Baby Bed Bugs, How Small Are They Really?

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How Incredibly Small Bed Bugs Can Be…

New born instar or baby bed bug shown in image in front of thumb.
New born instar or baby bed bug shown in image in front of thumb.

This is an instar, "a baby bedbug". Use the thumb in the picture to scale just how small they really are. They will remain transparent until they feed for the 1st time. Then the , (AKA ), will slowly start to turn the orange, redish color most people know them by, as they shed their skin several times and grow to adulthood. People, (the host), with large amounts of iron in their blood will have darker almost black colored bed bugs. This darker color is normally more prevalent with older populations from our experience. Bed bugs release a pheromone when disturbed or scared that smells somewhat like crayons, but worse. The pheromone they release warns others to stay hidden, because there is a possible danger to them. This is why spraying chemicals before a professional treats your home is a bad idea. It can cause them to hide even deeper into cracks and crevices than they normally would. Plus repellent chemicals push bed bug activity onto your personal belongings like clothing, toys, really anything without a repellent residual on it from your insecticide spray.

Don't use chemicals from local stores…

Any type of chemical you can buy from your local stores will almost always be a repellent insecticide pyrethroid. Repellents are bad to use for bed bugs because they can detect the active ingredients in the liquid spray. Pyrethroids have been the most widely available chemicals for a for over a decade now. Bed bugs are resistant to pyrethroids and have been since about 2010. These chemical sprays may still work in its wet spray form when the bed bugs are thoroughly soaked. (The effectiveness of repellent chemical sprays is largely determined by active ingredients in the insecticide. Not every chemical for bed bugs will work the same. Some pyrethroids will work better than others but as a whole this class of chemical should never be used as a stand alone product to .

Just call a professional

Having a bed bug inspection done by a professional is always step number one, even if you plan to do your own bed bug treatment. An inspection will tell you exactly where your activity is located throughout your home. Bed bugs are extremely good hiders are rarely all located in the very same spot if a business or residence. Making sure where all of your infestation is located will help your service or own treatment for bed bugs be successful the 1st time. Not inspecting and treating all potential infested areas first is why most do it yourself bed bug treatments fail. Make sure to pay for at least one of your bed bug inspections. Paid inspections are much more thorough and are not just a sales pitch to get a foot in your door. We only do paid inspections. We actually teach our clients how to do their preparation work while going room to room with you. We tell you how to prep this item, that item and so on. Literally telling you what to do with your personal belongings during our inspection. Doing this has improved our success rate with our clients ten fold.

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