Why Do Bed Bugs Bite In Groups, Lines Or Circles On Your Body?

Many articles exist on the internet about and why they do the things they do. Just because a person writes about bed bugs though doesn't give them experience to actually know what they are talking about. Most articles on the internet are literally just something that most writers have read and actually never experienced themselves. LLC Specialists Pest Control does not write about such things if our expertise does not cover the subject. The good thing is that we are extremely well versed and educated on subjects relating to bed bugs and exterminating bed bugs. Today we are going to talk about why bed bugs tend to leave bite marks in circles, lines or groups on your body.

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What's With All The Bed Bug Bites Close Together?…

If you've ever been bitten more than once by bed bugs then you already know that their bites tend to be close together in some form or fashion. Have you ever wondered why bed bugs tend to leave bite marks in groups, lines or circles though? 1st we need to explain some things about bed bug biology and their behavior before you can understand why they do what they do.

Hierarchy, Pheromones & Facts, Oh My…

Bed bugs have social hierarchy standards in their groups. They tend to have adult females as leaders. It's usually entire generations of a family of bed bugs that congregate tightly in close to each other when hiding in groups that look somewhat look like nests. Bed bugs tend to pile on top of each other all while pooping, laying tons of eggs, shedding their skins and mating like rabbits in the same place. The places they hide in for more than around one month become crusty with feces, eggs and shed skins. Female bed bugs can lay about 1-5 eggs a day at 70 degrees F & 5-10 eggs at 86 degrees F whether they are feeding regularly or not. Most will lay more around 2-4 eggs a day in a normal home that maintains a temperature of 70 degrees or lower regularly. Bed bugs use pheromones much like ants do, to locate each other and establish their designated safe roads or trails to follow. Speaking of pheromones this brings us back to our original question of why bed bugs leave bites in groups, lines or circles.

What Do Pheromones Have To Do With Circles, Lines Or Groups?…

All bed bugs excrete pheromones just like humans. Although bed bugs have obtained the ability for being able to locate those actual pheromones left behind by other bed bugs. Now you might be asking yourself. What does that have to do with circles, lines and groups if bed bug bites? Remember when we said that adult females tend to be the leaders in the family nest. Well, adult females will leave a pheromone trail for all the others in the nest that need to feed to follow that is safe for them. The female leader will literally lay down an invisible trail on your body, clothing, sheets, blankets, bed and finally back to the nest where they hide. She'll go first then the rest will follow. Not all bed bugs in the nest will feed at the same time. They normally feed every 3-5 days but it depends on whether they were able to get their fill or not during their last meal from you. The younger bed bugs following the female leader will stay directly only on the trail, never venturing off it, when feeding. That's how you end up with lines, circles and groups of bed bug bites. Sure there can be a single bed bug biting you multiple times, if interrupted while it's feeding. Most groupings of bed bug bites will be from a number of different bed bugs all feeding at the same time from you or at least in close duration of each other.

One female adult bed bug and her 6 eggs hide on the bottom of a chair at our clients home in Skiatook Oklahom
One female adult bed bug and her 6 eggs hide on the bottom of a chair at our clients home in Skiatook Oklahoma.

Stranger Danger Pheromones

Bed bugs also have pheromones that tell each other to run for their lives and hide. It's actually the pheromone from bed bugs that we are able to smell ourselves. It's smells somewhat like crayons to our bed bug heat treatment specialists when they are in the field servicing our customers homes and businesses. In larger infestations of bed bugs the smell of danger pheromones will be more prevalent than in smaller infestations. They tend to excrete this bed bug pheromone when threatened. It can be something as simple as you changing your sheets on your bed that can cause them to use the pheromone.

Why Do Some People Seem To Not Get Bed Bug Bites…

Ever wonder why some people tend to never get bed bug bites but your getting ate up? Well the good news is that these people are not special like they have most definitely tried to tell you. All people are hosts for bed bugs. It does not matter who you are. If you have blood bed bugs will feed from your body. The thing that makes these people different from others isn't that they are impervious to bed bug. It's that they are simply not allergic to an anticoagulant that bed bugs inject into you while feeding. Everyone gets but the same amount by bed bugs. It's just that some people are allergic to the anti coagulant bed bugs inject into us and others are not.


Bed bugs have adult females as leaders. The female adult bed bug will lead other young bed bugs, usually family members, across whatever terrain it takes to get to you. Usually it is no more than 10 feet or less from their hiding place to you, (the host). Think of bed bugs like water, just like water they will usually take the path of least resistance. The female bed bug leading the younger bed bugs will leave a pheromone path for the others to follow. To them this pheromone path means safety as long as they stay near it. Since the bed bugs stay normally near the path laid by the adult female when feeding, their bites can seem to be in lines, circles and groups. Not all people will have swelling from bed bug bites. In fact 50% of the worlds population are not allergic to the anticoagulant they inject into us to keep our blood flowing out. The anticoagulant is what causes people to itch and swell on bites and around the edges of the bites. This will be the case with any insects that feed on blood from us. Now you can call out those people in your life who claim that mosquitos, bed bugs and fleas do not bite them. They get bitten just as much you or the next guy does.

Contact Info…

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