Quickly understand bed bugs

The pictures below show the three major size changes as grow to adults.

The instar, nymph or baby bed bug phase pictured…

Newly born baby instar bed bug before feeding on blood. Dead Bug Walkin LLC Tulsa OK Metro Area.

Newly born baby instar bed bug before eating a full blood meal. LLC Tulsa OK Metro Area.

The immature juvenile or teen bed bug phase pictured…

Juvenile bed bug. Dead Bug Walkin LLC Tulsa OK Metro Area.

Teenager instar bed bug. Dead Bug Walkin LLC Tulsa OK Metro Area.

The fully grown adult bed bug phase pictured…

Adult bed bug. Dead Bug Walkin LLC Tulsa OK Metro Area.
Adult female bed bug. Dead Bug Walkin LLC Tulsa OK Metro Area.

Frequently Asked Question's About Bed Bugs…

  1. What are bed bugs? Bed bugs are brown-reddish, small, flat parasitic insects without wings. They can be up to 7 mms long. They live off of the blood of people and animals. They get the blood when a person or animal is sleeping. Surprisingly bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding, but most that cannot feed will die within 4-7 months unless they do feed.
  2. Where are bed bugs found? Bed bugs have been found in some of the nicest hotels, resorts, movie theaters, stores, especially clothing stores, hospitals, emergency rooms, doctors offices and all service related places that have seating or beds. Really any place humans go can have the possibility of bed bugs waiting for a ride or ride and a meal. Being clean or dirty does not matter. We have serviced mansions and we have serviced the poorest of the poor, it doesn't matter who you are, as long as you have blood coursing through your veins. Bed bugs usually live around or near where people sleep or sit. They hide in places like seams of mattresses, box springs underneath or on top of the cheese cloth stapled to the bottom of the box springs, bed frames, headboards, dresser tables, pictures, behind wallpaper, inside any crack and crevice, behind the face plate of plug-in receptacles and light switches or in clutter and objects under or around a bed or sitting area. Bed bugs live within 8 feet of places where people may sleep or sit like: beds, sofas and chairs. They can move up to 100 feet in one night or even the day time depending on your sleep schedule. They adjust to you.
  3. Are bed bugs dangerous to my health? Bed bugs are now recently known to be carriers of diseases. Scientists used to not think this, but now know that they can. Their excrement is one known disease carrier, according to scientists. Bed bug bites/">bites affect everyone differently. You can either be allergic or not allergic to the anti coagulant they inject into you when feeding. When your allergic to the anti coagulant your bites will become red, itchy and irritated. Bed bugs can cause itching and loss of sleep in many. Scratching excessively can sometimes cause a secondary skin infection. Bites can cause no reaction at all in a person who is not allergic to the anti coagulant. A small bite mark, to a serious allergic reaction, everyone is different. An allergic reaction may need medical attention in severe cases. Normally Benadryl works well to reduce swelling from a bite. Before taking benadryl make sure your not allergic to its active ingredient. (Comments made are NOT meant to be medical advice in any way, it is best to consult a physician).
  4. How can I know if I've been bitten by a bed bug? Most people don't know they've been bitten until one to several days after the initial bite. A bite mark is slightly swollen and red area that may itch and be irritating. The bite marks may be random, appear in a straight line or even circles. This is because a female will lead a group of bed bugs with a pheromone trail to what's deemed a safe feeding spot. Bite marks may not show up for up to 14 days, so look for other symptoms. Other symptoms of bed bug bites include lose of sleep, anxiety, and skin problems from scratching the bites. The scratching may create a rash. If allergic to the bite some may need to seek medical attention if the bite continues to be present or you cannot stop itching it. Generally speaking, one can only speculate if it's bed bugs until you have actually found a live bed bug, that has been correctly Identified by a professional bed bug specialist, university entomologist or state entomologist. A much easier route to take would be to have a paid inspection done by a professional bed bug specialist such as our head bed bug specialist who performs all inspections for Dead Bug Walkin LLC. A specialist will know exactly where to look. "Most times a good specialist can find bed bugs immediately upon entering the home". "A great Bed Bug Specialist can smell bed bug pheromones in a room before they even start the inspection", says Zach, Dead Bug Walkin LLC's Head Bed Bug Specialist. Our inspection is more than just an inspection though, it's an assessment of everything. It's how our team can know and relay to you the best options for service to save you the most money but still take care of the entire infestation the correct way. Inspection/assessments are also a time when preparing the home or business can be explained and gone over with the client. Prep work is extremely important. Without prep work it can take more than one service appointment and when your trying to save money this is what allows us to completely kill every last bed bug and their eggs in just one appointment, in 8 hours or less when using heat.
  5. What are the signs of a bed bug infestation? Bite marks on your body are a sign of bed bugs, but not always. On some people bites don't show up so you'll want to look for other signs of bed bugs. Search beds and around beds for signs of bed bugs in the fold of mattresses, box springs and sheets. Also search on or around couches and chairs. They will hide next to bumps or indentions no matter what the item they are hiding in or on is. Bed bugs do not like to be out in the open. They prefer to remain right to next to things. A majority of bed bugs and their eggs will be no more than 10 feet from beds, couches & chairs that are slept or sat in, on a regular basis. Signs include molting, rusty–colored blood spots, black excrement that resembles cigarette ash droppings or black mold, sweet musty odor, to some the odor of their pheromones will smell like crayons or ripe raspberries. Their excrement is normally flat to the surface unlike most other insects droppings that tends to stick up from the surface somewhat. Excrement from these other insects will resemble pepper once it's dried. Bed bug poop does not do this. Once bed bug excrement is dry it resembles black mold or a black permanent marker. The color of the hosts (humans) blood will determine just how dark the excrement will be once dried. One determining factor for how dark dried bed bug excrement can be is, high iron in blood can cause it to be darker in color.
  6. How are bed bug infestations treated? We use Chemical and Heat Treatments mostly, but also do heat only bed bug treatments or chemical only bed bug treatments to rid your home of bed bugs. Bed bugs can't live in extreme heats so we bring big heaters and fans to heat a designated area being treated to around 150°F. At this high temperature the bugs die instantly. To ensure your home remains bed bug free after our chemical & heat bed bug treatment, we also safely treat with non repellent chemicals. The non repellent chemicals we use are strictly for your protection after a heat . Just incase, you bring any bed bugs back in after we are finished and have given you the okay to return to your home or business. We will always make sure your home or business is safe for your family and pets or for your employees and customers, before we leave your property.

How we help you with your bed bug problem?…

Bed bugs have become a monstrous problem of an epidemic in Oklahoma, the U.S. and the entire world. There is not one place in the world that has not had bed bug activity. Yes that includes the North and South Poles. Since bed bugs have to remain near their hosts in order to survive and we normally try to stay around a comfortable temperature. They will have no problem staying alive in the harshest of weather, as long as they stay near us. Bed bugs have been found in Antarctica living with scientists studying the continent. Think of bed bugs like water. They will always take the path of least resistance. If you find that you have bed bug activity do not panic and start throwing things away! Your 1st step with most companies that provide pest control for bed bugs will be to have an inspection and assessment performed in your home or business. An inspection allows our bed bug specialist to put together a plan for complete elimination of your current bed bug activity with preparation of household items and . We then apply non repellent preventative protection to keep bed bugs from being brought back into the home or business. Our whole home bed bug heat treatment comes with a free warranty that can be extended for up to one year. Cost starts at $400. See what your heat treatment could cost.

Bed bug treatment

Gathering of all bed bug life stages. Dead Bug Walkin LLC Tulsa OK Metro area.

**NOTICE: Nothing in this post is intended to be medical advise or to diagnose anyone. Please seek medical help with any concerns.**

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