What Do Bed Bug Danger Pheromones Smell Like?

Have you ever handled or even squished a bed bug then your hand and the bed bug itself smelt funny? Well if you have, you weren't just imagining it. give off a pheromone that communicates with other bed bugs through chemicals in the air. Learn more about it in the article below.

Bed bug giving off danger pheromone.
Bed bug giving off danger pheromone.

What a bed bug danger pheromone smell means…

Bed bugs have glands that produce pheromones that tell each other to run for their lives and hide when faced with possible danger. It's actually the only pheromone from bed bugs that we are able to detect with just our noses, as humans.

What do bed bug danger pheromone smell like?…

It's smells somewhat like crayons or coriander the flower and even new particle board to our bed bug heat treatment specialists when they are in the field servicing our customers homes and businesses. It's a musty or sometimes even sweet odor. In larger infestations of bed bugs the smell of danger pheromones will be more prevalent than in smaller infestations, if there's a smell at all. They tend to excrete this bed bug pheromone when they feel threatened or bothered. It can be something as simple as you changing your sheets on your bed that can cause them to use the pheromone. Simply put it just tells all the other bed bugs near to run for the hills and hide, "metaphorically". Most will just stay put and not go out into the open though.

Bed bug giving off danger pheromone.

Can humans smell the danger pheromone without squishing a bed bug?

Yes, in very large infestations you can normally smell the musty odor similar to the scent of brand new particle board. At least to us the odor resembles particle boards smell. The truth is that people will smell the danger pheromone differently. Some people have a better sniffer than others and some won't smell anything at all.


Do Not Attempt to Exterminate Bed Bugs Without Real Professional Help! You can cause your bed bug infestation to spread everywhere throughout your home or business, with even the best of intentions.

Contact our Oklahoma bed bug specialists immediately…

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Bed Bug Danger Pheromones Smell Like, What Do Bed Bug Danger Pheromones Smell Like?

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