”>Photos that are developed cannot be left to go through a heat treatment unless there is something holding it completely flat. This refers to the picture being behind glass, plastic or in a book, not just something sitting on top of the photo. If it’s not completely behind something the uncovered parts will shrivel up and curl. When our clients have their pictures of their kids or grand kids hanging on the wall and they are behind glass or plastic, we’ve never had damage occur to the photos.

Developed photos like this need removed for a bed bug heat treatment.

Developed photos like this need removed for a bed bug heat treatment.

What other items are sensitive to bed bug heat remediation?…

Question: What other items could possibly be damaged by a heat treatment for bed bugs?

Answer: Many items can be damaged by heat, if the company or supposed professional are inexperienced. The list below is things that definitely need to be removed and prepped before a bed bug heat treatment service can be performed.

  • One‐of‐a‐kind items such as heirlooms and other higher value items which are not replaceable should be removed from the rooms being heat treated.
  • Potted Plants
  • Plastic Window Blinds
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Chocolates
  • Carbonated Beverages
  • Wines / Liquors
  • Candles / Crayons
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicines / Vitamins
  • Vinyl Records / CD’s / DVD / Tapes
  • Oxygen Tank
  • Aerosol Tanks
  • Aerosol Cans (cooking, cleaning or repair & beauty)
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Lighters and other combustible items
  • Musical Instruments
  • Oil Paintings & Other Artwork
  • Ammunition & Guns
  • Bows & Arrows
  • Paint Cans
  • Flat Screen TV’s or Monitors
  • Shoes (glue)
  • Items being held together by glue only

If you’d like to see all the things that will need to be done before our heat bed bug treatment service go to 👉 What to do before a bed bug heat treatment .

For all things needing removed for a chemical only bed bug treatment go to 👉 What Things To Remove For A Chemical Only Bed Bug Treatment.

Is there such a thing as a prepless bed bug treatment?…

Question: Is there such a thing as a bed bug treatment or heat bed bug treatment that does not require any items inside of my home to be removed or prepped?

Answer: There is no such thing as a bed bug treatment that does not require any preperations what so ever, unless the structure being treated is completely empty. If a company or individual conveys to you that they do not require prep for their bed bug treatment, they may be inexperienced or possibly just lying to you to get there sale. Even with a heat remediation only bed bug treatment fabrics should be removed at the very least from all drawers to allow the hot air to circulate through all areas. We do not condone heat only treatments for bed bugs. We suggest that a non-repellent chemical always be used to protect your family from reinfestation every 3 months. We have a free 90 day warranty that comes with our heat and chemical bed bug treatments and you can extend the warranty every 90 days for up to one year from your initial treatment day. All we have to do to extend your warranty another 90 days is apply the same non-repellent chemical that we applied for the initial treatment, again. Removing certain items and fabrics is essential to success for a bed bug treatment of any kind and the law requires facbrics to be removed from an area being treated when chemicals are used.

Contact Info…

If your have any questions or would like to talk with one of our bed bug specialists feel free to dial the number below.

Call or text message: 918-710-7529

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