Can I do my own heat bed bug treatment?

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1st what exactly is heat?…

what is it? Heat for is when a structure and all it’s contents, minus items that may be damaged or dangerous, are sealed off and heat is applied to the entire areas internal structure for no less than 1-2 hours for individual rooms or 4-8 hours for entire homes. This type of requires large heaters to reach the required kill temperatures needed. The heaters will be propane, diesel or kerosene indirect or direct fired. Many expensive high temp fans are used to circulate the dry heat around the area being treated for bed bugs. If enough fans are not used in the heat bed bug treatment it will ultimately fail. Also if those fans are not directed correctly the will fail. A heat treatment is something only an experienced professional should take on. In order to have the correct equipment for a heat remediation you would have to spend about $10,000-$20,000 yourself. This is just one of the reasons why it’s best left up to a pro.

Can’t I just turn up my homes heater to kill my bed bugs?…

If you were to try to turn up the heat in your home with your central heat and air to try to kill bed bugs, you would literally be trying in vain. Even if you used your central heat all the way up supplemented with plug in heaters it would not work.

Bed bugs hiding next to a screw. They hide in any place not just beds.
hiding next to a screw. They hide in any place not just beds.

Why wouldn’t just turning up my homes heater work to kill bed bugs?…

Let’s just hypothetically that you are even able to reach 125 degrees Fahrenheit in a room, even though most central thermostats only go up to 99 degrees Fahrenheit normally. Why would the not die from heat exposure in a room that is heated to 125 degrees? Right now you’re thinking, “I thought bed bugs died at 120 degree temperatures“. You’d be right but… Raising temperatures is only part of a correct heat remediation treatment though. Circulating and directing that heat into all areas of the room, including your furniture and belongings is the most crucial part for success. Without fans to circulate the air and direct it into your items and structure, even 150 degree temperatures is not going to eliminate your bed bug problem.

So why can’t I just throw some fans in the room to circulate the heat?…

Not so fast! The fans used in a high temperature heat remediation service for must be high temp rated fans or they will not last more than 10 minutes in the heat. High temp fans at their cheapest run $300 a piece. The amount of fans needed per room is directly related to the amount of furniture and items in the room.

High temp fans surrounding a bedroom.​
High temp fans surrounding a bedroom.

Can I rent bed bug heaters and fans in Oklahoma?

No there are no bed bug heater rentals currently in Oklahoma. There’s a reason why bed bug heater rentals are not rampant everywhere. It’s because it’s not easy to do a proper heat treatment in the 1st place but it’s also very dangerous to attempt to do a heat treatment without an experienced individual present. Not very many insurance carriers are willing to take a chance on inexperienced individuals using heating equipment for remediation either.

Cheaper to just use a bed bug pro…

Bed bug exterminator. It’s much less expensive if you immediately call a professional bed bug exterminator. Most reputable treatment companies will have some sort of warranty or guarantee with their service, so it’s pretty much a sure thing or your money back. LLC’s come with a warranty for whole home treatment services. Our warranty even covers if you bring back into your home after your heat treatment has already been completed. Most company’s will not cover brought back in after a treatment has been completed. Their warranty only covers if they fail. LLC has been doing for a very long time and we realize that bed bug re-entry after a completed heat treatment isn’t something a home owner should be punished for.

You pay the same amount no matter what type…

It costs the same amount of money to get to the end result of extermination of your bed bugs, no matter whether it’s a heat treatment or treatment being done by a professional exterminator. Heat treatments are normally paid upfront all at once, while chemical treatments are normally paid each time a company comes to your home to treat which can be 3-4 times in most cases. They both end up totally around the same amount for the completed extermination of the in the home.

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