Can bed bugs live in my car or truck?

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Can hide and live in my vehicle?…

have the ability to hide and live for extremely long periods of time. They can live for up to one year or longer without even continuing to feed. Even with this, normally do not remain in automobiles for more than a few days. The only exception to this rule is when transportation is used more than 2 consecutive hours every other day or an extremely heavy infestation is present in the residence. Most activity found in vehicles is completely accidental transference. Bed bugs normally do not hitch rides on people or even their clothing, (except in heavier populations but even then it's still accidental). Even though there's no need for bed bugs to feed every 3-10 days to survive. They will still frequently feed.

Bed bugs go through several different growth stages before reaching adult hood.
go through several different growth stages before reaching adult hood.

Biggest reason for to frequently eat your blood…

Growth! Stage growth is the biggest reason feed from your blood on a regular basis, even when they can survive without eating so often. They must feed to be able to move onto a new life cycle. Bed bugs have 5 life cycles total that they must go through to reach adult hood and reproduce other little blood suckers.

How often do feed?…

inconspicuously bite victims, then inject its saliva filled with an anticoagulant to ensure blood flow, and ingests the host's blood through needle-like mouthparts. During the three to five minutes it takes to complete feeding, the bed bug elongates and becomes more reddish from the feeding of the blood. It then retreats to its hiding place to digest it's meal, and will return to feed 3 to 10 days later. Depending on whether or not the bed bug was able to complete its feeding will determine the amount of days between feedings.

Bed bugs will not die from a hot day in a car or the sun. This never works!
will not die from a hot day in a car or the sun. This never works!

Reasons stay in vehicles…

With requiring blood meals regularly for growth you bet that they will only be in places that you frequent for hours regularly. Places that bed bugs will hide in are normally no more than 8 to 10 feet from where you sit or lay for longer periods of time. For most people areas like this are not their automobiles. A majority of the public doesn't spend consecutive hours driving their car or truck down the road. Commuting to work and back for 1 hour or less is what most of Tulsa Oklahoma's residence experience during the work week. When there is no host for the bed bug to feed on regularly there will be no reason for any of the biting insects to remain hiding in not just vehicles but any area or place. Also automobiles temperatures fluctuate so frequently that bed bugs can quickly become uncomfortable. Anything hotter than 90 degrees causes the blood sucking bugs to hunt for cooler areas in transportation. Anything hotter than 120 degrees can potentially and their eggs.

Can a really hot or cold day in a vehicle?…

There are many misconceptions about how hot or even cold temperatures can . Just because it's 120-130 degrees in a car does not mean the entire interior of the automobile is that hot. The same thing goes for being below freezing. DO NOT rely upon the sun and hot days to kill any that you may have found in your vehicle.

What do I do if I find in my car?…

If you find bed bugs, their eggs, shed skins or their poop in your car or truck immediately call a professional. Do not attempt to eliminate yourself! You will cause them to spread throughout the auto. The same thing goes for any bed bug activity found in a home or business. About 99% of people without experience eradicating bed bugs will fail and cause their infestation to spread throughout the rest of their home, furniture and personal belongings. If you call a immediately upon discovering bed bugs, they will have a much easier time killing off your entire infestation quickly. The longer it will take for a professional to kill bed bugs, the more expensive it gets. When haven't been disturbed yet they will normally congregate close to each other in groups of little families all sired by the same female adult bed bug. When they are still in these little groups is when it's much easier for our bed bug specialists to find and kill the bed bugs quickly.


Bed bug activity can be present inside of any type of transportation that requires people to operate it. Normally if found in a vehicle, that vehicle is the least of your worries, you've most likely got a massive bed bug infestation in your home or business. If you do not find bed bugs in your home or business upon professionally inspecting it, after finding them in a car, most likely another person who recently rode in the vehicle is where the infestation is being transported from. As long as you do not have a horrendous infestation at home or you do not travel long periods of time in said vehicle on a regular basis, most will never experience bed bugs remaining in their car. The amount of time it takes for you to carry them right back out on an item in your vehicle is usually the only time bed bugs spend in vehicles driven one hour or less daily. The people most susceptible to actually having these insects living and hiding in their auto are, "service and delivery drivers or truck drivers. Since these drivers are frequently in their transportation it's prime realty for bed bugs. Without a host, (you) present for long periods, there's no reason for them to hang around. This is the case for not just vehicles but any area or place.

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