Can Dogs and Cats spread Bed Bugs?

In this article we talk about whether it's possible for your pets like dogs, cats, gerbils, etc. to be fed upon by or spread .

Can animals spread or be fed upon by bed bugs? Dead Bug Walkin LLC .
The picture is of our family dog "Colbie"! She was always at our office willing to help out, as you can see. She past in December 2020 at the old age of 13.

Bed bugs prefer to feed on human blood only unlike fleas and ticks who feed on anything with blood that walks, crawls or slithers. Bed bugs were not made to move through fur and hair and this is most likely the biggest reason they prefer humans to animals as a host. Bed bugs will not normally seek out canine or other animal hosts because of this. Everything is dependent on the level of infestation or how many bed bugs there are in the home or area. If the blood sucker problem becomes out of control, it's possible that bed bugs may infiltrate a dog or cats bed along with your families beds, couches and chairs. "It becomes an overcrowding issue at this point. If there is no other place for them to go to then they will go to alternative food sources like cats, birds, dogs, gerbils, rats and other pets with blood. Bed bugs will always choose human hosts over pet hosts. We're the primary food source so if you find bed bugs in your dog's bed, that's the least of your problems. You've got a massive bed bug infestation in your hands! You yourself, your family or your friends have unfortunately brought bed bugs into your home. The bed bugs are hiding most likely in your bed, couches and chairs to start with, then they will move out from there as the infestation grows or you cause them to spread. You will need an inspection, then a treatment along with a non repellent chemical for protection after the heat treatment.

What makes bed bugs spread because of you?…

Simply changing the environment like moving furniture to a different area, extensive vacuuming or spraying repellents or likewise can cause spreading issues with bed bug infestations. Spraying a chemical insecticide that is a repellent is the number two reason bed bugs spread before their natural habits dictate they should. The number one reason for the spreading of bed bugs is you and the things you carry transporting bed bugs accidentally to different spots in your home. Bed bugs spread throughout homes naturally once the number of bed bugs exceeds the food source. Transporting the blood suckers from place to place almost always happens on items or fabrics your carrying with you, not your actual clothing or your body itself. This does not mean people ourselves cannot transport bed bugs, it just normally only happens in heavier bed bug infestations.

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