Why Are Bed Bugs Everywhere Now?

  • Common name: Bed Bug
  • Scientific family: Cimex Lectularius Linnaeus

Why are so rampant in 2023?

Adult bed bug. Oklahoma. Dead Bug Walkin LLC
Adult bed bug. Oklahoma. LLC.

Rundown On Bed Bugs…

Bed bugs probably received their common name from it's close association with humans sleeping in beds. It often seeks refuge during daylight only to come out to feed on the occupants at night. Bedbugs do not have to remain hidden during the day, but a majority will do so. The truth is that bed bugs can feed at any time of day, in any place available that allows them to go unnoticed. Most places bed bugs will hide will be no farther than 10 feet from where you sit or lay for long periods of time. Usually 2 hours or more a day or every other day is long enough for a bed bug to be able to sneak onto your body and get that blood meal from you. Bed bugs do not just remain on couches, chairs and beds though, they can be on your homes structure or your other homes items as long as it's close to where you sit or lay. There's no places in your home that they cannot get into to, but normally unless you cause them to spread or run by disturbing them, they will stay close to each other and you the host.

They have been called by over 50 common names including these 3; red-coats, mahogany-flats and wall-lice . The bedbug is an ectoparasite if primarily humans but will also attack poultry, other mammals and birds. It was introduced into the United States with the early colonists. It is found throughout the United States and the temperate regions of the world. Bed bugs association with humans has been documented to date back more than 3300 years, around 1336 BC in Egypt.

The resurgence of bedbugs that started in the mid-1990s, is probably due to a combination of factors such as these below.

Hitch Hiking…

Bed Bug's are excellent hitchhikers. In 1995 the U.S. had 43 million international tourists visit. In 1999 the number was 48 million and in 2000 it was up to 51 million. Then there's also the fact that likewise millions of Americans annually visit foreign countries. All this traveling to and from distant lands caused bed bugs to spread like wild fire throughout the world. Bed bugs actually normally do not travel on humans themselves or their clothing but rather use bags, purses, luggage and so on to transport themselves to new areas.

Integrated Pest Management…

The greater use of integrated pest management techniques by pest management professionals where infestations are treated in a targeted manner allows insects in untreated areas of the ecosystem to increase. An example of this would be only using to . Adding a non repellent chemical residual to a treatment with heat is essential to long term success. After a with heat remediation is done, if no chemical residual has been applied, then there will be no protection from the re-entry of bed bugs. The likely hood that your friends, other family members, co-workers, vehicle, other places you frequent, etc. may have bed bugs as well, is very high. Integrated pest management has been a great tool for society to fight general pests without using tons of chemicals and poisons. The problem with that is IPM does not particularly work well for preventing bed bugs. General services are never going to be as good as preventative measures for bed bugs, but it's still better than integrated pest management by itself when it comes to bed bugs. With general pest control there's at least a chemical residual (spray), but with IPM there's no chemical added normally and if it is, it's used sparingly, plus most likely it's used in spots that you would not normally find bed bugs in anyways.

Bed bugs and their eggs. Oklahoma. Dead Bug Walkin LLC .
Bed bugs and their eggs. Oklahoma. Dead Bug Walkin LLC

Pyrethroid Resistance…

Bed bugs have become extremely resistant to the chemical classes called Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins. These chemical types are the only thing available for purchase to the public at brick and mortar stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart and so on. In the past these places have been where most people trying to do their own bed bug treatment have purchased their chemicals. We do not advise anyone to purchase chemicals from a brick and mortar store.

Although bed bugs were mostly eliminated in the United States after World War II, they remained prevalent in Asia, Africa, Central/ South America and Europe. Bed bugs have now become much worse in the U.S. than ever before. Heavy reliance for about the last 20 years has been on pyrethroid pesticides for control measures. Bedbug resistance and cross resistance to pyrethroids and pyrethrins is now found to be from several hundred, to several thousand times higher in some cases. Most pesticides presently labeled for bedbugs are pyrethroids. Not only are these chemicals losing the battle of resistance to bed bugs but they are also a repellent. Repellents cause bed bugs to spread to other areas of a residence that they would normally not go. This makes getting rid of your infestation much harder to do and it can make a bed bug treatment much more expensive. Bed bugs can tell where repellent have been applied and just avoid it. Non repellents are the only type of chemical that should be used for bed bugs, plus resistance is not an issue with non repellents like it is with repellents.

10 Bed Bug Chemicals That Actually Work

Removal Of Pesticides That Worked…

The removal from the marketplace of several different classes of pesticides that previously had given very effective control. Then the removal of bed bugs from most remaining product labels because no need was perceived since bed bugs at that time has become pretty much non existent in homes in the United States. Removing bed bugs from product labels means that they can not lawfully be used anymore to kill bed bugs.

Where To Buy Chemicals That Work

Incorrect Medical Diagnosis Of Bites…

The unfamiliarity of physicians & the public at large with bedbugs has allowed infestations to increase rapidly. Since bed bugs have become much more prevalent in today's world more doctors and just everyday people are quickly gaining knowledge about bed bugs, but in the past it was slow to come to tuition. The internet has made a majority of that possible. The internet has also hurt the cause with incorrect information that is just as prevalent as the good info. Be sure to double or triple check facts that you may read online. If you cannot find the facts anywhere but the one site it's probably untrue. True facts will be obtainable through more than one website.


There are many reasons for the bed bug resurgence in recent years. Hitch hiking, integrated pest management, pyrethroid resistance, the removal of pesticides that worked, removing bed bugs from most insecticide labels that remained after removing pesticides that worked from the market place and incorrect diagnosis of bites have been the biggest reasons for the recent bed bug epidemic that continues to grow. Things do not look bright as far as for the everyday man being able to eliminate a bed bug infestation himself. It is getting harder and harder for the common man to do so without some sort of professional help. If I can give any advice this would be it, it ends up being cheaper and you get to keep your sanity when a professional is called immediately. The quicker, the cheaper, the better for you. Most people that attempt to kill bed bugs on their own end up spreading their bed bugs everywhere. If you do decide to do your own then at least please read our 1st. Our articles can save you allot of pain and suffering.

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