Do Bed Bugs Drink Water?

Do Drink H2O?…

Do bed bugs drink water, aka H2O? How do bed bugs hydrate themselves if they do not drink water? These are questions we will be answering for you. There are many misconceptions out there relating to bed bugs and their survival habits. Be careful when using information you may have gotten from the internet about bed bugs. There's almost just as many inexperienced bloggers out there giving half truths about bed bugs as there are actual pest management professionals writing articles that are ripe with tips that are correct about bed bugs.

Bed bug nest in screw hole

The Truth Is…

There are many websites online that do not have any experience with bed bugs. They are giving people advice on things that could potentially make matters worse for the residence owner and end up with a more expensive end cost. You'll find sites with comments like "bed bugs eat your skin" or "bed bugs can tell when your in the r.e.m. stage of sleep". My favorite one that our company heres all the time when clients first call us is "bed bugs live in carpet", I read it. Bed bugs do not hide in carpet. They can however live on top of carpet up next to something like a baseboard. You will never see bed bugs down inside of carpet fibers unless it's directly touching something. Another myth about bed bugs is that they can live and lay eggs in hair and inside of your ears. Bed bugs are never going to live on a person with reasonable hygiene. When bed bugs are found on people it's purely because they accidentally transported the bed bugs or never take showers and change clothes. Most likely because they got up from sitting or laying in the middle of the bed bugs feeding. Bed bugs do not like to be in hair. They cannot crawl through hair easily and prefer less hairy parts of the skin to feed from. Incorrect facts made by sites just looking to get clicks in order to make money are undermining human societies ability to successfully keep bed bug infestations under control. Unless bed bugs have gained the ability to use telepathy recently. They'll never be able to tell what stage of sleep you are actually in. The truth is that bed bugs will take any potential meal offered to them assuming they haven't feed recently. They are creatures of opportunity. If you are sitting or laying for an undisclosed amount of time and bed bugs are present most likely they will use that opportunity to take a blood meal from you. Bed bugs can literally be anywhere and get a meal at anytime. That being said, most bed bugs will stay close to their actual birth site and the brothers and sisters that grew up with them. Most will be no more than 10 feet from where you sit or lay for about 6 months then start to spread out all by themselves, depending on the environment and the hosts habits or situation. Repellent chemicals can cause spreading issues much earlier.

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What Do Bed Bugs Actually Eat & Drink…

Bed bugs get every single bit of their nutritional benefits from blood meals alone. They do not require water or any other food source besides the blood source. Bed bugs prefer a blood meal from humans but will use any potential prey available to them. It doors not have to be a warm blooded animal to be fed upon by bed bugs but it seems they do prefer mammals to reptiles and snakes. Pets inside cages are especially susceptible to being fed upon. We can remember a clients home in Broken Arrow, OK that we had completed in years past. They had a small little white rat, that looked exactly like a test rat from some science laboratory. The poor little rat was inside of a large fish tank with a screen on the top so he couldn't get out. The owners in their defense, unknowingly purchased a tiny wooden house to go into the enclosure, for the rat. Little did they know that all the black dots on the wooden home were actually bed bug excrement, (poop), and not some type of painting decoration. The bed bugs were so content with feeding from the rat that could not escape the enclosed cage, that they grew to thousands in numbers. After growing so large in their numbers they had to start spreading out to the remaining parts of the home, that was inhabited by humans. That's when the home owner's first realized the problem. We're happy to say that we eliminated every last bed bug in the white rats enclosure and the home owners residence. The white rat is healthy and happy once more!

Bed bug nest in screw hole


Bed bugs only use blood meals for all of their nutritional needs. They do not need water. They get their moisture from our blood. Bed bugs do not eat skin, they get all food needs from blood itself. Bed bugs cannot tell when a host in is r.e.m. sleep. They do not only feed when a person sleeps. They will feed at any opportunity that presents itself to them.

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