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It's Obvious What Your Doing


If you are reading this article its fully assumed that you are either thinking about or are planning to do your own pest control for your bed bug infestation located in your residence. Let me just say this first then I will try to not bring it up again. This is the part where you tell yourself that this article is only going to tell you to not do a chemical yourself and promote our professional treatment instead, but you'd be wrong. We have a full list of places to purchase chemicals that actually work, waiting for you when you scroll down below. 1st though back to what I was going to say then try to not bring it up again. Don't do it! Most ordinary citizens that try to take on their own infestation of end up regretting that decision. The biggest reason we tell you not to do a chemical bed bug treatment all by yourself without professional help or guidance is, when everyday Joe attempts to treat themselves they end up spreading the bed bugs throughout the residence unknowingly. Once everyday Joe realizes the damage that's been done it's far too late to be able to correct and save the situation without professional help, that most likely will require an expensive treatment as well. It takes lots of patience, dedication and several times of literally taking every piece of furniture apart treating it with chemical in certain areas only, then putting it all back together. You will also treat every seam, crack and crevice on the homes structure. You do this to every part of your home more than once. That's a daunting task for anyone, professional or not. That's were we would come in, but this article isn't about LLC Specialist or why you shouldn't do a bed bug treatment with chemical without professional guidance at the very least. This article is about telling you where to buy chemicals to use for bed bugs that actually work effectively and will not make your infestation spread when applied properly.

Bedbug inspection Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control
Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control

Where Not To Buy Bed Bug Chemicals…

There are many choices out there when it comes to chemicals for bedbugs. Since there's no way possible for me to list every single chemical out there that one would never want to use for a bedbug infestation. I will just start with a list of the places that you would not want to go to buy bed bug treatment sprays from.

  • Lowe's
  • Home Depot
  • Ace Hardware
  • Walmart
  • The Bed Bug Store
  • Basically most of your brick and mortar stores.
  • Any organic bed bug sprays online.
  • Any store front selling single line products or organic products.
Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control
Bed bugs and their shed skins.

Why Not These Stores…

All of the stores mentioned above sell only repellent chemicals for not only bed bugs but any species of insect. Why are repellents bad for bed bugs? Simple, it's all in the name REPEL! To scare away, to block from area and so on. Sure it sounds great! You say I'll just push them out of my bed but you'd only be making matters worse for yourself. Most bed bugs will remain close to each other but if repellents are introduced into an environment it causes them to scatter to individual places in a home causing the elimination of the bed bug infestation to be near impossible without professional help. That professional pest control help without a doubt will now be more expensive to complete. With the acceptation of the organic bed bug sprays, most chemicals for bed bugs found in brick and mortar stores, will be a classification of chemical known as pyrithroids. These are a class of man made insecticides that are far outdated when it comes to their effectiveness against bed bugs. They've become resistant to this entire class of chemicals although some in this class are better than others when it comes to whether they actually can kill the bugs or not.

What Chemicals To Use For Bed Bugs…

The only chemicals that should be used for bed bugs are non repellents. The places that normally sell non repellents to the public can be found online mostly, although a few feed and ranch stores carry them. The best type of non repellents available that are currently effective against bed bugs as of 2020 are called neonicotinoids. These types of chemical insecticides are man made and completely undetectable by insects when used at the recommended rates on the label.

Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control
Bed Bug

Where To Buy These Chemicals…

Some reputable online stores that currently sell the neonicanitoid class of chemicals are below:

(We are not associated with these online stores.) You have to type in the words neonicotinoids for bed bugs into the search filter of the top 3 sites. Those links only go to the site not the actual products. The Google link goes to actual products for sale but not every product shown is a neonicotinoid, so be careful if you choose to buy from google shopping.

See a list of chemicals that work to

Click the link below to see them!


Summing It Up

Do not attempt to do your own bed bug treatment but if you must use the type of chemical spray we recommended. Neonicotinoids that are safe for indoors are the only chemical insecticide for bed bugs that should be used in any infestation case. Be sure to study up on a chemical before purchasing it. Read the entire label front to back. A label does not mean just the very front of the bottle. It means the whole book that comes with the bottle. These are usually glued to the front of the bottle back behind the sticker containing the name, EPA registration number, etc… The label MUST state it may be used for bed bugs and can be used in the areas you are wanting to treat with chemical. It is very important as you choose the correct chemical because some neonicotinoids are for outside only and are poisonous to human bodies over time. This is why it's best to hire professional bed bug specialists. Professionals use the correct and safe chemical choices, although not all professionals are created equal. These chemicals are great for protecting your home from getting bed bugs in the 1st place as well. Ask us about our preventative bed bug treatment to learn more.


Follow all insecticide labels fully. Use proper PPE when applying chemicals. Following the label means following the law. Insecticide product labels are meant to keep you and your family safe by telling you what, when and where to spray, so use them. Not following insecticide labels could result in death or injury. Be sure to use indoor neonicanitoid non repellents only. Labels must clearly state for indoor use and specifically be labeled for bed bugs to be used safely in a bed bug treatment. If a insecticide label does not state it's for indoor use or for bed bug use do not use that insecticide. Not all neonicotinoids are for indoor use so check before buying.

Contact Info…

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