7 Dead Bug Walkin LLC Questions

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1. Where does LLC service?

We service Northeast Oklahoma. Some of the towns & cities that we service are:

  • Tulsa, OK
  • Broken Arrow OK
  • Sand Springs OK
  • Owasso OK
  • Skiatook OK
  • Glenpool OK
  • Bartlesville OK
  • Collinsville OK
  • Bixby OK
  • Jenks OK
  • Sapulpa OK
  • Catoosa OK
  • Muskogee OK
  • Many, many more in N.E. OK
Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control
Color Orange= Our Service Area

2. What services does Dead Bug Walkin LLC offer?

We perform these services on family homes, private/ state owned businesses and private/ state owned institutions throughout Northeast Oklahoma.

3. Does Dead Bug Walkin LLC have a warranty?

Yes we do!

60-Day Warranty~ We back up our heat and chemical bed bug treatment services with a free 60 day warranty.

1-Year Warranty~ We allow warranties to be extended for up to 1 year from the original bed bug treatment appointment date. Ask us how!

More About Our Warranty

4. Does Dead Bug Walkin LLC give free estimates (quotes)?

Yes we do!

Free Estimates~ We are able to give free estimates, over the phone for the most it could possibly cost to eliminate your residences bed bug infestation. Remember our estimate is for the most it could possibly cost. Your homes cost may be less if the infestation has not spread throughout the entire home. Businesses or institutions are harder to give a quote or estimate over the phone and normally must be assessed in person at the site needing .

5. How much do our bed bug heat treatments cost?

In the past, this question was unanswerable without at the very least speaking to our clients. Fortunately, we can answer this question without having to speak to you or even see your residence needing for . The catch is that we can only tell you the most it could cost for our services. A residence may cost a considerable amount less to exterminate bed bugs than is quoted below in the photo. Each family's home is different and must be approached accordingly.

More About Pricing

Price list for services Dead Bug Walkin LLC
Click above image to see the cost for 3 bedroom homes and higher…

6. Does Dead Bug Walkin LLC have a payment plan?

Yes we do!

It's called the 75-25 rule and we allow all of our clients the opportunity to use it. It doesn't require any credit and we do not check your credit! We simply go by your word. That being said if the occupants do not have valid employment the clients will need to show how they plan to pay for the bed bug treatment.

75-25 Rule~ The Dead Bug Walkin LLC 75-25 rule consists of the client paying 75% of their treatments payment at the start time of their initial bed bug treatment appointment. Then a payment plan is agreed upon between Dead Bug Walkin LLC (us) and the client (you). The client will then sign the prepared payment plan. The payment plan will be designed to allow the client to pay the remaining 25% balance without struggling to do so. That being said, we prefer that bed bug heat treatment payments to us are completed within 2-8 weeks following the initial heat treatment appointment. We will take into consideration any valid reasons for needing longer payment terms.

More About Pay Plan

7. Does Dead Bug Walkin LLC charge for bed bug inspections?

Yes we do.

Our inspections currently cost $99 but we give you $50 of your inspection cost to go towards your treatment payment total. So our inspection ends up only costing $50 in the end. Why do we charge for inspections? We inspect every single part of a structure for bed bugs including furniture and belongings. Not only are we inspecting but we also teach our clients how to prepare their home for a heat bed bug treatment. We go over each room with you explaining how you will prep each rooms belongings that cannot remain inside the area being heated then chemically treated for bed bugs. We educate during our inspections, about what we will be doing and what the client, our customers, will be doing for the whole treatment process. Our clients are actual team members not just another account number. Free inspections are just sales calls with a foot in your door. We do not waste our clients time nor ours. We are so transparent that we put all of our services and prices upfront and online for you to see before you even have to speak to us. No other pest control company in Oklahoma is so transparent with the public.

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Call or text message: 918-710-7529

Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control

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