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Where are the pictures of bed bugs taken?…

We do bed bug heat treatment services. Bed bug inspections. Bed bug photos. Below you'll find numerous bed bug photos snapped by Dead Bug Walkin LLC's bed bug specialists while servicing our clients homes or businesses. All photos were taken either during a bed bug inspection or before our bed bug treatment/ bed bug heat treatment services.

Why are some bed bugs different colors?…

The color of blood (your blood) will determine the color of the bed bug as it grows. Blood with lots of the minerals like iron in it will cause bed bugs to be the color black. Red colored blood (your blood) will cause bed bugs to be mahogany colored. When bed bug instars (baby bed bugs) are 1st hatched they are completely transparent with a tent of light brownish color. They are so small (about the size of a grain of salt) that they are hard to see at this stage of life if you do not know what your looking for. Even our bed bug specialists sometimes need to cause them to move to be sure it's a baby bed bug. After a baby bed bug hatches it is already normally laid by the mother in a place that they will be able to eat a blood meal quickly. Their 1st blood meal can be from a human or other bed bugs excrement (poop). The instar (baby bed bug) will have a black dot form near their bottom and middle cavity of their body. This black dot is digesting blood. As the bed bug feeds more and more the black dot will grow bigger and bigger eventually turning the bed bug mahogany brown or a blackish tent. The black dot will always remain on bed bugs that are digesting blood, throughout their life span.

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Free bed bug heat treatment warranty

Free warranty (guarantee) comes with a whole home bed bug heat temperature treatment service. Warranty is honored even if you bring new bed bug activity back into your home or business. We are the only pest control company in the Tulsa OK & N.E. Oklahoma area that honors a bed bug treatment warranty after new activity is found. Playing the you brought new bed bugs back into your home card, is what alot of pest managment companies do to get out of having to honor their warranty with you. Dead Bug Walkin LLC (our company) does not care how the bed bug activity returned. We just take care of it again no questions asked.

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Call or text message 918-710-7529 with questions. Free quotes for bed bug treatments by phone.

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