How to never get bed bugs!

Bed bug infestation nest of our client in Tulsa OK
Bed bug infestation nest of our client in Tulsa OK

are everywhere:

Unfortunately there's not a way to never come into contact with bed bugs in places you cannot control, but there is a way to keep them from entering into your home.

How to never get bed bugs:

It's a whole lot easier to keep bed bugs out of your home or business than to try to eradicate them once they've infested your place of residence. Which brings us to our next topic- preventative measures.

Preventative Bed Bug Treatments To Never Get Bed Bugs:

The one and only way to completely keep from getting bed bugs is to have a preventative performed regularly at least every 3 months. A good preventative treatment would consist of either a non repellent insecticide chemical residual or a biological chemical residual.

Not All Preventatives Are The Same:

There are many different insecticide types to prevent you from getting bed bugs but they, by all means, are no where near equal, or the same. Some will cause bed bugs to avoid it and spread like the wind to all areas of your dwelling and belongings.

Chemical Insecticides:

Bed bug treatment services. Unfortunately like any other field you still have to be weary of who you choose to apply your preventative bed bug treatment services regularly. If a company is not using at least a neonicanitoid non repellent chemical residual as a preventative chemical, then you'll want to keep looking for another company. A neonicanitoid is a class of non repellent chemicals that allow for transfer of the chemical between bed bugs and the places they frequent plus it's undetectable by bed bugs. We currently use neonicanitoids in all our requiring chemical residuals applied.

Biological Chemicals:

Biologicals for bed bugs are newer to the bed bug epidemic scene. Biologicals are a non repellent chemical barrier that infects the bed bugs internal system once they cross it, causing death in about a week or less depending on how long they remained on the barrier while crossing it. Biologicals should never be used as a stand alone preventative for bed bugs! It is to be used in conjunction with other preventative measures only.

Our Bed Bug Preventative Program To Keep Bed Bugs Away:

(No contract required ever!) LLC (our company) currently uses a chemical residual & biological residual that are not detectable by bed bugs. This means they continue to spread our applied chemical & biological residuals between each bed bug and they remain on the insecticides dry residue which kills them. Any bed bug that comes into contact with our preventative for any amount of time will die. We apply the preventative to the areas of your home or business that bed bugs could possibly infest. Therefore eliminating the possibility for bed bugs to get a foot hold inside your residence, which is always before even realizing the bed bug activity has occurred. Your households habits is what we base the preventive bed bug protection on. It allows for maximum infestation prevention. Most families and businesses do not realize they have bed bug activity until about 3-6 months into an infestation. At 3-6 months into an infestation the bed bugs will have spread from just one or two areas of a residence, to the entire home or facility and grown in the number of bed bugs present by thousands with thousands more eggs just waiting to hatch within 7-14 days. This is why infestation bed bug treatments are so expensive, because every part of your structure will need treated in most infestation cases. Our preventative bed bug treatments allow you to skip ever having to actually do an active infestation bed bug treatment. This saves you sanity, money, time and most importantly keeps your family or employees safe. Our preventative protects your home or business from bed bugs for up to 2 months. Certain areas may get more time out of the preventative chemical residual but no less than 2 months of true protection is what all areas will experience.

Our Preventative Cost To Never Get Bed Bugs:

Preventative For Home Cost:

$300-$500 Per HomeLimited Time Only!

$300 price protects up to a 3 bedroom home. For larger homes add $25 per extra bedroom. No tax for bed bug preventative services in Oklahoma.

Preventative For Business Cost:

Businesses are more tricky to price. If you own a business and would like our preventative bed bug services call and speak with one of our bed bug specialists and we can give you a quote over the phone if possible.

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