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Do not use chemicals from local stores. It will cause your bed bugs to spread to other areas of your home and your belongings far before they naturally would.​
Do not use chemicals from local stores. It will cause your bed bugs to spread to other areas of your home and your belongings far before they naturally would.

What can instantly ?…

Nothing can instantly kill any type of insect.

What do you mean nothing!…

There actually isn't anything that instantly kills insects except when force is exerted upon there body squishing or damaging their body in such a way that they cannot continue to function. All chemicals and even including cannot kill bed bugs, or any insect for that matter, any faster than 30-90 seconds. That's directly spraying them with or biological insecticides that still work because there's only a hand full of insecticides left that still work on bed bugs. Humans have made chemicals that did not work well on bed bugs to begin with, so readily available that bed bugs have become accustomed and resistant to the active ingredients in the chemicals meant to kill them. Pyrethroid chemicals which make up a majority of chemicals available for purchase at local stores have become completely ineffective. Bed bugs literally can bathe in pyrethroids and remain alive now. Directly applying remediation or steam can even take up to 15-90 seconds to completely kill bed bugs. Directly applying a cold can take from 30-90 seconds to kill. , (heating entire structures), takes 30-90 seconds to kill bed bugs once a kill temp over 120 degrees is reached. Over 135 degrees heat remediation is dang near instant at 15 seconds. The good thing about heat remediation is that it wipes out any bed bugs in the entire home at once though. So there's no having to continue to treat again and again like with all other bed bug treatment services. When a good non repellent chemical insecticide and a good biological insecticide are used together to protect you for after a heat treatment has been performed, rest assured your getting the very best for bed bugs available in 2020. This is exactly what we do for our clients at LLC.

What can kill bed bugs quickly then that non-professionals can do?…

The best thing that a home owner should do when finding bed bugs is to call the professionals who consistently deal with . Attempting to get rid of your own bed bug infestation ends up making matters worse 95% of the time. This is not a joke or made up percentage. This is real world data from our very own clients. If you have no choice and cannot afford a professional bed bug treatment then follow the the steps below. If you need a payment plan for a bed bug treatment you can learn about ours HERE. No credit is even needed! All that you need to qualify for our payment plan is a current source of income.

Use rubbing alcohol to kill bed bugs quickly and not cause spreading issues…

If you had to do something yourself that wouldn't possibly make matters worse by causing spreading, using 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 water in a spray bottle to kill bed bugs then following up with a thorough vacuuming is the best thing you can do to actually make a huge difference yourself. Rubbing alcohol has a quicker or equal kill time compared to most chemicals made for bed bugs.

Use 91% rubbing alcohol ​diluted to half strength with water to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Alcohol will not cause bed bugs to spread like chemicals made for bed bugs can.
Use 91% rubbing alcohol diluted to half strength with water to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Alcohol will not cause bed bugs to spread like chemicals made for bed bugs can.

How much alcohol to use to kill bed bugs…

As far as we know there are only two different choices of rubbing alcohol that you can buy. 

  • Choice #1 is 50% rubbing alcohol. Choice #1 is ready to be sprayed immediately without having to do anything to the solution what so ever, besides putting the solution into a spray bottle if it spray isn't.
  • Choice #2 is 91% rubbing alcohol. Choice #2 is not ready to be sprayed immediately. You must take and add the exact same amount of water to the alcohol before you'll be able to use it. The solution will be 50/50. Half alcohol and half water. If any more than half alcohol is used it becomes more of a fire hazard than anything. If any less than 50% of alcohol is used it may not be enough to kill bed bugs. Using the suggested 50/50 solution is just smart on your part for many different reasons. We will not be getting into all the reasons with this particular educational article about bed bugs. Just know that it's easier to breathe and safer to use half strength than full on strength.
Bed bug on mattress magnified 10x.

How to use alcohol to kill bed bugs…

You will put the solution of half alcohol and half water into a spray bottle or the equivalent. Be sure to shake the solution every so often to make sure the solution is mixed together properly. You will spray bed bugs and their eggs only. Spraying areas without bed bugs or eggs is a waste of your time, energy and patience. The alcohol will literally evaporate within 30 seconds to one minute after you have sprayed it. It does not leave behind any type of residual. A residual is a layer of product left behind after it has completely dried. Once alcohol completely dries it is not effective at this point anymore. Only wet rubbing alcohol solution kills bed bugs and their eggs. Alcohol slays bed bugs within 30-60 seconds after spraying them. Be sure to fully saturate the bed bugs and especially their eggs, to make sure they die. Alcohol is one of the fastest ways to kill bed bugs available on the market. It literally works faster than most chemicals that state they are specially made just for bed bugs. The world of chemicals for bed bugs can be a daunting task for anyone looking to find a single spray to use. There are thousands of choices and only about an eighth of those choices actually work well to kill bed bugs. If you'd like to read about other chemicals for bed bugs that do work to kill them once dry. Then you will want to read the two articles we've written and left a link for you to follow below.

Don't forget to vacuum up bed bugs, even live ones…

Vacuuming up bed bugs is the single best way to knock huge holes into bed bug infestations. Eliminating the bed bugs from the home or business by vacuuming can improve your situation by 90%. You can go from hundreds or thousands of bed bugs in a room to a hand full a lot quicker than you'd think. Be sure to allow empty your dust reservoir or bag immediately upon finishing vacuuming. Be sure to empty it outside of the home and not into a trash can inside the home. Most bed bugs will die upon being sucked down the tubes corrugated sides, but its best to assume that some bed bugs will survive a vacuuming up. Emptying a vacuum immediately upon finishing takes their ability to crawl back out into your home away.

Still want to use chemicals for beds bugs, read these articles for help finding chemicals that still work…

We do not recommend that home or business owners use chemicals for bed bugs, as almost all cause spreading throughout your home or business. You will be much better off using alcohol and vacuuming yourself. For best results not even touching a bed bug infestation and calling a bed bug specialist like Dead Bug Walkin LLC would actually be your quickest way to be rid of your infestation. Remember that the only way to get rid of bed bugs in one day is with heat remediation, (a heat bed bug treatment). Chemical bed bug treatments take several treatments or appointments in a row normally 2-3 weeks apart. All bed bug treatments cost the same amount. The only difference is whether you pay for it all at once like a heat treatment or over time as appointments come up like a chemical treatment. Either way you literally pay the same amount for any type of bed bug treatment service. Below are two articles that you'll want to read if your still planning to use chemicals for bed bugs.

Where To Buy Chemicals For Bed Bugs That Work

10 Chemicals That Actually Work To Kill Bed Bugs

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