Videos: Identifying bed bugs can be tricky, let us help!

Video> Adult bed bug full of blood crawling (below)…

The fully fed adult bed bug in this video is about the size of an apple seed so you have a size scale to compare it too. This video is so you can see what look like crawling in real life. Somewhat like a tick. The bed bug had just recently fed from a human hosts blood so the bed bugs body is elongated from the intake of blood. As they intake the bed bug blood meal their body cavity elongates and stretches to to allow them to intake more nutrients.

Video> Tiny new born bed bug that has not eaten a blood meal yet…

New born bed bugs are so small that you can barely see them unless you get close up and really look! The instar aka, "baby bed bug" is a clear tannish color until they have fed from blood. After the 1st feeding they will have a tiny black spot appear near their mid to end of their body cavity. The more they feed as they grow into adult hood, the faster they will become their adult colors. Eventually the bed bug will turn a mahogany color, or if the person being fed from has lots of iron in their blood, the bed bug will turn more black in color than normal.

How often do bed bugs feed on blood?…

Each individual bed bug, no matter their age, will feed from a host every 4-7 days normally. As long as they are not interrupted during feeding and have to run and quickly hide, this time table will normally be the case. Hypothetically though if they are interrupted and unable to finish till completely full they can feed much sooner.

How long does it take a bed bug to feed on your blood till it's full?…

Most bed bugs will need about 3-10 minutes to feed from you fully. Emphasis should be put towards the lower amount since bed bugs are constantly in fight or fight mode. Just your movement during sleep is enough to cause a bed bug to stop feeding and head back to their hiding spot.

Image> What bed bugs use to suck out your blood…

The bed bug mouthpart that is used to feed with is called a proboscis.
The bed bug mouthpart that is used to feed with is called a proboscis.

Notice the extending mouthpart of the bed bug. It stabs into human flesh to take a blood meal. Bed bugs also inject an anti coagulant and numbing agent through their saliva so you do not realize the bite till the bed bug has already finished feeding and is gone.

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