Home Depot/ Walmart Bed Bug Sprays: Do They Work?

Bed bug sprays from Walmart/ Home Depot/ Lowes: Do they work?

In truth, many store-bought insecticides receive a lot of hype ramped up by advertisers looking to push products to make money regardless of whether they bad for use or not. Bed bugs are some of the hardest pests to kill, particularly when they are in the egg phase. While there are sprays that may work on adult , they do little to nothing to kill the eggs or even bed bugs not directly sprayed with the . Therefore, the eggs will hatch, missed bed bugs will avoid sprayed areas, and you will continue to live with bed bugs in your home.

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All types of Walmart/ Home Depot/ Lowe's bed bug sprays are bad!…

You may notice the option of using a direct spray or a fogger. Never use foggers for any infestation of bed bugs or even roaches for that fact! Foggers will cause more problems than you actually had to begin with. Foggers cause bed bugs to spread and most fogging ingredients do not work well to kill bed bugs once dry because bed bugs are already resistant to the active ingredient called a pyrethroid that's in almost every fogger or bomb. You will also discover that sprays come in different forms, which may include essential-oil based, repellent or most likely in todays world repellent mixed with a non-repellent. FYI: Repellent chemicals mixed with non-repellents are over ridden by the repellent. Meaning a repellent will snuff out a non-repellent making it detectable by bed bugs.

Repellent and non-repellent bed bug sprays from Walmart/ Home Depot…

What you need to look for is an insecticide that performs two jobs. The insecticide should on contact, yet leave a residue behind that will kill bed bugs that encounter it. The most important factor to choosing a chemical for bed bugs is whether it's repellent or non-repellent. Non-repellents only should be used for bed bugs because anything less would just tell the bed bug where the chemical has been sprayed and they avoid those areas or repellents could even cause bed bugs to scurry to different places to avoid the sprayed areas. Unfortunately, trial studies show that bed bugs have an aversion to repellent insecticide treated surfaces, meaning they are not likely to cross paths with any repellent residue, (dried chemical).

Bed bugs hiding next to bed bug eggs before being sprayed with a professional bed bug spray.

Not 100% effective bed bug sprays from Walmart/ Home Depot…

While the advertisements might claim 99% or even 100% effectiveness, the reality is much different. There are products that offer favorable results, but they do not provide you with 100% effectiveness, which is what you want and need. The goal is to eliminate bed bugs entirely. Even a few remaining stragglers can repopulate your home and cause a repeat infestation. Female adult bed bugs only have to mate once to be able to lay eggs for the rest of their lives. So in theory, you could have one female adult survive and you'd have, "bed bugs plural", again in weeks!

Professional bed bug treatmentspecialist is easier and smarter…

If you really want to cure a bed bug infestation, nothing beats a professional bed bug specialist. An inspection for bed bugs can detect the presence of exactly where they are and provide you the correct treatment needed to eliminate every bed bug of any age plus their tiny eggs. Although an expert may also use a chemical spray themselves, it is not the same as the foggers, bombers or sprays you purchase at Walmart/ Lowes/ Home Depot.

Bed bug pros use different bed bug sprays than you…

Instead, bed bug exterminators use a professional grade chemical or biological spray available to licensed professionals only. The spray eliminates bed bugs, most of which die within seconds to minutes. Those that do not die on contact expire shortly after applying. While purchasing your own spray may seem like a clever idea to save your money, it will not provide you with the immediate relief you need. Plus it could in most cases make things completely worse, which ends up costing you even more money. 99% of our clients that had used store bought chemicals for bed bugs from Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc. caused their infestation to spread throughout their home or business way more than normal. It may be that bed bugs have not spread throughout the entire home yet, but using store bought bed bug sprays will definitely cause them to spread to different areas they normally wouldn't hide in. Professional bed bug exterminators are the only ones who can deal with this problem permanently.

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