Are Prepless Bed Bug Treatments Real?

In this article we have written about whether or not preparation is needed, if it's required by law and why the prep would be needed or not to eliminate . Not all pest control companies that service for bed bugs are created equal. Speak with your pest control company to be sure what their procedures for preparing for a service are. If you have any questions feel free to ask us anytime, even if your not our client.


Is there such a thing as a bed bug treatment or heat bed bug treatment that does not require any items inside of my home to be removed.


There is no such thing as a bed bug treatment that requires no preperations by the property owner before the actual treatment itself can be done. Actually let me put that into even better terms, there is no such thing as a bed bug treatment, "that works", and doesn't require any prep work what so ever.

Beds are completely stripped of sheets and the mattress is separated from the box springs for best results.
Beds are completely stripped of sheets and the mattress is separated from the box springs for best results.

Fabrics Need Removed…

The biggest reason for fabrics to be removed from a structure being treated for bed bugs is, "it's the law". All pesticides have a label, on that label is directions that must be followed in order for the persons in the place being serviced to be safe. Fabrics inside of rooms being treated with chemical must be removed because all insecticide labels state that it is the law and must be followed for yours and others safety.

Chemicals and Fabrics…

Bedding, clothes, towels, etc. need to be put inside of large trash bags and sealed off until the contents in the trashbag can be put into a dryer 1st on high heat for no less than 1 hour. The dryer will kill any bed bugs or eggs on the fabrics for you easily. The reason you must put fabrics into the dryer is because if chemical insecticide gets onto your bedding, clothes or towels that would be illegal. Chemical insecticide is not allowed to be put onto these things because your skin comes into direct contact with these items for long periods of time. Even if the items are not sprayed directly they will still get a drift or mist of the insecticide that will fall onto the items. Chemical insecticides can only be applied to areas where humans or pets will not come into direct contact with the applied chemicals residual for any longer than seconds. It's not that chemicals would cause immediate harm to people or pets, but that repeated exposure over long periods of time can harm your central nervous system. Causing health problems down the line. When a reputable company such as LLC applies insecticides for bed bugs, theres no risk involved for the occupant because all necessary steps have been followed to protect clients. It's when inexperienced individuals or home owners themselves improperly apply chemicals to areas and things that shouldn't be sprayed, that a person can be in danger.

Bed bugs and eggs on a dollar bill. They can be anywhere and on anything.
Bed bugs and eggs on a dollar bill. They can be anywhere and on anything.

Heat and Fabrics…

A reason fabrics must be removed from a room being heat treated for bed bugs is that the cloths can cause cold spots. Cold spots in a treatment can allow bed bugs to survive during the heat treatment. This is the case for fabrics in the room whether it's clothes in drawers, bedding on beds or just clothes strung about all over the place and floor. Bed bug covers are to be left on mattresses or box springs though. Heat remediation can soak through bed bug covers. Plus we apply a chemical residual to the bed bug covers for your protection after the treatment has been completed. We only use our non-repellent chemicals to protect your family for after your treatment has been completed. We use heat remediation to actually kill every bed bug and their eggs, not chemicals. Our chemicals are for your protection only assuming your getting a heat and chemical bed bug treatment together. Of course if your getting a chemical only bed bug treatment, no heat would be used and we would be using our chemical to kill the bed bugs and it still protects your home afterwards for up to 3 months. Heat remediation only bed bug treatments will not have any kind of protection after the treatment has been completed. It is very important to have a non-repellent chemical applied to at least your beds, couches and chairs. After a completed bed bug treatment is when you are at the biggest risk fort reinfestation. Bed bugs do not just remain in certain spots. They will travel with you in your car, to your relatives or friends, work and so many other places that you have no idea about, at least yet. Friends, relatives, clients and employees are the biggest reason bed bugs reinfest homes or businesses most of the time. Bed bugs can come from anywhere in today's world though off we're being honest. Anywhere people sit or lay for any period of time will have the possibility to harbor bed bugs that could infest your home. There's no season for bed bugs. They are just always there no matter the weather outside. That's why they stay near us, because we keep it a nice 70 degrees year round inside of our dwellings.

Bed bugs congregating where the ceiling and wall meet @ our clients home in  Hominy OK.
Bed bugs congregating where the ceiling and wall meet @ our clients home in Hominy OK.

Hard Items and Heat…

Hard Items are any items inside of your home that cannot go through a dryer. Only certain hard items must be removed. Things like compressed spray cans (beauty & house hold), thin plastic or other things that may melt or oil paintings will be removed for a heat treatment.

Other heat sensitive items in your home…

  • Oil paintings, art works with glue holding it together and frameless photos
  • One‐of‐a‐kind items such as heirlooms and other higher value items which are not replaceable should be removed from the rooms being heat treated.
  • Potted Plants
  • Plastic Window Blinds
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Chocolates
  • Carbonated Beverages
  • Wines / Liquors
  • Candles / Crayons
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicines / Vitamins
  • Vinyl Records / CD's / DVD / Tapes
  • Oxygen Tank
  • Aerosol Tanks
  • Aerosol Cans (cooking, cleaning or repair & beauty)
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Lighters and other combustible items
  • Musical Instruments
  • Oil Paintings & Other Artwork
  • Ammunition & Guns
  • Bows & Arrows
  • Paint Cans
  • Flat Screen TV's or Monitors
  • Shoes (glue)
  • Items being held together by glue only

Hard Items and Chemicals…

Not all of hard items would have to be removed for a chemical only bed bug treatment though. The only reason you would need to remove hard items for a bed bug treatment with chemical only would be if the items were in the way and causing clutter. Clutter is the enemy of pest control for any type of pest.


There is no such thing as a bed bug treatment that does not require any preperations what so ever, unless the structure being treated is completely empty. If a company or individual conveys to you that they do not require prep for their bed bug treatment, they may be inexperienced or possibly just lying to you to get a sale. Even with heat remediation only bed bug treatments fabrics should be removed at the very least from all drawers to allow the hot air to circulate through all areas. We do not condone heat only treatments for bed bugs. We suggest that a non-repellent chemical always be used to protect your family from reinfestation every 3 months. We have a free 60 day warranty that comes with our heat and chemical bed bug treatments and you can extend the warranty every 60 days for up to one year from your initial treatment day. All we have to do to extend your warranty another 60 days is apply the same non-repellent chemical that we applied for the initial treatment, again. Removing certain items and fabrics is essential to success for a bed bug treatment of any kind and the law requires facbrics to be removed from an area being treated when chemicals are used.

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