Low income bed bug payment assistance Oklahoma

What help is available to low income Oklahomans for payment assistance?

What resources are there in Oklahoma to help pay for a when you can't afford it?

Bed bug treatment payment assistance Oklahoma.​

Find out what programs there are in Oklahoma to help pay for your desperately needed . This article was written by Oklahoma's #1 company, LLC Treatment Specialists Pest Control.

What resources are available to Oklahomans for payment assistance?

Below you will find an article that we've thrown together for you to find help paying for your in Oklahoma. Not all of the programs accept applications from just anyone. Some of the programs require you to be registered with them and some do not. My hope is that by putting this article out for you on the internet, about help paying for a bed bug treatment, it will make someone's life a lil easier. Now to the list of resources for bed bug treatment payment assistance.

Osage Nation Tribe crisis assistance payment assistance…

The Osage nation provides crisis assistance to their tribe members homes or businesses. Bed bug infestations are categorized by the Osage Nation as a crisis, therefore this program can be used by Osage tribe members to get help paying for a bed bug treatment. You must be a member of the Osage Nation tribal roll to qualify for this payment assistance for though. They do not accept applications from non tribal individuals. They let their tribal members use the crisis assistance at least once a year. So make sure you tell your chosen specialist or company to include all bed bug treatment services that will be needed in the estimate they send to the Osage Nation Constituent Services. If the pest control company servicing for does not include every treatment service that may be needed in the future, you may be paying out of your own pocket for those future treatments for bed bugs. Your chosen bed bug treatment pest control company will need to send a W-9 tax form to the tribal officials before payment in check form or by debit/credit card can be made to the service provider for bed bugs. They allow whatever type of bed bug treatment you want to get from your chosen pest control provider. If you want for bed bugs, a chemical insecticide for or both used together, you can do it.

Contact information for assistance thru the Osage Nation…

Below is the contact information for the Osage Nations case worker for constituent services. You must be a descendant of the Osage Tribe and in their roll to use this tribal program.

Erin C. Casoose

Osage Nation Constituent Services

Direct Services Caseworker

Phone: (918) 287-5555

Fax: (918)287-5221

Housing Authority/ Section 8 payment assistance…

Government housing or rather homes that are paid for by government entities for individuals who cannot afford living arrangements will pay for bed bug treatments for free. If you rent a home through the State of Oklahoma's housing assistance program you most likely will qualify for a free bed bug treatment. The down fall with this type of free is that you do not get to pick a pest control company to do your bed bug treatment. The state has pest control companies that they contract with to keep the treatment costs for down. In this case your will most likely be chemical only. That means that the pest management service will use only a chemical insecticide over several applications (treatments) usually spread 2 weeks to a month apart. It's most likely not going to be the case that the state will for the bill for a treatment for bed bugs (whole home ).

Contact information of Oklahoma Housing Authority to get a free bed bug treatment…

Below are a few counties in Oklahoma that offer public housing. If your county of residence isn't listed just type in your counties name and the words housing authority on Google search. It should pull up the contact information of your counties Housing Authority.

Tulsa Housing Authority

415 E Independence St, Tulsa, OK 74106

(918) 582-0021

Osage County Housing Authority

200 Atlantic Field Rd, Pawhuska, OK 74056

(918) 287-2270

Muskogee Housing Authority

220 N 40th St, Muskogee, OK 74401

(918) 910-5489

Local Church's payment assistance…

Some churches offer give outs to their members or even non-members for payment help. One church that I'm sure can offer bed bug treatment payment assistance for those who really need the help is Life Church. How do we know this? Life Church is my family's chosen home for Sunday morning services. They say every time that they pass around the buckets of tithes that if you need help paying any bills your welcome to take money from the bucket. However I do not recommend taking directly from the bucket but instead advise you to speak with Life Church leaders about your bed bug payment woes. I'm sure that it would look much better going to the church leaders, than sticking your hand into a bucket and pulling out a wad of cash and uncashed checks. This handout may not cover the entire cost of they may not even be able to help you, but I bet they can turn you onto some charity that can possibly help you instead.

Addresses for Life Church…

Go to the churches services! Do not just call them and ask for money! If you can't go to at least a few church services and sit thru it them this is not an option for your payment problems. Below are the addresses to the Owasso branch and the Midtown Tulsa branch.

14008 E 96th St N, Owasso, OK 74055

7015 E 41st St, Tulsa, OK 74145

EPA's link for bed bug payment assistance…

Below is a link to the Environmental Protection Agency. It may not be helpful but we included it for you anyways just in case there's some information in it that may help even just one of you with your needed payment assistance for a bed bug treatment.


Contact Info for LLC…

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