Do bed bug traps work?

provider LLC obtains ridiculous amounts of knowledge about on a regular basis while servicing our clients homes in Northeastern Oklahoma. We then pass that gained knowledge about onto you and your family or employees. are all that we perform, day in and day out. Our bed bug specialists have 20 times the experience over other companies technicians. There is a huge difference between a technician and a bed bug specialist servicing for bed bugs. Bed bug specialists service for bed bugs alone. Pest control technicians service for general pests and rarely do bed bug treatments, giving them little experience in the field of eliminating bed bugs completely. Technicians especially have little experience in destroying bed bug infestations in just one appointment, like we do. Having access to educational material relating to any issue at hand is vital for success. No matter what the field or topic may be. The educational literature we will be discussing today is, “Do bed bug traps work?”.

Bed bug trap with lure. Dead Bug Walkin LLC. Oklahoma.
Bed bug trap with lure. LLC. Oklahoma.

About bed bug traps…

Many pest control companies use traps for bed bug control. The problem though is that most of the companies using these products know that they do not work well for much more than detection. Their reason for using them is more likely related to revenue than actual product need. Even only using them for detection is an extremely unreliable approach to bed bugs. A regularly scheduled inspection for would be a better way to learn if bed bug activity is present. Bed bug traps do work somewhat for what they are designed to do, it’s just that there are many more ways for bed bugs to get onto your bed, couches or chairs where you are and miss the traps completely. Crawling up furniture legs isn’t even how most bed bugs get onto couches, chairs and beds. They will normally try to catch a ride on something you are carrying that you sit near them. The bed bug will then crawl onto the item and let you transport them to a different area. If that area seems suitable to them, for regular meals, they will exit off the item you were carrying to infest the new area. This is only one if the ways bed bugs sneak onto our furniture that we lay or sit on to feed from us.

Bed bug glue trap. Dead Bug Walkin LLC. Oklahoma.
Bed bug glue trap. LLC. Oklahoma.

We all do this…

Think about it, how many times have you laid down, clothes, blankets, towels or even just household items, onto your couch or bed without even thinking about the possibility of being present. We are all guilty of this at one point or another. Transporting of bed bugs from one place to another is the major way that bed bugs get around. This does not mean that bed bugs do not crawl themselves wherever they need to go. It just means that bed bugs are smarter than most people think they are. Bed bugs have many ways to get close to you all while remaining hidden. Bed bugs can crawl about 100 ft in 24 hours at their normal leisurely pace.

Bed bug glue trap. Dead Bug Walkin LLC. Oklahoma.
Bed bug glue trap. LLC. Oklahoma.


Bed bug traps should only be used as an add on to any type of bed bug control. Never use traps for as a stand alone product for bed bug activity. Really any product for bed bugs is not meant to stand alone as the only source of protection or detection of bed bugs. Always do research on products for bed bugs prior to using them. There are many for bed bugs products that will actually make matters and expenses worse for you. A great example of this is any chemical spray you can buy from any local store. All chemical insecticides from most local stores will be repellents and pyrethroids. These chemicals cause to spread to other areas of your home and they are actually resistant to this type of insecticide. Resistance means that the bed bugs will not die right away or maybe even at all from the chemical spray. Once the chemical residual has dried it’s completely useless and will not affect the bed bugs that walk on it what so ever.

Bed bug glue trap. Dead Bug Walkin LLC. Oklahoma.
Bed bug glue trap. LLC. Oklahoma.

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