What If A Bed Bug Bites Me?

are definitely not fun to have, but they rarely are able to transmit diseases. This article will explain how you should handle the situation, if you or your family members, have been bitten by bed bugs. Do not attempt to remedy a bed bug infestation situation anymore than vacuuming until speaking with a professional that actually knows what they are doing. Doing anymore than vacuuming up bed bugs will cause spreading issues. This makes it harder to eliminate your bed bugs quickly and can increase the cost of services required.

Bed bug on a sofa at our clients home Broken Arrow OK.
Bed bug on a sofa at our clients home Broken Arrow OK.

How they find us…

Bed bugs are not only nocturnal and feed while a person sleeps but they can feed at anytime. They are attracted to the sleeping or sitting person's body heat and the carbon dioxide the person exhales while breathing. Bed bugs also can detect body odors just like they can sense where repellents chemical insecticides have been applied.
The bed bug bites…The sleeping person rarely wakes while being bitten and a person watching tv or not paying attention rarely notices getting fed on by bed bugs. Some people never show a physical reaction to bites on their skin, while others develop a rash or swelling as a result of bites. Some people who have been bitten frequently will become sensitized and stop having reactions.

Large bed bug nest at our clients home in Tulsa OK.
Large bed bug nest at our clients home in Tulsa OK.

Really, their poop too…

The fecal droppings that the bed bug leaves from a blood meal may cause an allergic reaction in some people although this is more rare to see. We've actually never seen a reaction to bed bug feces or poop from a human, ourselves.
Treating bed bug bites…If you or your family members are bitten by bed bugs the best thing to do for it is to apply Benadryl anti itch cream to the bites themselves. This will give relief from the itching that the anti coagulant bed bugs inject into you while feeding causes.

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What next…

Call a bed bug specialist or a local pest control company that handles bed bugs on a regular basis. They will be able to help you best. Do not go with a large company for bed bug treatments in most cases. Large companies will only send a technician to your home for the actual treatment service. You do not just want someone that can show up quickly just because your already on their route and they regularly do general pest control in your neighborhood. That's who you get with large corporate companies and even some medium sized pest control conglomerates can be this way too. If you want your to work it's best to go with an individual pest management professional or company that focuses on bed bugs daily. A technician that does 4 or 5 treatments for bed bugs a month isn't going to have the experience your needing. Our bed bug specialists focus on bed bugs every single day of the year. Even on our days off we're still involved with bed bugs eventually at some point in the day. When you call us you'll immediately get a specialist for bed bugs to answer your questions because our specialists answer our phone calls too. We like to be able to answer any questions you'd ask right away.


Do not attempt to take on your infestation yourself. It will cause the bed bugs to spread throughout your home and onto even more of your personal belongings. It's best to leave bed bugs to the pros.

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