Bed Bug Heat Or Chemical, Which One?

Bed bug heat treatment outside view.

Bed bug infestations are spreading between all classes, races and creeds of people more rapidly than ever. If a bed bug infestation is not treated quickly or is treated with repellent chemicals, will spread. That being said the process to kill every last bed bug quickly and effectively with heat is not something that is easy to accomplish in just one treatment or appointment. It takes lots of coordination between client and Dead Bug Walkin for success.

Bed Bug Treatment Methods

Every company has a different method to eradicate these bugs. Most treatments fall into one of two categories: Chemical Treatment or Heat Treatment. Some pest control companies will do both chemical and heat together for bed bugs, like we do. The majority of companies offer no guarantee with their (we offer long term bed bug warranties with our whole home heat and chemical treatments). Treatments for bed bugs can be quite costly and can take several weeks to accomplish, depending on the method used and the company providing the service. Some companies claim that only one treatment is needed as we do.

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LLC Chemical Bed Bug Treatments Tulsa Metro Areas

Chemical Insecticide Treatment…

The lowest cost way to eliminate bed bugs, but it can take 2-4 treatments or appointments to completly kill all bed bug life cycles present. The total cost for all the chemical bed bug treatments combined will be very close to what a treatment would be priced at. A that normally only takes 1 treatment or appointment.

A treatment consists of using pesticides to kill the bed bugs, applying the pesticide where the bugs hide and travel. There are thousands of pesticides, only some of which can be used in the home or business to . Every pesticide has a label which explains where and how to apply the pesticide. Using a pesticide in a manner inconsistent with the label is a violation of the law. Following labels on insecticides is very important for your family or employees health and safety.

Chemicals Used…

Not all chemicals even if stating they are specifically for bed bugs work to kill bed bugs. Most chemicals stating they are for bed bugs are REPELLENTS and CAUSE SPREADING to other areas. Dead Bug Walkin LLC uses only non repellents. So there are no spreading issues that could occur, plus the bed bugs have no idea the chemical is there. Insects remain on the chemical residual unknowingly then spread it between themselves and other areas they frequent.

The areas that exterminators will spray for bed bugs include:


Chemical Treatments must always be repeated two or three times sometimes more because these bugs are resilient against pyrithroid pesticides. Pyrithroid pesticides are what stores normally only carry in stock. These are stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. Bed bugs are known become resistant to pesticides very quickly, becoming even harder to eradicate. Making these types of chemicals so readily to everyone to spray away is the reason bed bugs are so resistant to most chemicals today.

A chemical treatment can eventually be effective and is the lower cost option if money for payment is lacking. Do not attempt to eradicate bed bugs with chemical by yourself. Spraying chemicals for bed bugs yourself can make matters much worse for your home as chemicals can cause spreading to areas of your home that make it very hard to find every bed bug and their eggs. You are better off using half alcohol and water in a spray bottle. It will not cause spreading and it actually works extremely well to kill bed bugs in contact. Do not use full strength alcohol it is a fire hazard and over kill. The best and safest thing you can do is just call us and let us take care of your bed bug issues.

Always follow all label instructions when using a chemical insecticide for bed bugs. Make sure your pest professional is using their chemicals according to the label. Improper use of pesticides can lead to illness and death.

Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed bug treatment success rate
Dead Bug Walkin LLC Success Rate

Heat Remediation Treatment…

This is fastest way to eliminate bed bugs from a home or business, but more expensive upfront costs are needed.

A Heat Treatment consists of using high temperatures with fans that circulate the heat to kill bed bugs. Heat is proven to be effective at killing bed bugs at all stages of life including eggs. The heat can be applied on a small scale such as a steam or clothes dryer, or on a large scale such as heating the entire structure/unit. Heating an entire structure at once is called Heat Remediation. Heat remediation can be used for much more than bed bugs though. Many Flood damage restoration services use Heat Remediation to kill mold and dry the interior and exterior walls, ceiling and floors all at once. If you have mold in your home our heat will kill any mold that would be in areas being treated with heat remediation by our specialists.

Not all heat treatments are equal. The best way to heat treat is by getting the heat to ALL the bugs and eggs at once, getting them hot enough for long enough. Most heat treatments are done with electric, gas or diesel heaters. Electric takes longer to get to a kill temp than gas or diesel heaters do. Getting to a kill temp quickly is necessary if you do not want the possibility of bed bugs getting away from the heat. We use indirect fired diesel heaters that quickly get to the kill temp and push only clean hot air into the home with 0% fumes going into the home.

Bed bug heat treatment outside view.
Dead Bug Walkin LLC Heat Bed Bug Treatment Tulsa Metro Areas

The Benefits of An Effective Heat Treatment…

-Only one treatment is needed.

-No or less chemical insecticides used.

-Keep beds, couches and chairs. You do not have to throw away any furniture with a treatment.

-Only have to do prep work once. (Prep work is preparing items in home for heat treatment).

-Bed bugs will never gain resistance to heat like they can with insecticides.

-Not relying upon a human to find every last bed bug and eggs. The heater does it for them, although the bed bug technician or specialist has to place the heater and fans correctly in the areas being heated. As well as many other things.

-No spreading or running when the heat treatment service is done correctly.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Benefits Explained

1.  Bed bug resistance – many bed bugs have grown resistant to the chemicals in use today. When you spray your home resistant bed bugs that survive an initial chemical bed bug treatment will then mate and their offspring will inherit that same resistance making future treatments completely ineffective. Years of pesticide use has made bed bugs incredibly resistant to chemical treatments. Recent research has shown that some bed bugs can survive more than 1,000 times the amount of pesticide considered lethal just 15 years ago.

2.  Bed bugs hide in unreachable locations – bed bugs typically hide in small protected areas that may be impossible to reach or spray with chemicals.  They can hide in the smallest of cracks in beds, walls, baseboards, electrical outlets, furniture, and even within box springs and electronic devices (TV's, VCR's, etc.).  Contacting these hiding bed bugs may be impossible, not to mention spraying chemicals on these items may be unsafe and illegal!

3.  Improper Chemicals cause bed bugs to scatter and spread – unless the chemicals are sprayed directly on the bed bugs they will seldom kill them.  Even when sprayed directly, the "resistant" bed bugs will not die and may cause bigger problems as described above.  Bedbugs are known to be sensitive to the "residuals" of chemicals and pesticides and avoid them.  Therefore, by spraying chemicals around the perimeter of an infected area, it will not usually kill them but instead will make them scatter and hide deeper in cracks and crevices until the residues wear off!  Since bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding, they will survive long enough to simply return when it is safe to do so.  Worse yet, those bed bugs will likely begin searching for new places to feed and will spread to the bedroom across the hallway or even go next door!  As you can see, by spraying chemicals, a localized infestation in a bedroom may be spread across a wide area causing bigger problems (localized infestations are MUCH easier to treat).

4.  Most Chemicals do not kill bed bug eggs, even if they state they do, all chemicals can require more than one treatment. Since an infested area is sure to have eggs, a chemical treatment is always going to require multiple treatments!  Bed bug eggs typcially hatch every 7-14 days (depending on conditions) and those , "instars", will avoid the chemical residuals like the plague, just like the adults will.  Therefore, the newly hatched nymphs will seek shelter and be unreachable by the time the next chemical treatment is performed.  The multiple treatments needed to "break the cycle" is usually ineffective and can become quite expensive and inconvenient, dragging out for weeks or even months. We've even seen companies drag out processes for up to a year or more to get more money out of their customers.

5. Some items may need to be discarded – many people have been told to throw away beds, furniture, and other infected items due to the ineffectiveness of using chemicals. These losses add to the costs of chemical treatments that you can see are not likely to be effective anyways. With a heat treatment nothing needs thrown away, everything can be saved in most cases.


Using heat to kill bed bugs can be dangerous if you are not a trained professional. Improper heating methods can lead to fire and death. Please do not attempt this yourself.

Why Heat works better than Chemicals to kill bed bugs

1. Heat destroys bed bugs with one treatment. There's no such thing as a heat resistant bed bug. Heat will kill all bed bugs & their eggs immediately at our holding temp. Our bed bug heat treatment raises temperatures in your home up to 150° for a period of six to eight hours for most residences.

2. Heat can penetrate into walls and other unreachable places. Heat used to kill bed bugs can be forced into mattresses, box springs, furniture, and even walls to kill a bed bugs infestation where ever they may be.

3. No items need to be discarded. The heat can penetrate and treat nearly all items in your home and there is no need to discard any of your beds, furniture, electronics, or anything else that was infected prior to treatment.


-Non repellent chemical pesticides used properly can eradicate a bed bug infestation over time but take more than one treatment or appointment.

-Heat kills all bed bug life cycles in just one treatment or appointment.

-Using both heat and non repellent chemical together in a treatment is the ultimate way to kill all bed bug life cycles in one treatment or appointment and protect your home from reentry so other treatments or appointments are not needed. Using both heat and chem together is what we do best.

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