Can bed bugs survive a heat treatment?

There are basically two different types of bed bug heat treatments available in Oklahoma and the United States. Of course there are more than two ways to use heat to kill bed bugs, but the two treatment types we are speaking about today are the most widely used methods for eliminating bed bug infestations in 2020. The two most used methods for killing bed bug activity are heat remediation & steamed heat . We will go over each individual heat treatment type in this article while giving the pros and cons. Then we answer the question, "Can a bed bug survive a heat treatment?", for both steam heat & remediate heat.

1st what exactly is remediation heat for ?…

Image shows 2 of our bed bug heaters pushing clean dry hot air into our clients Chelsea OK home.
Image shows 2 of our bed bug heaters pushing clean dry hot air into our clients Chelsea OK home.

🌡 is when a structure and all it's contents, minus items that may be damaged or dangerous, are sealed off and heat is applied to the entire area for no less than 1-2 hours. This type of bed bug treatment requires large heaters to reach the required kill temperatures needed. The heaters will be electric, propane, diesel or kerosene. Many expensive high temp fans circulate the clean dry heat around the area being treated for bed bugs. If enough fans are not used in the heat bed bug treatment it will ultimately fail.

2nd what is a steam heat treatment for bed bugs?…

Steam heat is when a technician, specialist or pest management professional uses a tool with a trigger and a flat platform about 2-3 inches wide by 2-3 inches long, to apply quick flowing steam to furniture and the structure of a home. The tool to apply the steam heat is attached to a large enclosed tank that holds the steam until it is dispersed out of the tank through a hose connected to the steam dispersement tool that the professional uses to kill the bed bugs and their eggs directly. Most steam heating tools will release steam that is around 300 degrees or more. If the professional, yourself or whoever is not paying enough attention to the details of the bed bug treatment, the steam could possibly damage the item being treated for bed bugs. A steam heat treatment is a tedious process that requires hours upon hours of thorough inspection. It's literally inspecting every inch of a home. Then when bed bug activity is found the steam is applied for 30-60 seconds. After the steam has been applied for the correct amount of time it's time to move on to the next 2-3 inches. This process is repeated 1000's of times until no more live bed bugs are found. Those will all be done in just one treatment. Then normally 2-3 more treatments of doing the same process will be needed later. This gives a total of (2-4) bed bug treatments or (appointments) spread out by anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending upon the company being used. With a steam heat bed bug treatment a home owner is relying upon an individual person to find every single bed bug and bed bug egg in the home.

Can bed bugs survive a heat treatment?…

Bed bugs are extremely adaptable to ever changing environments. They are born with the intuition to adapt and overcome hostile actions focused towards them. Bed bugs give off a danger pheromone once any threat has been made to their livelyhood. Those pheromones tell any bed bugs present to go deeper into hiding, make a run for it or to remain still because their a threat present. 

150 degrees remediation heat treating bed bugs. Inside view of equipment being used. Dead Bug Walkin LLC.
150 degrees remediation heat treating bed bugs. Inside view of equipment being used. Dead Bug Walkin LLC.

Remediation heat survival…

If heat remediation for bed bugs is not used correctly or not enough fans are not used to push the clean hot air around to create even temps, then a bed bug heat treatment service will definitely fail. It is "muy importante", (very important), that a heat remediation treatment for bed bugs have no less than 135 degrees Fahrenheit applied to the room, area or entire home. If enough fans are not used to support spreading the hot air evenly throughout the structure and push it into your furniture, the remediation will fail. Having the correct equipment and experience is essential for success when heating bed bugs to kill them. Remediation heat relies very little upon human intervention to kill every bed bug. In fact the only human interaction that's needed to actually kill them is correct placement of the equipment being used and insuring that the equipment reaches and stays at the required temperature. Of course there's preparing the rooms furniture and belongings by separating any touching items that would harbor bed bugs.

Steam heat survival…

This type of treatment already takes more than one attempt, (treatment appointment), to eliminate a bed bug infestation, unlike remediation which only needs one. Killing bed bugs with steam relies completely upon the skill and experience of the technician or bed bug specialist applying the steam. If every bed bug and their eggs are not found the process will have to be repeated until all activity is found. This could be as many as 3-6 appointments spread at least 7-14 days apart. The amount of appointments needed with a steam treatment will depend solely on the individual or individuals doing the work.


failure. Just like anything else in the world there's always going to be a possibility for heat treatments for bed bugs to fail. It's not usually going to be because of equipment failure but rather insufficient equipment or human error. Humans are what cause treatment failure in about 99.9% of cases. If we're being honest most treatment failures occur because of insufficient prep work done by the home or business owner. The prep work required for any is the most important part of the bed bug treatment service. We, " LLC", teach our clients how to do their prep work when we come for our pre-inspection. We go from room to room explaining what you will do or not do with all of your homes items. The same process is done for businesses as well. Making sure that you understand exactly what you will be doing and what we will be doing is essentially vital for your bed bug services' success.

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