Top 10 Bed Bug Chemicals That Actually Work

If you've recently had the pleasure of being infested with then you already know just how daunting getting the correct information can be. There are tremendous amounts of products out there claiming to eliminate bed bugs easily for you. The problem isn't there's not enough choices out there, but that there are way too many choices that are not even something a professional should use, let alone someone without experience in killing bed bug infestations.

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Bed bug on mattress at our clients home.


There are thousands of products out there that claim to be specifically made for destroying bed bugs, the problem is that many of these products will actually cause your bed bug infestation to spread to all areas of the home. This makes it much harder to locate each and every single bed bug plus their eggs. Most chemicals available for bed bugs are what is called a repellent. Repellents tell insects where it's residual or chemical spray is laid down so insects avoid that area until the chemical residual has become not as effective against them. Sure you think, well isn't that what I want! No bed bugs in my bed or couch! Yes, that's what you want, but you do not want to still have the bed bug infestation in your home but just in a different place. Bed bugs never leave a home on their own. You will never see a bed bug crawl itself outside of a residence no matter what you spray inside your home. The other type of chemical is called a non-repellent. It is undetectable by insects so it does not cause spreading when used correctly.

Bed Bugs Can Go Dormant…

Bed bugs can go into a dormant like state where they literally just sit still and slow their metabolism to a crawl. Some bed bugs can go into this dormant state for over 1 year depending on the conditions in the environment. They can do all this without even eating 1 time during the dormant state. Females will continue to lay eggs during this period as well. Female bed bugs only have to mate with a male once in their lifetime to be able to lay eggs for the rest of her life. This does not stop bed bugs from breeding like rabbits though. Males will mate with other males accidentally in their hurry to procreate so often.

Bed Bug Chemical Resistance…

Almost all chemicals aggressively labeled to be specifically for bed bugs contain what's called pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are a class of insecticides that are man made repellents. This type of chemical is not very effective against bed bugs once it has dried. Depending on the type of pyrethroid chosen to use, it may be somewhat effective when spraying them directly, but once the spray has dried it will simply just be obsolete. Bed bugs can literally hang out on the dried pyrethroids and be just fine with some chemicals.

Bed bug nest on table bottom at a Dead Bug Walkin LLC clients home.
Bed bug nest on table bottom at our clients home.

Don't Buy Chemicals For Bed Bugs From These Stores…

Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot, The Bed Bug Store, Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply, Atwood's and many many more. Basically any brick and mortar store that you can physically walk into will normally only carry pyrethroids (repellents), for their insecticide selection. Your better off ordering online from a reputable dealer of insecticides. Learn what places are good to purchase insecticides online from by going here or to the link below:

Just Because It Says It's For Bed Bugs, Doesn't Mean It Works…

There are many insecticides out there that state on the front of the bottle that they are specifically for bed bugs. Don't be fooled by the picture of a bed bug on the bottle. Check to make sure the product contains at least a non repellent added to the repellent pyrethroid mixture. Chemicals containing both repellents and non repellents together will trump the fact repellent pyrethroids are not effective once dry. The problem with chemicals that have both repellent and non repellent active ingredients mixed together is that the repellent part of the mixture will make the whole mixture visible to the bed bugs. They will know where the dry chemical is then avoid it. These types of chemicals do have a fast knock down kill though.

Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control
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The Only Chemicals You Should Be Using For Bed Bugs…

So many choices and so little time. It's hard to find things that actually work in today's world with so many options available to humans now. It literally took a long time for our head specialist to find what works best for bed bug infestations. We've taken and made a list for you of chemicals for bed bugs that actually work. Some are both repellent and non-repellent. Others are non-repellent only. List is in no particular order. Where the products are located in the list has nothing to do with their efficacy or how well they work.

  • Crossfire Insecticide (Repellent & Non Repellent together)
  • Bedlam Insecticide (Repellent & Non Repellent together)
  • Transport GHP Insecticide (Repellent & Non Repellent together)
  • Advion WDG Insecticide (Non-repellent only)
  • Temprid FX Insecticide (Repellent & Non Repellent together)
  • Tandem Insecticide (Repellent & Non Repellent together)
  • Optigard Flex Insecticide (Repellent & Non Repellent together)
  • Phantom Insecticide (Non-repellent only)
  • Sterifab (Non-repellent only) (Does not leave a residual so it will not kill once it's dry because it will have evaporated.)
  • Half water/ half rubbing alcohol in spray bottle. (Absolute fastest knock down kill of any of the chemicals for bed bugs, but leaves no residual once dry to keep killing.)


Repellents and non-repellents mixed together will have a faster knock down kill than a non-repellent by itself. However, the repellent and non-repellents will not be as effective once dry as a non-repellent only would. Both types of the chemicals , they just work in different ways. Read and study up on a chemical insecticide before purchasing. Doing this will ensure that your not wasting your time and money. It will also keep you from possibly making your matters worse. It takes great amounts of dedication, patience and experience to eliminate an entire bed bug infestation in a home. If you have a hard time finishing things or get upset when things don't work the very 1st time, then doing your own chemical is probably not going to work our very week for you. When using chemicals only to kill bed bugs it will take several chemical treatments in a row to actually eliminate an infestation. If you don't have any experience you could be looking at anywhere from 3-10 attempts of using chemical only to kill all your bed bug activity. Always fully read the chemical insecticides label before purchasing or using. It's the law.

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