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Our treatments come with a warranty and a free chemical . Tulsa OK specialists LLC.

Kill all in 8 hours or less, guaranteed…

Brief overview…

for Tulsa Oklahoma homes. Kill every last bed bug and their eggs in just 8 hours or less with a heat and chemical service. The heat is used to kill every bed bug and their eggs in just one appointment. We then use a non repellent chemical residual spray as well as a biological insecticide to protect your home once the initial has been completed. All in the same day. Guaranteed to work or we come back for free. Up to 1 year warranty with a free 60 day warranty that comes with the service. Starting at $400! Free estimates by call or text message. You can also see the most your bed bug treatment could cost by clicking the link directly below.

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Family owned and run…

We are a family owned and run pest control for institution. You will deal only with the same 2 bed bug specialists during our entire process, from your very 1st call or text to us. That way our process is streamlined for success from the get go. Explaining your situation over and over again to a new employee everytime is aggravating. We only need to here your story once and you’ll never have to repeat it again.

Image shows our bed bug heat remediation treatment. Exterior view of service application for a Tulsa Metro family's home.
Image shows our bed bug treatment set up. Exterior view of service application for a Tulsa OK area family’s home.

Specializing only in

We specialize in only! That means the only type of pest control service we do is bed bug treatments.

Tulsa Oklahoma Services…

We service Tulsa Oklahoma with Treatments, Treatments & /Chemical Treatments on a regular basis because we specialize in only.

How we eliminate your in one day…

(=heating an entire structure while using fans to circulate the heat for a set amount of time.)(Then we apply a non-repellent chemical residual for your protection from that point on.) A non-repellent chemical insecticide applied with your heat treatment for is extremely important for success. Bed bug infestations that families have are not just in the family’s home they are in their lives. The likely hood that you could bring new bed bugs or even the same bed bugs back into your home after a heat treatment is extremely high. Our free 60 day warranty guarantees that even if you do bring bed bugs back inside your home we will come back for free to treat again if needed. It’s extremely rare that our clients need to use their bed bug warranty, but it’s there for you if needed. The reason our warranties are rarely used is because the non-repellent chemical residual that we use is more than sufficient to quickly kill any bed bugs brought back in your home. By applying the chemical residual to certain areas that you frequently sit or lay on, we can eliminate the possibility of any bed bugs surviving more than an hour or so once brought into the home. Not allowing bed bugs to get a foot hold in your home again is the corner stone of our preventative services. All this is done in the very same day. Only one treatment is needed when using heat.

 Bed bug heat treatment remediation pictured at a Tulsa Metro home.
remediation pictured at a Tulsa Metro home.

 Our contact info…

Give us a call or text message at 918-710-7529 with questions or to schedule an appointment with us for a inspection for bed bugs, a or a heat bed bug treatment.

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