Pros and cons of chemical bed bug treatments.

Their are lots of ways to attempt to get rid of . The two most used and effective ways to snuff out your bed bug infestation are chemical treatments and heat treatments. In this educational article about bed bug treatments " LLC Bed Bug Specialists" will be writing about the use of chemicals to and the pros and cons related to it.

Non repellent chemicals should be ​the only type of chemicals used for bed bugs.
Non repellent chemicals should be the only type of chemicals used for bed bugs.

Chemical bed bug treatments…

It is very important that the pest control company you choose to apply chemicals to your home, furniture and belongings uses a non repellent chemical spray. Using repellents on bed bugs will actually cause them to spread out and make their way to another area where hosts (mammals) that they can feed on are frequenting. Just because a chemical product says it's for bed bugs doesn't mean it will even work. Most of the chemicals available to home owners are repellents and come from the insecticide class pyrethroids. This is especially the case at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware, etc.. We tell you a little more about pyrethroids further into the article and what's so bad about using them for bed bugs.

PRO's of a treatment…

• Least expensive way to kill your bed bug infestation. Although it is the cheapest route per appointment, it ends up costing just as much as a heat treatment by the time you have had 3 or 4 chemical treatment services performed. This greatly depends upon the company as far as pricing goes though.

• Less prep work needed before the treatment can be done. No matter what type of you choose there will always be some sort of prep work to be done. That's if the pest control company follows the law. Chemical product labels are to be followed exactly as it says. The law states that all chemical insecticide sprays being used must adhere to what the label states is the correct way to apply it.

• Chemicals do even more for you when added to another bed bug treatment type like remediation heat (aka heat bed bug treatment). Adding a chemical bed bug treatment to a heat bed bug treatment completes the ultimate bed bug treatment. Assuming a non repellent chemical residual spray is used and a repellent residual spray is not used.

Pros, cons chemical bed bug treatment, Pros and cons of chemical bed bug treatments.
Most beds bugs will remain in the exact same area for a majority of their lives. Notice the white eggs reassembling rice grains in the hiding spot too.

CON's of a

• Can cause spreading issues of the bed bugs if the correct chemical insecticide isn't used.

• Will take more than one chemical bed bug treatment or service appointment typically. The average home will require anywhere from 1-4 bed bug treatments or service appointments. The company you have chosen to do your homes will determine how successful their attempt at ridding yourself of bed bugs will go. So choose wisely.

• Your bed bug infestation may already be resistant to the chemical insecticide being used. As of Oct 2020 a majority of inscectides available for indoor use and that can be bought from local stores contain pyrethroids. Bed bugs have become extremely resistant to this class of insecticide. Pyrethroids are also repellents. That means that once it has dried it leaves behind a residual that is detectable to insects. It's extremely important to make sure the pest management professional(s) treating your home is up to date with their choice of chemical or chemicals to use for treatment of your homes bed bug intrusion. In Oklahoma a pest control provider does not have to tell you what chemical insecticide they are using unless it's a medical emergency. The company you will be using to do your chemical treatment for bed bugs should be able to tell you whether their choice of chemical is a pyrethroid or not though without giving away any of their secret formulas.

Bed bugs have become resistant to pyrethroids, which is the only type of chemical insecticide available in local stores like Walmart, Home Depot or Lowe's.
Bed bugs have become resistant to pyrethroids, which is the only type of chemical insecticide available in local stores like Walmart, Home Depot or Lowe's.

Chemical insecticides for bed bugs are not magic…

Never depends on chemical themselves to magically erase your bed bug problem. There is no such thing in today's world. Bed bugs have become resistant in part because of the over spraying of chemicals. It very much depends upon the chemical for bed bugs that gets chosen to use but the even more important part of a successful bed bug chemical treatment is who is actually doing the treatment for bed bugs. Their knowledge is the only reason you will be rid of your infestation of bed bugs. Even with all the correct chemical residual spray your little heart could desire to spray, it wouldn't matter. Without experience killing bed bugs you will always be playing catch up to all the bed bug eggs hatching.

How to find the best company to do your bed bug treatment…

Simply checking out reviews of bed bug treatment companies like Dead Bug Walkin LLC, check out our reviews here, is the fastest way to reassure that your choosing the best pest management company for bed bugs in your area. If a company doing pest control or a bed bug specialist does not have very many reviews, they may not be the best company to go with.

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